Birthday Good Eats

Saturday was Myron’s birthday and dinner was top secret! I loaded him in the car (I even chaffeured him there, ya’ll! LOL!) and took him to the Backstreet Cafe for some good eats. He loved it!

Here’s some pics.

My appetizer:

Asparagus tart with mushrooms/onions

 My entree:

Seafood risotto (lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams)

 Myron’s appetizer:

Bacon wrapped quail

 Myron’s entree:
Pan seared grouper

Feel free to drool!!! 


4 thoughts on “Birthday Good Eats

  1. OMG. So glad I saw this while eating lunch so my clawing at the screen was kept to a minimum.

  2. That looks delicious! Happy belated birthday to Myron!!

  3. That seafood risotto looks so good! Bout to google a recipe for that!

  4. LOVE Backstreet! I’ve only been to their brunch…these dishes make me want to head back to the H real, real soon…

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