The Art of The Hook-Up

Bottoms UP!

 My BIL is a bartender at a well known entertainment and fun complex that has locations nationwide. He invited me and the hubs to come up to his particular location when he was on shift to enjoy a few libations gratis, courtesy of him. So a few Saturdays ago, we went to go kick it with him and get our proper drank on.

 Later on in the evening, some of my husband’s cousins showed up, as they were celebrating a birthday for one of the cousins wife. So there was an understanding that my BIL would extend  the courtesy of free libations and eats to them as well. By the time the evening was over and Myron and I had taken our leave of those (much younger) folks, we were shaking our heads in disbelief because they had not been briefed on the art of the hookup and it clearly showed.

 In the words of that great philosopher Biggie Smalls, “there’s rules to this shit, get you a manual”. If you are going to be the recipient of some extended courtesies, please remember the following:

 1)      Tip well. You aren’t paying for anything anyway so you can afford to bless the person who is extending free courtesies. Chances are, in order to continue extending courtesies on the free 99 tip, the person has to bless others that he works with for their continued cooperation.

2)      Be patient. My BIL was working a very busy bar area on a Saturday, while at the same time extending us free courtesies. He had to take care of the actual PAYING customers first, as that is you know, his JOB. Yelling for the person extending the free courtesies to hurry up and take your food order (that you aren’t paying for) is a bad look dot com. *side eye to the ghetto ass cousin’s wife*

3)      Don’t abuse the extended courtesies. It is not wise to be a bug-a-boo by showing up EVERY DANG ON weekend at the spot where you are being treated thinking that it is your God given right to score free food and liquor all the time.

 And most of all:

 4)      Say THANK YOU!! Don’t be an ingrate. Show appreciation. Remember your manners and realize folks don’t have to do shit for you at all.

 So there you have it. Any questions??????????? LOL!!!

13 thoughts on “The Art of The Hook-Up

  1. Wow! That is was so rude of them. I would have felt the need to let them know all of that which was on my mind. Annoying!

    Found this post on Man Wife and Dog’s Fab Post Fridays!

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  3. See..that’s why I like you! Some people just don’t know how to act, girl.

  4. Maaaan, folks who don’t tip really grinds my gears!!!

    The people you described above are tried and true NINJAS!

    Let’s hope BIL understands that their terrible manners was no reflection of you and Hubbs.

  5. Hilarious and SO true! I just can’t stand when people abuse #2. Wait your turn fools and be grateful!!

    (You know this is going in this week’s Fab Posts Friday right? Already saved it!)

  6. Cue the star….The more you know. LOL

  7. and to add a few more very important points.



  8. Ha! Like you would with Groupon tip on the amount of what your bill would actually be if you weren’t getting the hook up. Oh and plus that up a bit.

    A friend of mine used to work at a pretty nice restaurant and every time we go we get the extra nice hook up since the manager is in on it too. As a result I think we go there 2-3 x’s a year tops just so we don’t overextend our welcome.

  9. I would just like to add:
    Always have money in your pocket while getting the hookup just in case things go wrong.
    If you are getting the hookup on the regular make sure to patronize the establishment every now and then when the person you hooking up is not working.
    Never deal with dumb people if you are dishing out the hookup. I’ve seen people come to a place ask for a particular person and walk out if the person if not there. Even worse if the person is there the manager has hawk eyes on them from that moment on.

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