Year One: The Wife

A year ago today, I got married. Life changed as I knew it.

You can read all the books and articles about marriage and survey all of the married people (and previously married people) that you know and you still cannot imagine how marriage is until you are actually in one.

Marriage is God’s design but your marriage is also YOUR design. I have come to realize that slowly but surely. I have learned that it’s just fine to have a husband who does most of the cooking because he enjoys cooking and it makes him happy to show his love for me in that way. I have learned that it’s OK that I obsess a little bit about the finances and my husband trusts me and my decision making in that area. I have learned that dishes can be left in the sink overnight and that I don’t have to be June Cleaver and that hiring a cleaning lady is OK. Given the choice between folding the load of clothes in the dryer and jumping in the car with Myron to enjoy a beautiful day, the choice is a no brainer.

Marriage has been a reflection of my selfishness.  When I get annoyed at something my husband does, I often have to pause and think of something I do that I KNOW that annoys him about me. That helps me to temper my annoyance (sometimes..LOL!) Marriage has helped to bring the best of of me but also the worse. There have been some low points and challenges but there have been so many more high points, topped off with lots of kisses and hugs from my husband’s strong arms. Marriage is being able to disagree but always being able to talk it out, after a cool down period of course. Marriage means sometimes apologizing for the greater good.

Marriage is no more sleeping alone, being able to put your cold feet on someone to warm up and being told that yes, you do SNORE. Marriage is me not having to think though a problem alone anymore but being able to get another opinion. Marriage is debating everything from college football realignments to the merits of the stimulus plan to why Wipe Out is so damn funny. Marriage is knowing that my husband falls asleep every night around 10 pm but then will wake up again. Marriage is him knowing when I get up out of the bed because I stomp around upstairs like a herd of buffalo. Marriage is knowing that he will ask me where something is on the kitchen without looking for it and that I can find it immediately. Marriage is the mandatory back scratches that are demanded of me. Marriage is him knowing when I’ve had a bad day simply by the look on my face. Marriage is the encouraging emails I get when I am stressed out at work.

Marriage is having my very best friend around all the time. Marriage is realizing that some friendships were more seasonal than I thought they would be. Marriage is someone always laughing at your bad jokes and your clumsiness. Marriage is always having a date!

Most of all, year one for me and Myron has been a tremendous blessing. I am grateful and honored to be Mrs. Mack. It was worth the wait!!

Happy anniversary babe! I love you!!!

37 thoughts on “Year One: The Wife

  1. Happy Anniversay! (Belated!)

  2. I’m late but Happy Anniversary!! 🙂

  3. This is beautiful! Happy Anniversary Mack family!

  4. This was such a great post. I am a new reader (found your blog via a link in the comments on BnB) and this post really hit home for me. I am in a relationship that’s going on two years and the marriage topic has come up quite a few times. I thought I knew what marriage meant but I am learning that it can mean different things based on the couple. I loved how you identified what marriage is in your relationship specifically. It was refreshing and honest. Thanks for sharing something so personal publicly… it’s definitely food for thought for me!

  5. happy anniversary and many more…love the pic (beautiful bride) and as a long time married…you’re on the right track.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful picture!

  7. This is such a great pic of you guys; you look so pretty!

    Happy Anniversary.

  8. I’m certain marriage is no cake walk, but you and Myron make marriage look easy and fun! Happy Anniversary! #TeamMack!

  9. Aww that was lovely too. I’m sure I’m ready to be a wife now. Took me awhile to get to this point but I’m there. 🙂


  11. Happy Anniversary!!!! MANY more.

  12. Beautiful picture, beautiful couple. Happy 1st Anniversary. Enjoy all of the years and anniversaries to come!

  13. Happy Anniversary!

  14. Beautiful pics and posts. Happy Anniversary!

  15. Happy Anniversary to the most perfect couple I know. You guys are truly meant for each other. Two puzzle pieces that finally found each other to finish off a beautiful picture.

  16. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Mack!

  17. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Mack!!

  18. This is awesome!! Happy Anniversary to the both of you. May God continue to bless yall.

  19. My heart is soooo happy for you both Tiffany. You have found a treasure in one another & it is obvious to those in your midst. Your honesty & humility is so appreciated. Continue to be blessed, Happy Anniversary !

  20. That was really sweet (and somewhat alarming — are all of us wives back scratchers, etc. etc… too may similarities to list!!). Happy Anniversary.

  21. Aaww… This warms my heart.

    Happy Anniversary, TIH and MadMack! Congratulations on your first year…wishing you beaucoup more! 🙂

  22. Happy Anniversary Mr.and Mrs. Mack!!

  23. 🙂 Happy Anniversary to you both!

  24. Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were planning! Congrats on year 1 and best wishes for countless more!!

  25. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  26. Happy Anniversary!!! Girl I can cosign almost everything you’ve posted here. This is beautiful! Wishing you many more years of joy.

  27. Congrats on your 1st year as a Mrs! Doesn’t it just fly by?

  28. How sweet you guys! Happy anniversary to you both! Here’s to many, many, many, many more.

  29. Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  30. Loved both of these posts!! Happy Anniversary lady!!

  31. Aww Happy Anniversary!

  32. Love this post Tiffany!!! Love the honesty and sincerity! Wishing you and your best friend the best with many many more years of happiness (and not so happy – that reality of two adults coming together and weathering through the bad)!

  33. Happy Anniversary, Lady! 🙂

  34. Great post! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!!

  35. Girl, speak truth to life!!! Happy anniversary and many more!

  36. Simply beautiful. Happy Anniversary, you guys!!!

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