Book Review: The Russian Trilogy by Noel Hynd

A thrilling compilation of three complete novels in bestselling author Noel Hynd’s Russian Trilogy.
Conspiracy in Kiev – Working with the U.S. Treasury, federal agent Alexandra LaDuca travels to Ukraine to track a Russian-Ukrainian mobster named Yuri Fedrov during a visit by the American president. Personally and professionally, Alex’s life will be changed forever by the explosive events that transpire in the Ukrainian capital.
Midnight in Madrid – U.S. Treasury agent Alexandra LaDuca returns from Conspiracy in Kiev to track down stolen artwork, a small carving called The Pietà of Malta. It seems to be a simple assignment, but nothing about this job is simple, as the mysteries and legends surrounding the relic become increasingly complex with claims of supernatural power.
Countdown in Cairo – Alexandra LaDuca is smart, tough, and cool under fire. But when she travels to Cairo to investigate a former mentor who was believed to be dead, Alex is caught in a bizarre game of double cross, and her life is more perilously on the line than ever.
You’ll be holding your breath from the explosive beginning to the very last twist!

(from the publisher’s website)

I love a good thriller. I mean, I LURVE them. Be they legal, medical, or a good old-fashioned spy novel, I will probably read it. Over the last couple of months I’ve read the trilogy of novels by Noel Hynd (Conspiracy in Kiev, Midnight in Madrid, and Countdown in Cairo). The books have everything one would want in a good thriller, exotic locales, sinister plots and a strong main character. What I especially liked was that the main character was a smart, savvy woman. You rarely see that in the thriller genre, which tends to be male dominated.

You could read each of the books as a stand alone novel, but I would suggest reading them in order as there are recurring characters that make appearances in all of the books.

What is a bit unusual about these novels is despite the fact there is obviously overt violence in them (but not gratuitously so), is that they are published by a Christian publishing house. However, the main character Alexandra LaDuca, suffers a personal loss in the first novel and suffers a severe crisis of faith that permeates the entire trilogy. It’s not overdone at all and is extremely relatable to any reader who comes from a faith tradition.

It is evident that the author intensively researched the cities that he sets the novels in because there is a lot of detail about landmarks in the cities that make the reader feel like they are right there. A good author paints the picture for you and makes you feel like you are right in the story.

Probably my only minor complaint about the trilogy is that sometimes the author gets bogged down a bit when it comes to bringing the main character up to speed on the assignment she undertakes via overly long passages about the subject matter. I found myself skimming those parts to get to the meatier, more character driven parts of the book.

Overall, I found the novels very enthralling. They kept my attention and I didn’t want to put them down. So to me, that’s the best sign of a good book!!! The author actually sets up the next novel in the last book of the trilogy. The main character, Alexandra LaDuca, is returning and the setting is Havana, Cuba. I think this will be beginning of a new series for him. I’ve already got it on pre-order!

The Russian Trilogy gets a definite thumbs up from me. I suggest you give one a read.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Russian Trilogy by Noel Hynd

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  2. Thanks for the rec! I think Im about to look for this on the kindle store right now!

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