Staying In Love….Online

(This is a guest post by Myron. Other than a few edits for grammar and my own personal commentary, it’s all on him!)

Hello Everyone,

I know I am pretty silent in this here blogger’s world, but TIH was wanting a subject to blog about so she asked for ideas. Shout out to @6ft6BAWSE for coming up with a good subject. His initial tweet to TIH was:

@6ft6BAWSE @@TiffanyNHouston blog about couples following each other on Twitter, and other social networks.

 Anyone who has been married before knows that everything is not unicorns and glitter  (Editor’s Note: Yes they are, dammit! LOL!)  and spats do occur. It is no different in our marriage. It just so happens that this subject HAS been the subject of one of our spats in the past.

 I think we have handled them pretty well though, and I will give you my opinion on why it has worked out with us, and why I feel it is OK for any couple to be friends on any social networking platform.

 Communication/ Transparency: Be open and honest with and about dealings with other people. As long as your S/O knows or has been informed about another person, then they can be comfortable with you conversing with that person. More personally, I know that I can tell Tiffany anything. That is pretty much what I do…..Sometimes her reaction is what leads me to my next point.

 Trust: Take what your S/O has told you about Person X as truth. Unless there is solid proof otherwise, nothing negative is going on. If there were I doubt if He/She would have told you about that other person. Also trust that if said person(s) get out of hand and crossed boundaries that your S/O will know how to handle said situation.

 Now the next point is what always gets me in trouble…

 Be Conservative: I have always been an open book and have said pretty much what’s on my mind. If I thought it I would just blurt it out on FB. (Example: Does masturbation really make you go blind?? So that is why everything seems so fuzzy!!) Ooohhh, ya girl did not like that one, even though I was just trying to be funny. She took it as someone reading into it as truth about our personal life. She was right though and I never thought about it like that. Since then I have toned down what I say or do on FB. That in itself cut down on the spats tremendously. (Editor’s Note: Don’t get it twisted though, there is STILL plenty of foolery to go around on his page! LOL!!!)

 Just ask yourself, if my wife/husband made this comment on their profile/tweet, would it piss me off???

 Anyway, I could go on and on about how you and your S/O can co-exist on social media platforms, but that would be more of a book than a blog post. In my opinion, if you are just smart in your dealings online, trust your significant other, and communicate openly you both can do fine as Tiff and I do.


6 thoughts on “Staying In Love….Online

  1. OMG Myron….you did not post that!

    Can I just say that I think its corny when couples post on each other’s walls once a day or more ….like don’t yall live together? don’t ya call each other? Am I hatin on them?

    The guy I’m currently dating hasn’t entered this decade and joined facebook.

  2. Great post Myron! I agree with you.

  3. My husband isn’t on FB. Life is good….LOL

  4. “Does masturbation really make you go blind?? So that is why everything seems so fuzzy!!”<–THIS, RIGHT HERE, is about to make me lose my good paying job. LOL!

  5. That’s what’s up! I enjoyed this post. I thought long and hard about social networking interaction and who I date. I allowed a few people to friend me on FB. I can say there has only been one instance in which I didn’t like something he posted on my wall. I immediately deleted it, but he recognized he spoke before thinking without my even saying anything, and he apologized for it later. I hadn’t allowed anyone I’ve dated to follow me on twitter until JD. My twitter family is sacred and treat them as such, so I had to think long and hard about allowing him to follow me. We are coming up on a year, and I JUST allowed him to follow me on twitter this month. I attribute that to the fact I love this man dearly AND, I’m saying it out loud now; he’s my Boaz.

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