They Reminisce Over You, My God

I am still very much unsettled by the untimely death of Dwight “Heavy D” Myers. And of course, celebrities pass away all the time and of course it’s sad. But thise one, touched a bit closer to home. I am a 80s baby and came of age during the Golden Age of hip hop. And Heavy D was only 44, which is  only six years older than me. And he cold rocked a party and never, ever cursed. I will miss him and the music.

Here is a brilliant article on why Heavy D mattered to hip hop.

Here is his last interview:

Here is my favorite video by Heavy D and the Boyz featuring Mr Al. B Sure!:

And nothing could be more appropriate than this classic, done by Heavy D’s cousin, Pete Rock:


8 thoughts on “They Reminisce Over You, My God

  1. I grew up a town over from his hometown – people here were really upset about it. I went to mass at my church last week & they mentioned him in the special prayers. It’s so sad, he was so young and so very talented.

  2. I am still hurt over his death.. I loved interacting with him on twitter. just as when Troy died in that horrible accident off stage during their tour it has hit home. we are the same age and I rocked hard to Heavy.. he was one of my crushes LOL RIP

  3. **holds back a tear** Great post. Like you and others, I’m still shook up as well. As a baby of REAL hip hop and the 80’s, his death feels like the end of something that I can’t quite explain. I haven’t blogged about it cause I just don’t have the words.

  4. Yeah this was kind of tough Tiffany. Every time I would see him on TV I would just smile because he was definitely one of the good guys and pioneers of hip hop. And the fact that I had just seen him on that Law & Order: SVU episode just really shook me!

    • Yes ! I was so excited to see him on my favorite show Law & Order. He did a really good job. I was happy to see that he was continuing to diversify his talents and staying relevant. It almost feels like I lost a classmate or something. His music & his personality was such a big part of my own “coming of age” RIP Heavy D.

  5. I am so shaken by the fact that Heavy D died. I don’t think I’ve ever shed a tear over any other celebrity’s death. He was such a part of my youth, my good times and it’s hard to believe he is gone.

    Thanks for that article you posted on the Twitter the other day – it was a great read. I’m sure I’ll watch the interview you’ve posted when I get home.

  6. Somebody for Me is playing on my Heavy D Pandora station as I type this.

  7. Did you realize that song (They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)) was made for Trouble T-Roy after he died. Just a fact I thought you may find interesting.

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