After reading the title of @OneChele’s post about how folks tend to “mark their territory” with their significant others, I was amused and wanted to share a little story of my own in the comment section. But alas, DISQUS would not let me be great from work and Chele’s comments took an EPIC turn of its own yesterday. (Seriously, you HAVE to get over there to read it, because it was LEGENDARY!! LOL!!) So I decided to come back over to my own joint, and share my lil funny with ya’ll.

 Myron and I got engaged in December 2009. Of course, your girl was ecstatic and excited. We celebrated the holiday season in grand style with me showing off my shiny new fiancé as much as I could. We both got invited to a New Years Eve party by a mutual friend of ours. The party was actually for our friend’s sister but she invited some of her friends in her age range along. We were all happy and glowing, the food was plentifiul, drinks were flowing and the DJ was jamming. We came with a group of folks and all the ladies of the group decided to get up and dance.

 So I get up and start to getting my proper shake on, having a good time and this dude comes up in front of me and starts dancing with me. I wasn’t tripping, I figured it was another party guest just having a good time and there is the proper amount of space between us, yanno?? But then old boy comes closer and tries to start grinding on me.

 The next thing I know ya’ll, I feel a sharp tug on my arm, I got spun around and  next thing I knew, my shiny new fiance’ had snatched me off the dance floor! LMAO!!!

 He was salty too!!! There were some vulgarities issued and some mean mugs given. It happened so fast, it was a blur!!!! Luckily, the party was wrapping up so we decided to take our leave. I had to hear more mumbling about how ninjas were #disrespectful in the car on the ride home as well.

 So that night I got marked for good! Now that I think about it though, it was hilarious!!

 You ever been “claimed” in the public before???

12 thoughts on “Marked

  1. This is too funny! I can’t say I remember a specific event… I’ll have to think about it & comment again later…

  2. When we first started dating we went out to a Fraternity/sorority function in DC. I guess I had on a rather form fitting dress and I got up to go to the ladies room, he said “Do you want me to go with you?”. LOL. I told him no, that he would look like a stalker hanging around outside the ladies room. So I come out of the ladies room and decide to make a pit stop at the bar and get us each a fresh drink. So I’m dancing to the music and waiting for our drinks, some random stranger says hello and then out of thin air my S/O pulls up behind me and puts both hands around me and onto the bar and says “hey babe what’cha doing”. All I could do was laugh. He told me he thought that guy was bothering me…LOL

  3. LMAO yes.. and I find it FUNNY.. especially when they like to profess “i’m secure with mine.. I’m not worried”

    LOL at M2 calling you out though.. LOL

    it’s all good.. some folks do turn out to be disrespectful and just don’t get it.

  4. No ma’am. You know we differ on this. I have no desire to claim or be claimed. Smoochy “forgets” every couple of years and tries. I quickly remind him I know how to handle me.

  5. @CaliSlim, you just MESSY! LOL!!!

    @Hubs: I don’t know what you are talking about. *baby seal eyes*

  6. *sigh* So we leave out the times (plural) you have raised your leg and marked me huh??? LOL!!!

    • *grabs popcorn* Tell us more, M2. 😆

      • Ooohh you know……The little kiss when a girl is in the grocery store looking at me, Or all of a sudden wanting to hold my hand when a lady shows some sort of attention…..Those types of things, and there have been PLENTY of instances of those……LMAO!!! Sorry babe, Truth is truth it’s not just a male thing.

  7. LOL. Get your girl, M2.

    Yes, I’ve been claimed many, many times. 😆 One of my fav stories is when I went to a social for my guy’s fraternity. It was at a popular restaurant. Well, he was late, and quite frankly been slacking on paying me my proper attention. 😆 Anyway, I was chatting up one of his older frat bros at the bar, he and a group of them (guys and girls) were about to eat, so he asked if I wanted to join until my guy got there. I said sure. My dude called and I told him no rush, I was okay and I was making new friends. 😆

    5 minutes later, he appears at our table and announces loudly, “I’m here and our table is ready, so let’s go.” He didn’t speak to or acknowledge anyone at the table, not even his frat brothers. We got our own separate table downstairs (the mixer was upstairs) and had a nice, quaint dinner. He didn’t even go upstairs at ALL to mix, mingle or say hello to anybody! LOL.

  8. Awww…how sweet!

    Yes, I was claimed in the public before. I was in a convenience store when I ran into my ex boyfriend. So, we were talking for a minute when my new husband (3 times my ex boyfriend’s size) just happened to walk inside. It was like something from a movie. My husband and I looked at each other, he started walking towards me with his hands outstretched and we touched hands and said, “Hey baby” at the same time. My hubby totally stepped in between me and the ex and the ex just walked off. It was a GREAT moment for me because the actions said so much and the ex was reduced to nothing as he should have been because he was a complete liar during the relationship. I’d already had closure, but this put a stamp on things and kind of kicked him in the face at the same time.

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