(Day) Partied Out

Day parties are pretty popular around these parts and have been for several years. What is a day party, you ask? It’s a party, normally sponsored by a promoter with a DJ at a club/bar/lounge type venue that is held during daytime hours, typically from 2pm-8pm when the venue would normally be closed. Day parties are especially popular during the spring and summer and the crowds tend to be older, I guess cause mature folks (30 and up) don’t like to party with the youngsters who come out at night and sometimes are a bit too rowdy.

I hit them all the time when I was single. It was a good look to get cute and sassy, have a few cocktails, mix and mingle with Houston’s finest and sweat out my perm on the dance floor. Then I got boo’d up and started spending time with Myron on my free weekends. Then I got engaged, started planning a wedding and got all wrapped up in all of that. But we decided that now that we had all that type of stuff out of the way, that married folks like to get their proper shake on to and headed to a Memorial Day weekend day party.

We should have kept our money. First off, we both misjudged how gotdamned hot was that day. Houston easily topped a hundred degrees every day of the entire weekend. My husband cannot stand to be hot. The venue had a covered patio but it was still Africa hot out there!! In addition, the party promoters had EVERY seat in the venue reserved. I guess if you weren’t on baller status and didn’t buy a bottle of Diddy’s favorite Ciroc and associated set-ups, your ass couldn’t sit down. Average  Janes were ass out standing on their 4 inch stilettos. Average Joes got off a bit more lucky, LOL. No one was dancing (not even in the air conditioned inside) and the atmosphere was just seemed kinda pretentious. The crowd was age appropriate, cause I saw a lot of familiar faces but the vibe was just off.  I sat myself down in one of the reserved sections anyway and the both of us just people watched. After a couple of hours, we gave in to the oppressive heat and went to have dinner, in the blessed cool air.

At first, thought perhaps I was being too “married” but I talked to a single friend who went to another promoter sponsored event that was held the next night at a high end BMW dealership. I asked her how it was for her as a singleton. She mentioned the same types of things, in terms of the people being somewhat stuck up, the women dressed to catch ballers and the place full of dudes who wear sunglasses in the club at night. She said the event was first class in terms of the crowd but said the vibe was a bit much for her. She said it would be a while before she hit a party again. She laughed and said she guessed we were just getting too old for that type of event and we needed to stick to hanging out at house parties and lounges.

Maybe she’s right.

Where are your fave places to go out to have fun night out?????


16 thoughts on “(Day) Partied Out

  1. Atlanta’s been on the day party tip for a few years now. One promoter in particular would have one every month, catered to you Zodiac sign. He’s now ramped it up to a monthy Saturday one and a every Sunday one. There are usually 3-4 day parties going on in the city on any given month when it’s warm.

    I mix it up. I get out to em every once in a while. The parties are free, so of course the promoter will do all he can to cater to those who like bottle service and what not. The crowd is cool though, folks typically dress appropriately. As long as you manage your expectations, it’s a good time.

  2. I love house parties, barbecues, smaller intimate type settings. It seems like you get to know people better and have more fun. As far as going “out”, you know me. I love a good wine bar all day long. If they have an open patio so the Beau can smoke his cigars then we are set. I loooove Benjy’s(the one in Rice Village), shout out to Smokie ! LOL Other favorite spots of mine are Oporto’s, Agora, Vinotropolis, Cellar 17 & of course my all time favorite wine bar in the city, Sonoma’s. Last week while my family was here visiting, we took my sister and BIL to Serious Cigars and Cellar 17 & the guys enjoyed their sticks, while we enjoyed some Vino, good times !

  3. We like live music spots. One of our favorite bands used to play at a club that serves dinner. The band would perform from 9-11. We’d get there around 7:55 (free b4 8) have dinner while the DJ played music and enjoyed the band. It turned into a club after 11, which is perfect because my old tail turns into a pumpkin at midnight, LOL. Sort of like the SkyBar on Saturday was when I lived in Houston but with more seats and a full kitchen.

    I haven’t been to the day parties here but a restaurant has one every Sunday and I’ve heard it’s pretty nice.

    We also go to restaurants that have karaoke nights and of course, sports bars.

  4. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the promoter parties. You stand around and sip drinks and nobody really mingles. IMO. I like cookouts and more casual events.

  5. A restaurant, home, friend’s house, the movies, pool, golf, drive-in movies…. We’ve tried to go to the clubs for people 35-45, but we can’t stand old school music and that seems to be all they play. Oh yeah, I love a good Hookah bar. I like Benji’s as well. Like Downing Street Pub… We keep it pretty low key. He’ll put food on the grill, invite a few people over and PAR TAY. LOL

  6. I’ve only noticed them around here (in DC) for the last couple years. I don’t really go to clubs very often and I don’t go to day parties for the same reasons – I hate crowds and overpriced drinks. And I only go when I have somewhere to sit so I need a reserved table or open and available seating.

    I tend to hang out with friends at home, lounges (especially if there’s live music) and happy hours.

  7. Our “going out” is usually a birthday party or wedding. I can’t think of the last time I was in a club. There’s a live music spot here that I want to try and I guess we’ll go there the next time we go out, but really? Our evenings out usually consist of dinner and drinks.

  8. I like to go out and dance. I don’t care what the age group is as long as folks are dancing! Well that’s an exageration, as long as the crowd is 35 and above I’m cool. I hate to go out and all of the men are talking to each other and all of the women are line dancing because that ‘s the only way to get out on the floor. So if it’s a party I really only like to go if my S/O is going too. I can make him dance and when he gets tired then I join the line dancing. LOL

    I really rather hang out with friends and family at private events, house parties, cookouts. I’m so far removed from the club scene. My son will be 21 this year. I couldn’t even fathom being in the same social set as him!

  9. I just recently heard of day parties. I dont know if we just got them here or if I am way behind (probably the latter). I saw a video promotion for one of them and I thought it looked cool. But the more I though about it, the more I knew it wasn’t really going to be my scene. There were folks pulling up in fancy cars, girls in 4 inch heels and expensive liquor being poured. Sounded good in theory but I knew I wouldnt fit in at a place like that. Married, single, or whatever.

    I would take a good ole fashioned house party over that any day.

  10. I feel because I am single, I am “supposed” to go out and want to “hang”. I could sit at home watching tv/movies or reading a book…but alas, there is a day party here on 6/25 that at least 23 people suggested I go…so I probably will. I will let you know if Atlanta is any better with day parties!

  11. I like day parties, lounges, and house parties. House parties are the best, though. I’m really into low-key activities, and they suit me just fine.

  12. We just started having Day Parties here about a year or two ago and I’ve only gone once, it was pretty hot that day too, not Africa hot, or H-town hot, but hot, nonetheless.

    I’m more into Happy Hours or grabbing dinner & drinks and that seems to be what we tend to do. I think my husband is all partied out, so I tend to get out with my girls when I can and if there is something going on, like last weekend, my high school had a multi-class reunion, so Mister got out with me one night of partying, but I tore the club up with my girls too because he sent me on my way LOL.

    When I’ve been out in Houston, last year we hit 3 spots in one night and I couldn’t hang and I was the youngest person lol. I do like The Horn, but a spot I never have to go back to ever, is Ello, the old Fox Sports at the Galleria, that was just too damn much for me! And we went to some Jazz spot, Red Rooster, the name is escaping me, it was cool, but the food, not so much.

  13. “Africa hot” that’s hot! I’m older and lame so I’m good with a restaurant or over a friends house.

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