Share And Share Alike?? Yeah, No.

No, I don't want to give you a bite!

Hi there, how are you for a Monday afternoon??  🙂 Let chat a bit, shall we?

 I went to this restaurant last week, and had a very nice 3 course lunch courtesy of my plantation. (I had new hire orientation this morning, so I’m official now BTW!) The food was excellent and I enjoyed every bit of it. However, what is it with folks wanting to share plates with their co-workers?? I was asked about 3 times did I want a bite of someone’s plate. I declined each time and I didn’t offer anyone anything off my plate either.

 Another time I went out to lunch after a sorority meeting one Saturday afternoon and we went to PF Chang’s. If you’ve been there you know that the food is served on large plates and if you like, you easily have enough to share. So everyone orders and the food comes out and folks start passing the plates. One of my sorors asks me to pass MY plate and I looked at her in horror. I told her I wasn’t passing my plate because I wasn’t planning on sharing. She then proceeds to give me the stink eye and makes an announcement: “TIH has decided she’s not sharing today!”. I gave her a stink eye right back and replied: “ I sure AM NOT!”. I then proceeded to consume my lunch.

 I don’t consider myself a germaphobe, but if you aren’t my husband, mama or other IMMEDIATE FAMILY (which consists of my daddy, brother and aunt), I am NOT (literally) going to break bread with you like that. And attempting to “shame” me into giving you some of my food, doesn’t work either (as noted in the above example). I’ve fallen victim to the share and share alike deal, and gotten pissed off because the person I’d decided to share with took an overly generous portion of MY food. So nerp, I can’t do it anymore.

 What about you?? You down with passing the platter??


24 thoughts on “Share And Share Alike?? Yeah, No.

  1. My hubby and I share, with request, as in I’ll ask if I can taste something he ordered. And sometimes he’ll tell me no, which is totally his right. I admit I can be bad about ordering water and then asking for a sip of his beverage, lol.

    Otherwise? Unless it’s family style or tapas, I have NEVER gone out with an expectation that others share their entrees with me. That’s just wild to me. Your soror pulled a very low-class move with her comments.

  2. I’m so NOT a big fan of sharing, even with my immediate circle because of my germaphone issues. In terms of not wanting to part with the food or them taking too much, I could care less. The idea of the “share” just weirds me out. Every now and again, I may make an exception.

  3. I’m a sharer. But like already mentioned above, I only break bread with my close friends…and they are few. We’re all sharers so there’s never an issue. The office I’m in now, I don’t go out to eat with co-workers but when I did in my old office it was never an issue. We all realized that we’re not E’EN close enough to be sharing food. It was never even asked.

  4. It’s just routine around these parts I guess… I’ll offer, and have been offered, and usually accept.

    The only condition is to not haven eaten off the plate, and that’s never been a problem.

  5. I only share with certain people.

  6. I would rather NOT share. I’m a picky eater and don’t like much of what other people eat, so I’ll always get the short end of the exchange.

  7. I’ll share, but most of the time, people don’t want what I’m eating 🙂

    I’m still not used to people here saying “have some?” before they start eating. Um, no. I used to joke with my old coworkers “have some – but not really.”

  8. Yummmmmm … I love the Grove. I think it was there that I first fell in love with brown butter cake. ~swoon~ Oh and I share plates with my man and my son. Everybody else needs to back off! Non-negotiable.

  9. Hell no. I’ve even had a co-worker offer some of her SALAD after eating half of it. *barf*. I thought all of that “food sharing” was a nasty white co-worker thing. Yuck.

  10. One of my closest friends in high school had a nasty (no pun intended…wait, no, kinda) habit of just taking food off your plate without asking.

    I’m a food sharer, so it didn’t really bother me too much (unless I had like 2 pieces of something left and I wasn’t expecting her to come thru my ish like that) but I used to have to warn her not to do that with other people because it was actually rude.

    If everyone is sharing, I’m with it — it’s when folks wanna eat off your plate, but not tryna give up their own (and/or chose something nasty on the menu that clearly nobody else was gonna want) I can’t.

