Photo Friday

Myron and I on the Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona.

We are off to a wedding this weekend and seem to be almost fully recovered from our colds so we are ready have a good time. Myron’s mom is slowly improving but please keep her in your thoughts. I promise the Vegas pics and posts starting on Monday. This one is a preview!!

Have a good weekend!!!



15 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. I take it you have to wear polka dot footies on the skywalk, huh? But cute picture!! #BlackLove

  2. I was going to ask what was on your feet…but you guys look like you had a great time!

  3. Love that pic! and I totally thought you guys were wearing matching shoes until I saw the other foot with the same shoes.

  4. This is a great photo. Newlywed love just makes me smile. Can you keep this at the top of the page? (not that I’m trying to tell you what to do on your own blog!)

  5. Lovely pic of you two & breathtaking view. Can’t wait to see/hear about your traveling adventures ! Yes still praying for your MIL.

  6. This is a gorgeous photo!! Y’all look so happy! 🙂

  7. cute! are those matching shoes?

    • I thought that too! I was thinking, Well, that’s interesting footwear… then I caught the glimpse of the other foot in the bottom left corner. 🙂

  8. Awww you guys look cute!

  9. I love this photo!!! Awwww

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