Stop Making Shit So Hard!

Begin rant.

I’m a commenter turned blogger. I started out talking about planning my wedding and the issues surrounding getting married and now I talk about a little bit of everything. And like most bloggers I like comments. And sometimes when a post I put up doesn’t get many comments, I’m a little bummed. But such is life and I move on to the next post.

I’m not a BIG blogger. I’m just a chick in Houston with a big mouth and a bit of internet real estate. And that’s cool. I got other stuff going on.

And there are the folks that WANT to grow their blogs so they link and they post and they have ads and they do reviews and have giveaways. They want to drive up their hit counts and enhance their SEO and make some loot from this here blogging thang. And that’s cool too.

But for the rest of us that read and follow those of you who want to grow their blogs and yes I know, it does take work: stop making people jump through hoops on these gotdamn giveways! If you are gonna give away some shit, just give it away!

First you want me to leave a general comment, then follow you on Twitter, then on Facebook, then follow the vendor on FB, and on twitter, and leave comments here, there and everywhere. Then you want my mama’s name, my BFF’s name and the promise of my yet to be conceived child’s name. Then you want me to link the contest on my blog and wear a fucking tee-shirt and get a tattoo of the vendor’s logo on my arm and shit.

And I better not leave all that information in one comment. I have to do like a separate comment for each entry and it better be spelled right or my entry doesn’t count.

And I’m exaggerating to make a point here, but for real. I understand Mr./Ms. Wanna Be A Bigger Blogger. I really do. You want to build your followers and the vendor wants to gain potential customers. I have an MBA, you know, I get it.

But all that makes me tired. It takes all the fun out of entering a contest. And truthfully sometimes it makes me lose interest in the product you are promoting. And then I turn the computer off.

Lost potential sale.

Rant over.

What say ya’ll???? I probably won’t stop entering contests, but I had to get that off of my chest!


31 thoughts on “Stop Making Shit So Hard!

  1. This was funny as hell! And the funny thing is I found your blog from a comment you left on Reiko’s blog. I literally laughed aloud! lol.

  2. Agreed! I’m not doing all of that for…well, hell, anything!

  3. ::puts $5 in the offering plate::

    You broke it down so it will forever and consistently be broke! Girl, yeah, that’s the truth right there. I keep my FB & Twitter separate. I don’t follow a lot of pages on FB and I’m not gonna all to get a free product. Same for Twitter.

    So yeah, if it ain’t just a comment, I’ll live without it.

  4. Just saw a contest like this on one of my favorite hair blogs, had to just smh and keep it moving. I’m not even on the twittuh.

  5. I’m cracking up! LOL! Right on about the jumping through hoops for more clicks…ie…giveaways!

    *waving hi from downtown Houston*

  6. I don’t mind leaving a comment…but following on the Twit.ter and liking on the Why? I just want the cr@p – I am not really interested in the product! Sometimes, cuz I am a little greedy and love free stuff, I will follow on twitter and like on facebook…and then unfollow and unlike.

  7. I’m not someone who started blogging to get rich either, but I have tried to run the type of contest you speak of just to get people to like and share to get more readers — aka more comments, I like them too. It failed miserably and I wasn’t surprised. I don’t like having to do all of that either, and I read quite a few blogs. It is a turn off and quite frankly you’re pimping out your readers and they know it.

  8. If and when I get lucky enough to run a giveaway, I just ask for a comment and that’s that. If you want an extra entry then tweet it and I’ll see it. There. I wonder if it is because I don’t ask a lot is why I don’t get a lot of entries or comments. Hmmm. Whatever. I blog for me. Ya’ll will comment or you won’t. Most time nobody does. I’m over it. I do what I want.

    Lisa, Don’t get me wrong. I love giveaways and the people that host them and I was lucky enough to win yours. 🙂 I’m just saying that why can’t a giveaway be simple to enter, much like yours ways as opposed to the complicated number of actions that it takes to enter some of the ones I’ve come across. The ONLY reason I didn’t enter your other giveway was because I felt I need to give someone else a chance to win. You keep giving stuff away and I will keep entering! LOL!!!