  11. I don’t like to share. Has nothing to do with germs, lol. BUT I am trying to be less greedy and offer food at the beginning of the meal like everyone else…it helps me with my portion control issues. 😀

    I’ve never been in a situation where someone I wasn’t very, very close to offered their food AFTER they’d already started to eat. Gross.

  12. it depends on who I’m dining with. I don’t always share anything.. and I’ll be honest I’ll only share with certain Usual Suspects when we dine out as well LOL that’s just how it is for me 🙂

    Also if it’s one of my favorites.. you might pull back a nub if you don’t ask me first.

  13. I do think it’s common to ask everyone at the table “Does anyone wanna try this?” before you you all dig in. It may be a regional thing because I never heard anyone do this when I was up North. But for someone to request that I pass MY plate? Hell no.

  14. No, I’m not for all that sharing. I will share with my mom but then its usually only when she’s offered some of hers. (And for the record, when we go out she’s usually treating me anyway!) So my mom and maybe 2 other people I’d share like that with.

    Now appetizers and fries or other finger food are kinda different. If I don’t want my fries I might give them away and vice versa.

    I guess I feel like I ordered what I wanted to eat so why would I want some of yours.

    Now if its a unique dish that I’ve never tasted AND SOMEONE OFFERS ME SOME, I may accept the offer. But I definitely won’t ask first.

    Now in grad school I did go out to a Thai place with a group where a professor was treating us. It was explained in advance that we would all order an entree and we would all share-family style. That was explained in advance and that was cool. But for your sorors to just assume you’d be down with sharing…hell to the no.

    No, I don’t want any of yours and you can’t have any of mine. We both have food-no need to share.

  15. My co-workers and I dont see each other often so when we do we eat and this is par for the course. To keep social, I’ll order a appetizer, as if for myself, but let them graze on it (I don’t touch it). I make it clear that my entree is for me only and no one seems to have an issue.

  16. I don’t mind sharing, but I don’t eat off many, if any plates. Everything goes down before I or anyone else has taken a bite. I don’t do double dipping either.

  17. I share food when I eat tapas with really good friends or family. The only times I will share my food without asking if its my family. We will all order something different to try and share. Total strangers um no ma’am. Its not going to happen coworkers included.

  18. I’m a food-sharer too. Tapas were made for me! I love the bite-sized food commitment they offer. 🙂

    All that aside, your girl wasn’t right for trying to shame you into sharing.

  19. The first time I ate at a “family” style restaurant I was worried that I wasn’t going to get enough of the thing that I actually wanted, but I actually tasted some really great things I would have never thought to order. But truthfully, me and my friends have been passing plates since the beginning.

    If I’m actually sitting down to eat with you, you’ve already passed the food share test.

  20. I don’t mind sharing…as long as UPFRONT we decide we are sharing…and I want to get some before you put your fork in your mouth and vice versa.

    There are some things I won’t share (goat cheese from Eclipse di Luna for example) but I am VERY clear about that. VERY! And don’t test, me because I will stab you with the fork.

  21. NO!!!! I’m not a sharer at all. I’ll slap someone’s hand in a second if they reach for something off my plate.

    Ok, that’s a lie – if it’s family style or tapas I’m ok with it, but only if things are served from neutral dishes. I’m not a germophobe by any stretch of the imagination, so I don’t know why I can’t stand the idea of someone eating off my plate and I’d never eat off theirs. Honestly – I think it’s more that I don’t want to share mine, so I don’t expect to share anyone’s.

  22. I am a sharer. I think I ate off hubby’s plate on our second date. It’s second nature I guess. I don’t share with coworkers too much.

    When my girls and I go out, we make sure we order different entrees so we can share.

  23. I’m ok with sharing food. Never has been a problem with me.

  24. Awwww…that was wrong of your soror to try to put you on blast abt not sharing, that wasn’t nice.

    I used to belong to a dinner group, where we would go out & try different local restaurants in the Central Florida area. So because of that I’m more likely to share food, especially when I’m trying a new restaurant or cuisine. I like to sample & as long as I feel ok abt everyone’s hygeine, I don’t have a problem with it.

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