Taking A Tech Shortcut

I have been wanting to hack my Nook Color from the moment I read that it could be hacked. Barnes and Noble essentially created their user interface on top of the Android operating system that is in many phones and tablets. I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy so I did my research about what it would take to “root” my Nook so that I could get a tablet experience for the low low. BUT, after reading various websites and forums and realizing that I was NOT a programmer, I came to the conclusion that FUBARing my $250 e-reader was something that I had no interest in doing. Let’s just say I know when things are beyond the scope of my abilities.
So I did a bit more research and decided to purchase a SD card with the Android OS loaded on it and run the system in my Nook off of that. The vendor that I selected was Nook2Android (http://n2acards.com/). I ordered a 16GB card for $50. That gives me about 13GB of leftover space for apps, movies, photos and music. And that is MORE than enough for my needs. I got my card last night and installed it. Below are some screen shots I took.

The little bitty SD card! 16GB


Booting up Android Gingerbread. Cyanogen are the developers.


Locked home screen after boot up..


Unlocked home screen.

The install is super simple. It’s as easy as opening the package with the SD card, putting it in the card slot in the back of the Nook, and rebooting the device. They include VERY clear instructions to get you up and running. I was easily able to connect my Nook to my wireless router at my house.  There are several apps preloaded like the Kindle and Nook apps, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Pandora, and the Google Suite of Apps. If you have an Android phone, looks very similar to your home screen. The screen moved smoothly, and wasn’t buggy at all. The cool thing about the SD card is that it is a dual boot card. You can select to run the original Nook interface OR the Android interface. And of course, the card is removable and will take the Nook back to the stock OS. No voided warranty!!

The Nook2Android website has tutorials that you can download, email customer support and a forum for users to discuss various topics. I only played around with my Nook for a little while last night but plan to give it a better workout tonight. I’ll update my post with any other tips/tricks as they come up.

8 thoughts on “Taking A Tech Shortcut

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  2. OMG , i could have written this article .. I also brought a Nook Color and was happy to read that it could be rooted. Every though it seems so easy on the video’s and blogs I was scared. I decide to order a SD Card and put it in & I was open up to a whole new world. However I am going to buy the dual SD card so I can use both the Android tablet and the stock ver of it.

  3. OMG…This sounds like the perfect solution for my cheap behind 🙂

  4. Nice going Ms. Tech! Now, go on ahead and send me a WWF game. *lol* I think you sent it to me on FB, but I don’t use that one. Send it to me as MrsTDJ

  5. So…for any out there who may – or may not – be slightly technologically challenged…you turned your Nook into a tablet?

  6. Nice! I’ve been wanting to root my Nookcolor too but I was afraid I was going to brick it. Thanks for letting me know about this option.

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