A Bite, A Sip

My life in food, as of late…

Game day nachos created by Chef Myronimage

Peanut butter chunk cookies because I was a good girl that day…image

Shrimp tacos and guacamoleimage

Sausage omelet with leftover pico de galloimage

A margarita (or three) in honor of Shawn’s birthdayimage

Dulce de leche crepes in Vegas at the Bellagioimage

Boxed sushi from the cafereria at workimage

Free lunch on the company! Mixed grill from Amazon Grill last Thursdayimage

There’s a funny story to go with this picture: Last Friday, Myron played hooky from work and stayed home with me. I tweeted that morning that we were going to get into some hoodrat shit that day. Well here’s our bougie ass breakfast: cheesy eggs, maple brown sugar glazed sausage, and fried green tomatoes with remolaude sauce. Not pictured is the pomegranate-berry juice we had on the side. #WeBrunchHard #SoGangstaimage

Good friends, good food and good wine from Friday night. Myron likes reds.image

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2 thoughts on “A Bite, A Sip

  1. Damn I love food. And food pics. And eating. And this post!

  2. Well damn!!! How can a new friend get hooked up with some good grubb???

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