Odds And Ends: Tuesday Edition

  • I had a very good weekend. I hung out with some twitter/blogger friends on Friday night and enjoyed lots of food, fun and laughter. I also enjoyed a couple large glasses of this right here. 
Ummmm tasty!
  •  Myron and I went to the Houston International Festival on Saturday. This year’s theme was The Silk Road: Journey Across Asia. We ate a lot of junk food and saw some incredible acrobatics. I also got some mehndi.

    This how it looks while the dye is drying.

  • This is how the mehndi looks this morning.
Ooooh pretty!
  • I got new glasses. I like them but the frames are slighty bigger than my old ones (that I had since Jesus was a pup.) I also need to get them tightened up some more because they keep sliding down my nose, but I can see CLEARLY than a mofo now. Excuse my hair and big ole head. It’s been a rough morning.
  • I am PMSing. Enough said about that.
  • I am a loser because I was supposed to remind ya’ll that virtual book club was happening over at Nerd Girl’s joint yesterday. I got busy at work so my bad on that one. But still go on over there and join in on the conversation.
  • If you like spy/espionage thrillers like I do, I’m working on a book review of a trilogy that I just finished that has a spiritual bent to it. Hope to have that up later on today or tomorrow for sure.
  • What’s going on random with you for a Tuesday????

4 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Tuesday Edition

  1. Your mehndi is so pretty! I’ve always wanted to have that done.

    Love the new frames.

    All is well my friend, all is well 🙂

    Get on that. You know I”m always looking for a new read.

    My random: My boss wants me to come in at 630 once a week. Um, I have a kid to attend to, not really sure how that’s going to work. Pray for me y’all!

  2. Let’s see, I just found out I’ll be sharing a new office with two other coworkers. I think I need some of that drink pictured above lol! At least tomorrow is hump day 🙂

  3. I just ordered new glasses. You should like Coastal Contacts on Facebook. They are always giving away free frames. I just ordered new glasses and lenses that totaled over $100 and with the discount code I spent $16 and that included shipping.

    • Did you find it hard to measure yourself for the frames?

      I enjoy costal contacts selections, but am afraid of a pair of ill fitting glasses…

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