Odds And Ends: The Post Labor Day Edition

  • How was ya’ll’s weekend? Mine was pretty good. We ate lots of BBQ, watched college football (him), and slept a lot (me).
  • I got a new phone! #TeamAndroid bishes!! After using that BlackBerry, I feel like a freed slave!
  • Here’s the phone – Motorola Atrix 4G
  • As soon as I get my Words with Friends account set up, it’s on like Donkey Kong! I’m nice with mine, yo!
  • I’m doing better than I expected with the touchscreen on the new phone, but I have a ways to go. My texting skills definitely need some work. Maybe I’ll try that Swype keyboard.
  • Myron and I went to a watch party Sunday to see the PVAMU-BCC game. (We lost…badly.)  1) Why did some chick get so wasted that 911 and her DADDY have to be called?? 2) Why did one of my classmates try to get into some “extracurricular activities”  in the men’s bathroom and tear the sink off the wall?? Alcohol is NOT their friend at all!
  • Did I mention that both of these chicks are north of 35 years old??
  • Did I also mention that hubs and I laughed our collective asses off?? LMAO!!!
  • I think I mentioned on the Twitter last week that I got rear ended. Well I’ve gotten an estimate for my bumper and the rental car. The father of the dude that hit me is going to pay us out of pocket. Works for us. Cash or cashier’s check, please!
  • I’m slowly getting warmed up for the day, I guess I’ll start working after lunch.
  • What’s going on random with you?

11 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Post Labor Day Edition

  1. I went from a BB to a Droid X. It was like going from a cassette walkman to an mp3 player. Just no comparison between what the phones can do. Welcome to Android!

    Shame on those folks who tore up the bathroom. It couldn’t have been that serious.

  2. TIH, I have that phone. I…LOVE…IT! I got it when it first came out back in March and have loved it every since! And @aroundthewaygirl is right, SWYPE will change your life (once you get use to it). Did yours come with Gingerbread (Android OS, 2.3)? It’s a firmware upgrade the Atrix recently got that makes it like a brand new phone for those of us who got it prior to this summer. With the upgrade, your Google Talk application can now use your front facing camera for video chats! Did I mention I love Android?!

    Add my my Cuzzo tp the accident list. She got rear-ended on her way back to ATL Monday after we all hung out in the country (Frisco City, AL) for the holiday.

    Wow… After proofing before posting I see this comment reads like a first class NERD! Good thing I’m cute! LOL! 🙂

  3. swype will change your life! i also went from BB to a Droid and i felt like a whole new world just opened up. you may want to get an extra battery though. otherwise..a whole new woooooooooooooooooooooooorld

  4. Sorry to here about your accident and yours too OFP.

    Ugh! Am I the last chica stuck with a dang blackberry????
    WWF – BRING IT!! *lol* I love that little game! I’ve even got my mom hooked on it!

    Dreary rain all week in the DMV. Boo!!!

  5. I am TOO THROUGH with the two ladies at the party. Folks still get that drunk??? After 30, you are well aware of how much liquor you can handle so act accordingly. Damn shame.

    I would have laughed my ass off too!

    No comment on homegirl trying to get her groove on in the bathroom. I think that once you’re over 25, one of the people should be able to swing for a hotel room. I mean, really? We just getting down in the stranger’s bathroom now?

    You’ll love the Droid OS. It’s the bomb!

    I got hit in a parking lot once. The girl’s dad paid in cash. I likes that!

  6. I hope that wasn’t the same little boy that rear ended me!! Him and his daddy tried to pay me out of pocket too, I was not having it.

    Dang it seems like the season for rear end wrecks. Kayla was rear-ended too!!

    I am mad they tore the sink off the wall!! Really. Wow!!

    Ummm, we still need to do lunch chic!!

    I am on my front porch looking at the smoke looming from the Magnolia fires. Imma need them to stay west of 249. Please and thank you.

    You know I need me a touchscreen. Just not interested in a data plan. Trying to wait until my mom’s is up so we can get on the same time line.

  7. I stopped driving to work and started riding the train. I’m still getting accustomed to public transportation. But I have noticed I’m much more relaxed when I get home these days – and it’s only been a few days since I started.

    I’m back from lunch and still don’t have my mind in gear to work yet. I’ll try and accomplish one thing today and I’m going to be happy with that!

  8. This morning was my turn to be rear-ended. I wouldn’t be half as upset if I had been driving my monster truck. Probably wouldn’t have been as much damage either. I always give people back their property in the same shape that they gave it to me. Except this time. This suck… 😦

    The only good thing is that the man who hit me has turned in the incident already and his insurance company called me and are accepting full liability. YEAH!

    I still have to tell my Sweetie that his car is crashed in, when he gets home from work. BOOO!

    I just got a touch screen droid (Samsung Charge) last month. Still trying hard to get used to it.

    It’s going to rain here all week. So far this week has not started out well and doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.

    It only Noon, but I know it happy hour somewhere. I might need to pretend that I’m where ever that is…..

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