Nook Color News!!!!

The software update for the Nook Color is finally HERE!!! I’m hella excited!! Go to this link for all the details!

If you have been sitting on your booty waiting for the price to go down on a Nook Color, then you will be all ears for the this. Barnes & Noble are selling re-furbs for $225 on Ebay again. Go here for details.


5 thoughts on “Nook Color News!!!!

  1. I updated this morning. Should I go down to the library for Wi-Fi to see all the new goodness? So far, all I see is the same thing.

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. Should I!?!? You sound so pumped. Makes me want it more. Why this over Kindle?

    • The Kindle is just purely an e-reader. Nook Color is an Android based tablet that has Wi-Fi, a web browser, a small app store with games and Pandora radio built in. In addition to being a e-reader.

  3. I saw this this morning, can’t wait to update my Nook color tonight!

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