Odds And Ends: The TIH is T-I-R-E-D Edition

Welp, since Serenity23 called me out, I guess I need to get ya’ll a post up..LOL!!

  • Work is kicking my assets. For real, though. If you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been working on a project since the beginning of July dealing with my projects financial data. I have to work with a guy I’m calling my office idiot, as discussed here. Dude has no sense of urgency and my boss had a come to Jesus with him. She’s not really the type of chick you want on your bad side so I suspect he’ll be rolled off or quit soon. I generally don’t begrudge people their hard earned paper, but this dude makes a shit load more money than I  do and doesn’t know the first thing about the system he’s supposed to be working with. I can’t with him.
  • As result of the above bullet point, I have been coming home just DEAD ass tired. That combined with stress eating does not make for a healthy TIH. I have had a chocolate bar of some sort for the last 3 days.
  • Of course you know, I’ve been documenting all this work to put in my review in October. I’m claiming that promotion (and the related dollars) RET NAH!!
  • I can’t stand Babs and K Rock for cooking up all these good eats! I hate ya’ll!! LOL!!
  • My work tote bag is on it’s last legs (straps?). I’ve been toting my work shoes in a plastic grocery bag which is ghetto fabulous indeed. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap but serviceable tote???? I’d like to be able to carry my shoes, lunch and maybe a smaller purse.
  • Myron’s birthday is Saturday. We are going to a fancy schmancy place for dinner that night and Sunday is the birthday bash, where we will have lots of drinks and hear some spoken word and kick it with a bunch of our closest friends! I have too many Leo birthdays to remember!
  • Alright, I’m tired. So I’m gone.

You know the drill. Randomness in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The TIH is T-I-R-E-D Edition

  1. Girl we are not even going to dicuss the madness that went on at 3815 today. ONe of my peeps said “it’s going to be one of those days” and damn if that didn’t come to bite me in the butt. I put out enough fires to be on the volunteer squad. I actually have shoe bags that I got off Ebay to carry my shoes in. Because you have a car lot in the back, we actually park across the street and walk over, so I kept my “walking shoes” on and put on the “corporate shoes” when I got in the building. The President gave me my own spot in the back so no more walking for me. LOL

  2. Check Ebay too. I lurves Ebay!!

  3. I have had my work bag for years and I never thought about getting another one but I guess I need one. I would second TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross as your best bets to find something cheap and sturdy.

    Umm, you havent made those egg things yet!? Get to it! I am just waiting to see the post about it.

  4. Yeah, you know my plantation got so crazy I couldn’t blog anymore period. I just don’t have the time or mental brain capacity by the time I leave the office. I’m about to start riding the train to work so I’m looking for a bag to hold everything too. I’ll let you know if I find something reasonable. Everything I like in the size I need is over $200 – and I can’t convince myself that’s ok to let go of right now. lol

  5. I love totes, bags all that! I find nice and economical ones at Gap, Target, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s on the regular!
    I’m tired and getting ready to take a road trip with my mom and daughter to see my cousin in Bruswick, Ga. Did I mention its a 5+hour drive? My mom gets sleepy the minute she gets behind the wheel and the kid isn’t old enough.

  6. Call me crazy, but diaper bags make pretty awesome totes. I LOVE the bag my pump came with (ask me when the last time I pumped was though).

  7. Dear TIH,

    All I can say is I.FEEL.YOU. Projects, projects, projects, projects rockin’ everywhere!

    Yours in plantation ass-kicked spirit,

    AR Gal


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