For my birthday this year, I wanted to do something different. I normally invite a bunch of folks to join me for dinner and that’s always fun but this year I decided I wanted AN experience. And that is what I got this past weekend!

Myron and I discussed what I wanted to do and I’ve always been interested to taking a trip to visit the wineries and vineyards located in the Texas Hill Country. There ARE some advantages to living in such a large state! LOL!! So we found a great rate at the fabulous Hyatt Place (I highly recommend!), packed our overnight bags and jumped in the car right after work on Friday evening. The drive to Austin is a scenic one and only takes about 2 hours so we got there a little after 8PM that night. It was late so we grabbed some dinner and bellini’s at Macaroni Grill and came back to the hotel. I needed to get to bed because I am NOT a morning person and my personal drill sergeant said I had to be up so that we could get on the road by 9AM.

Views while driving thru Austin, TX

We got up the next morning and headed about an hour outside of Austin to the first of the two vineyards we were going to visit: Spicewood Vineyards. It’s a smaller winery but we got to taste 6 wines for 2 bucks apiece! Here are a few pics.

Next up was Flat Creek Estates. This is the one I’d be waiting on because not only were we going to do a tasting there but since there is a Bistro on the estate, we decided to do the 3 course wine lunch. Since we both LOVE to eat and LOVE to drink, this was perfect! It was not cheap but man the food was good!!!

I had a first course  of Scallop with Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes and Vinaigrette. My main course was New Zealand Lamp Chops with Tomato/Caper Vinaigrette and for my dessert/cheese Course I sampled a Camembert (Brie) with Golden Raisin Chutney. Myron had a first course of Beef Tataki with Jicama Slaw in Ginger Dressing.  His main course was Salmon with Smoked Mussels, Mushrooms and Tomatoes with Scallion Grits, and for his Dessert/Cheese Course: Blue Cheese with Candied Walnuts and Dark Chocolate Sauce.  We shared bites off our plates and it was delicious. Each course was also paired with a wine from the vineyard. I was feeling kinda right by the time I left there!

My lunch!

Myron's lunch!

After all of that, we both had that good itis and it was blazing hot in Austin (105 degrees!) and so we took the hour drive back to Austin over winding, hilly roads. But Myron got a bit of a present on my birthday was well!! His best friend called and decided to drive down from Dallas with his new girlfriend. He was so excited! He hadn’t seen his boy since our wedding. I texted a friend who lives in Austin for some suggestions a spot to eat and we decided on a Tex-Mex spot called Trudy’s. After that we went down on Sixth Street (overrated and collegiate), hit a night club and a blues spot and finally made it to the hotel room after 3 AM!!! Myron’s best friend and his girl grabbed a room at a hotel around the corner from us and we all laid it down for the night. The next day, we went and had a wonderful Southern style brunch at Moonshine’s Grill and Myron and I headed back to H-town!!! I got back just in time to go and visit with my dad for Father’s Day and score some leftover BBQ!!!

As you can tell, I had a FABULOUS weekend!!! My husband is the bestest! I couldn’t think of a better person to spend my 38th birthday with!!

The wine we ended up buying: a blush and a sweet red.

If you are interested in Texas Hill Country wineries, go HERE. If you are interested in going with a group of African American wine enthusiasts, contact Iris Allen HERE. She pointed me in the right direction and leads wine tours in the Hill Country, Napa and other locations.


8 thoughts on “Wineauxs

  1. Happy birthday! Keep the party going!

  2. That sounds marvelous! Happy belated birthday!!

  3. This looks like sooo much fun & that’s a great picture of the 2 of you! 🙂

  4. Good times! Glad you had a great b-day. Moonshine is my go-to spot for brunch, I love it so. I wish y’all had checked out the Warehouse District instead of 6th street (which is gross…I can’t believe I spent any time there in college, lol). The WD is much more adult.

  5. That sounds like a great time! And here’s wishing you a Happy belated Birthday!!! 🙂

  6. Your story makes me want to do something like that for my 30th birthday this year!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

  7. That is one good birthday weekend! Glad you had such a great time.

  8. Sounds like a great experience. I visited a vineyard for my 30th birthday and loved it!

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