Odds And Ends: The Monday AM Edition

Geritol: for your fertility! *side eye*

  • So I went out Friday for a friend’s birthday. I had a good time, had a few lots of drinks, and got all the way TURNT up (@Melleaux, 2011) on Twitter. Drunken tweeting is hella fun!! LMAO!!! And my husband, saw me tweeting, and dropping it real low and was HIGHLY amused and tickled, which is why he did not take my phone away. Apparently, my parents knew about my foolery due to my younger snitch brother so my entire immediate family was amused and tickled as well.
  • So I’m listening to the radio on the way in (Mad Hatta Morning Show on 97.9 The BOXX, no judging dammit!) and so apparently what’s hot in the streets is for 2 chicks to get some girl on girl action going onΒ in the VIP area at the club. I’m talking downtown type activities!! One of the morning show hosts was a living witness to it all this past Saturday night. You can’t blame that shit on the alcohol!!
  • I am probably the only black woman in America who will NOT be going to see the movie, The Help. Nerd Girl had an excellent discussion on it at her spot last week.
  • I need my mama to stop talking to folks at the beauty shop about my uterus. Apparently, the best way to get pregnant now is to take lots of Geritol. Yeah. Because it worked for that lady at the beauty shop. Um, okay then.
  • I mentioned this on Twitter last week but it bears repeating cause I know I have some Caucasian readers of the blog. White people readers (except Barista): GET YOURSELF SOME TANNER! I saw a teenage girl a week or so ago that was so pale, she looked like Casper. That’s not cute, ya’ll! She looked SICK. Now, don’t go in the opposite direction and tan yourself into looking like bacon, but damn it white people friends, at least look healthy and robust!!
  • I have a lot of loose pictures floating around. Do people still use photo albums? Am I old school if I get me a couple? And do you toss out pictures of you with ex-boyfriends even if you are looking real cute and foxy and THINNER in the picture? (Confidential to husband: I really am looking GOOD in some of these photos, dude!) Do ya’ll have photo albums of your kids?

That’s all that’s random with me this morning. What’s going on with you?


19 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Monday AM Edition

  1. I’ll be missing th.e.he.l.p too. i still haven’t watched t.he.bli.nd.sid.e either. and the only reason i can watch dr.iving.mis.s.dai.sy is that i KNOW mor.gan.fre.em.an was really, really acting!

  2. I’m dying with laughter at “healthy and robust.” Geritol, though? How is that supposed to work?

  3. I’m not interested in seeing The Help either. The storyline might be fantastic, but I’m just not in the mood (ever) to see a movie about domestics.I have my own memories of chillin in River Oaks while my grandmother cleaned. I had a good time playing with the owners stuff. Got my own stuff now and I’m not inclined to revist that piece of history. If others are, well, great. I just don’t feel like being mad at white people behind this movie. And there is no way to avoid that resentment and anger if I watch it. To each his own….

    I don’t think anyone should be forced to tan or bleach their skin if they don’t want to. If God made you that color it’s good enough for me…. πŸ™‚

    I don’t throw away any of my pictures…

  4. You’re not the only one, TIH. I am another Black Chick who will not be going to see The Help.

  5. Geritol WORKED back in the day! lol. So much that when trying NOT to have a baby, women wouldn’t go near that stuff. HA!

    About the pictures with Ex’s. Your husband has spoken…THE END! πŸ™‚

    I will not see The Help. I lived through those times and feel no need to revist. Hollywood is too dayum comfortable with Blacks in those roles. That ish was 50 years ago. Now let a film maker try to bring a current Black life movie to the big screen…….. ***CRICKETS****

    I have full photo albums galore. Loose pictures in envelopes. And I have no idea how to save all of the shots on my camera if I print them out. I think I’ll just keep snapping and saving them on a memory card.

  6. ::sigh::

    The pressure to have a child. I feel you Tiff. I FEEL YOU.

    You know, I’ve gone all my life thinking my mama would skin me 6 ways from Sunday if I showed up pregnant and no ring, but I guess not anymore. She brings this mess up at every chance and is dead ass serious. I’m only 24, Jesus. Can I LIVE!?

  7. I was home nursing a cold on Friday night and saw your tweet fest but was like “huh” half the time. When you tweeted what was up on Sat morning I finally figured it all out! I had no idea you were uhhhh twisted πŸ™‚

  8. The drunk tweeting had me dying! I loved it! I need to do that next time instead of texting all my exes…….. yeah.

    And thank you for acknowledging my tan. I like to be the exception.

  9. These odds & ends are a scream!
    Remind me not to go to the club in H-town should I ever visit.
    I enjoyed The Help (the book). I don’t much feel one way or the other about who tells a story as long as they get it right. My co-worker’s mom worked as a domestic in MS right around the time this was set in and she said it was spot on.
    If I looked that good in some photos I’d crop out the exes and keep the images of myself.
    Take the Geritol…what could it hurt?

  10. I’m a photo album queen. I still use all of mine. Pictures of me and the ex factors, I cut them out, throw that part away and just keep the part of me. lol. Each of my kids have their own photo album.

    Random: I woke up in the BEST mood this morning. Today has been a GREAT manic monday! yayyy!

  11. I won’t be seeing The help either for the same reason Be On It mentioned. I don’t need to see on screen, glorified, the time when my people cared after white people and had few other job options.

  12. I don’t care how you are looking…….YOU GET RID OF THEM!!………….and that IS all.

    • Keep your past in your past.

      • *deep long sigh*

      • No ma’am. You’ll be 60 years old…wanting to look at old pictures and they’ll be gone forever just become some random dude was in them. Life doesn’t begin with your marriage. You had a full and interesting life before the husband and you might want to remember that sometimes with a harmless picture. The past is the past but a picture is a snipet of YOUR past.

  13. Your tweets were pure comedy – much appreciated!
    Remind to me stay out of the Houston streets if that’s what’s hot…
    I haven’t decided whether or not to see The Help. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually.
    I need to free a grip of pictures from their electronic captors. We still use photo albums – mostly so Lovegirl will have proof of her childhood.
    Have you read TCOYF? That book was most helpful in helping me understand my body’s cycles and fertility.
    Remember – practice makes perfect πŸ™‚

  14. Tiffany, I took the Geritol and had a baby! Don’t know if it helped, LoL! She was 9lbs1oz!

  15. I will not see The Help either. I have not interest in glorifying the practice of white people telling black people’s stories

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