Why Being Married Rocks #658423684

The thing about being married is that, you or your spouse can mess up, make a mistake, or a bad decision (that doesn’t involve death or dismemberment, mind you!) and you or your spouse gets a do-over. Either one of you might be mad for a while, but then you talk about it and work it out and everything gets right with the world once again.

Forgiveness within a marriage is a powerful thing. It is also an eye-opener and a lesson to be continually learned. Being able to forgive your spouse actually shows you how selfish you are personally as a human being. Truth is, when we are the party that has been wronged, we often forget about how we have wronged others and also need to be forgiven.

And to think what Jesus went through for our sins.  Forgiveness is some serious business, ya’ll. Think about it.

This marriage thang will teach you a LOT about yourself. Believe that.

5 thoughts on “Why Being Married Rocks #658423684

  1. This is one of my favorite posts from you, ever.

    So true.

    Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful thing.

  2. Marriage has given me a glimpse of what Christ’s love is for us is. We mess up, ask for forgiveness, expect forgiveness, expect continued unwavering love and to remain in relationship. I did not forsee or anticipate how marriage would help me grow and develop into the person and Christian I knew I could and should be.

  3. I’m not married but you said a mouthful right here. Good post!

  4. Amen. God’s love for, and repeated forgiveness of, us is the number one reason I can’t really stay mad at people long at all. How dare I when I know how often He forgives me?

  5. You know if I would have read this about 6 months ago I may have made some different decisions or maybe I would hve done somethings differently. But I almost cried when I read this right now… Its very insightful and inspiring… Thumbs up and I’m happy things are going so well for you

    Love you K!! Everything always works out for the good, don’t forget that!

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