    • I know, right! You a winning mofo…at least in my neck of the wood. LOL. And truth be told, I hardly ever enter other contest for the same reasons you outlined. It’s RE-DAMN-DICULOUS.

  9. I’ve never entered any for this issue alone! I don’t have a facebook and I don’t wanna follow random things on twitter unless they interest me. But this was spot on! Loved it!

  10. I concurrently concur!

  11. Yep. I never wanted either of my blogs to be huge-mega-blog. I’m not a fan of advertisers & giveaways etc. It’s a rare occasion that I actually ever enter one at all. It has to be REALLY good for me to want it. LOL

  12. I just saw one and I had to walk away. Like them on FB… follow them on Twitter and Tumblr. AND comment on the blog. I’ll just buy the purse because it’s not that serious.

  13. love this and so agree

  14. I just saw a giveaway like that! I just looked at and said “you know what, I don’t want it that much” and clicked over to another blog. It’s ridiculous.

  15. And all of that is why I have yet to participate in a giveaway.

    Ok, that’s not fair — I’ve not ever actually seen a giveaway of something I REALLY wanted, but when I’ve seen something I maybe wanted, all that hoop jumping wasn’t gonna cut it.

    Folks will always do the most, while somehow doing the least.

  16. this right here => “First you want me to leave a general comment, then follow you on Twitter, then on Facebook, then follow the vendor on FB, and on twitter, and leave comments here, there and everywhere. Then you want my mama’s name, my BFF’s name and the promise of my yet to be conceived child’s name. Then you want me to link the contest on my blog and wear a fucking tee-shirt and get a tattoo of the vendor’s logo on my arm and shit.”…DEAD

    I really needed that laugh right there lol….

    • I know!! That paragraph made me holler!!

      Too much jumping through hoops for some of these. Defeats the purpose of it since we the recipients are giving too much away (time, energy and details) just to get YOUR giveaway.

  17. i JUST scrolled past a contest entry for this very reason lol. Shoot, I’ll just BUY one lol.

  18. Giveawayas are so off my radar, I don’t even pay attention. I’ll skip that post. No one ever gives away anything I REALLY need or that’s really expensive (Iike an iPad, and if they did I’d probably think it’s a scam anyway lol). So no need to even waste my time.

  19. I agree, I ignore a lot of contests for that very reason…

  20. LOL. I don’t mind so much. I just pick and choose what I am willing to do. Usually all of those hoops are for “extra” entries and you don’t have to do much to enter one time. If there was a lot of stuff to do for a single entry I would not do it. I don’t mind following on Twitter or liking FB but I don’t really like to Tweet about giveaways or write on company FB pages. I have to *really* want it to do all that. I get why it is so though so it doesn’t bother me.

    I do get annoyed with the hosting giveaways every other day thing though. Good gracious!

  21. I SO feel you. If I have to do more than leave a comment, then I usually wont enter. It has to be a grand giveaway for me to do more than that. But you said it, people trying to get more followers and more recognition with vendors. It’s a big blog thang, we wouldnt understand.

  22. Gurrrrrlllll for real! I wanted to enter a contest recently and they basically asked me to give a pint of blood to the devil’s sister to even be CONSIDERED for the damn thing…..

    I am just too through and over it all………

  23. I agree with you. There are many contests that I want to enter but once I see all the requirements I say forget it.

  24. I totally agree with you…you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. I remember once seeing a contest requesting you write a Haiku poem for a hair blog entry and I thought WTH? To each his own but I don’t have that kind of time or energy.

  25. And let the church say, “AMEN!” Where’s the offering plate?

  26. I won a contest recently, that I didn’t even know I entered! LOL! I don’t do it intentionally because you’re right, its too much!

  27. I completely agree. I’ve passed over entering many contests because of the long list of requirements. I don’t have that kind of time to put into something I probably won’t win anyway.

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