Photo Bombed

I’ve never really talked about this but the only thing that was a real disappointment out of our wonderful wedding experience was our wedding photos.  I was excited about our photographer because I’ve known her for a number of years and she’s actually shot many of the weddings and family events of my sorors and family members (she shot both of my cousins weddings in 2007 and 2009). I didn’t think I could afford her, but she gave us a nice deal because we got married on a Sunday. I had a set list of shots that I provided to her but because the day of our wedding passed so quickly, I didn’t get some of the shots I wanted outside or some of the less posed shots. My ladviceto anyone getting married is to give the photographer your shot list and make SURE they follow it. The other thing I would have done that I didn’t do was do a formal bridal portrait. I regret not doing it now.

So I say all that to say that while the photos are very nice, to me they are just kind of blah and standard. They don’t have the fire and life I was hoping to capture. You can see examples of them here, in the photo books I made for my parents and in-laws.

Now here’s the real issue. Evidently photography wasn’t paying enough in a down economy so my photographer had to go a get a “real” 9-5 type gig. I’ve gotten my pictures back via CD already but part of our package includes a professional photo book with my choice of 100 pictures. I’ve not seen the photo book yet. I got married in September 2010…it’s damn near May 2011. I anticipated some delay around the holidays into the first of the year and I knew she had weddings ahead of ours but a friend of mine who also booked with her last April, just celebrated her 1st anniversary last WEEK and hasn’t gotten her photo book YET!! WDDDA???

When my friend and I contacted her in February 2011, she indicated she was working full-time and trying to fill in orders from past weddings on the weekends and she was just really swamped. OK then, I can be patient. I sent her an email last week and got no response at all this time. I’m about to charge it to the game. Suing her would take more time and money than it’s worth or we could spare. It’s not like we didn’t get anything. We got our pictures just not the photo book that was promised in the contract.

I’m at a loss at this point. Should I send a demand letter to her via certified mail? Should I try to (spend more money) to get a professionally bound photo book somewhere else?? Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

(I’m not linking to her website because I don’t want to give the impression that I’m endorsing her. In fact, I will not recommend to her to anyone else ever again. She’s decided to not book weddings in 2011 but is still doing portraiture and engagement shoots. Whatevs. :-/)


16 thoughts on “Photo Bombed

  1. I think trying to contact her again is fruitless. Putting those books together is more about money, than time. Ain’t no way she working THAT hard at a 9-5. She don’t got the money and can’t charge it. Is she dealing with some other personal issue? If she was, that just supports my point of not even contacting her anymore. So what would I do? First, I’d leave a negative review about her any place I possible could. Because she clearly has the time to take more photography clients. Then, I’d just pay to get a book made. (I’d put my dress back on, get my hair and make up did and take a formal portrait too….why not…you want one)

  2. Give me the photobook or give me a refund on it. It was stated in the contract that the book would be provided. I bet you she would have been hunting you down if you had not paid her. OR she wouldn’t have shown up to do the wedding day photos. Do the same to her.

  3. I believe you should request a portion of what you paid to be refunded. So if the photobook is valued at $200, then you should get that much back. Then, if the book is that important to you, take the funds and have the book made.

    Also important, I would demand that she give you the rights to all the photos so that in the future you don’t have to deal with her unprofessional ass.

  4. My opinion on this one is to treat her like you’d treat any other professional photographer. If the photographer were a white male — would would you do? DO THAT.

  5. Do you “need” the book? If so, take the shots you have and do it yourself. You might have to charge it to the game. If she had to get a “real job”, more than likely she has expended all her photo life funds, so she probably does not have the funds to do the book or refund to you. It’s been hard on the service industry. You might have to fall back on your Christian upbringing. Remember the story where the king released the man from his debt, but then the man went and had someone who owed him put in jail? Yeah, don’t be that man. The Lord has blessed you to be able to chalk it up to the game. I am so glad I still kept my wedding photos for one reason now. The church is totally destroyed thanks to the tornado. Those are my only photos of the church was I was baptized and married in. You have the photos. Enjoy them as they are.

    • Exactly the opposite of my first thoughts, but when you said “The Lord has blessed you to be able to chalk it up to the game” I realized that you are totally right.

    • “You might have to fall back on your Christian upbringing.”

      OMG! I can’t wait to tell this to somebody…anybody… I must say this!

    • Hoaw about a compromise. ASK her if she seriously can deliver the photo album. Ask her to be totally honest with you. If she really can’t do it, then maybe you can let her off the hook. This economy has been devastating to many of us.

  6. So, sorry that you haven’t been able to retrieve the “promised” photobook. In my opinion, you’d probably end up spending more trying to recoup what’s been “lost.”

    If EVER you want a photobook done…I’d recommend Their books can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you’d like (You create them). They are always sending discounts on books and their work is “excellent;” at least to me.

  7. I would ask her the cost of the photo book, maybe she can’t afford to do them. I would then tell her to give me a percentage of that so I could pay to have it done and we could both be done.

  8. Other than harassing her daily\weekly, I don’t know what I would do. Sending a demand letter sounds like a good idea.

  9. Um…she’s gonna have to provide that photo book as promised in the contract. Or refund a portion of what you paid. She should take the latter option considering she’s so swamped and you would at least be able to call it even.

    Then take that money and get your book bound elsewhere.

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