You Ain’t Gotsta Lie, Craig!

11PM – May 5, 2011

Wife hears dishes rattling in sink downstairs.

Wife: Babe, what are you doing in the kitchen???

Husband: Nothing babe, I thought you were going to sleep. 

Wife hears the sound of the Xbox game resuming.

Xbox game is paused.

Wife: Babe, what are you doing???

Husband: Nothing babe, playing my game..go to bed!

Wife continues observing the foolery on Facebook and Twitter, pays husband no mind.

Wife hears sound of Xbox game resuming.

Xbox game is paused AGAIN.

Wife: Babe, what the hell are you doing down there, dammit!!

Husband: Nothing babe, still playing my game.

Xbox game resumes for the THIRD time.

Wife becomes suspicious. Wife goes downstairs.

Wife (while descending stairs): What are you doing down here dammit????

Wife stops on stairs and takes a sniff.

Wife: What the hell are you doing cooking some damn bacon at 11 o’clock at night!?????

Husband (caught like deer in highlights): What are you doing down here???? You said you were in bed for the night!


Husband (by now falling all over the couch laughing): I was trying to hurry up and cook some bacon and eat it because I didn’t want you to come down and take all my bacon.

Wife: Well, damn you make it sound like I’m the bacon thief!!! You ain’t gotsta lie Craig, you ain’t gotsta LIE!!!!

Husband (still laughing his ass off) : You act like we ain’t never had bacon and eggs late at night!

Wife: Well if you hungry, just eat dammit!!!!! Your ass is dead ass wrong, which is why you got caught! And YES, I will be taking some of your bacon!!

Husband laughs even more at this point. Wife stalks into kitchen, gets 2 slices of bacon and some water. Wife stalks back upstairs to bed.


10 minutes later…

Husband (calling up stairwell): Babe, would you like some bacon and eggs???

Wife: No thanks, go ahead...

Wife shakes head at husband.

The end.


10 thoughts on “You Ain’t Gotsta Lie, Craig!

  1. BWAHAHAAHA!!! Y’all are funny to me!!1 I had to share this with JD. He is cracking the hell up! LOL

  2. Haha! There IS no way to hide makin’ bacon. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… 🙂

  3. LOL and smelling the bacon THROUGH the computer screen. How the heck do you secretly cook bacon, one of the most fragrant foods there is????? Love M2 man! Just love him!

  4. Oh this made me laugh so hard. Thank you! And the fact that your husband will make his own bacon? ENVY!

  5. Bacon though? Can you even cook bacon without the whole world knowing?
    Great story!

  6. This is so funny! Tell Craig thanks for the laugh! lol

  7. Bacon is NOT quiet food!!! LOL

  8. Dang!! He straight played you like you was Aidan!! Bwaaahahahaha!!!

    • Wait till you two have kids, you’ll be sneakin’ a whole heap of stuff in the microwave praying they won’t smell it so they won’t wake up and eat your stuff!

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