Here’s A Tip For That Ass..

Bottoms up, BISHES!!!!!

Saturday afternoon, Myron and I met some of his friends for a happy hour. The margaritas were on point (strawberry-mango blend, YUMMY!), the weather was nice out on the patio and since we were kicking it in the ghey area of town, the techno was pumping. When we got there, the bartender chick was taking drink orders as well as sending the food orders to the kitchen. The bus boys made the delivery to the table. Since happy hour was ALL day, (SCORE!) the dranks were flowing. When Myron and I got there, we immediately ordered drinks and food and dropped a couple of bucks in the tip jar. We received a big smile and a thank you from the red-headed bartender lady.

As the afternoon went on, the other ladies at the table are back and forth to the bar, ordering a drink at a time and I guess the red-headed bartender lady got annoyed with them. She told one of them when they went back to the bar for yet another 4 buck margarita, that tips were appreciated. LMAO!! The chick comes back to the table all angry black woman and proceeds to clown the bartender lady..calling her Pepper Anne and talking about she just killed her chance for a tip altogether with that statement. So the bartender lady got no tip at all in the end.

Meanwhile because I’d tipped a few bucks to start with for me and hubs, bartender lady was all smiles and goodness and light with us.

So while I admit that bartender lady was probably out-of-order for making an announcement trying to force someone to tip, I also felt that the chicks we were with were kind of lame for not dropping a buck or two into the tip jar especially when this chick was working the bar by herself as well as taking the food orders.  We got our food and drinks very quickly too. Myron got up to get one of the chicks a drink and she gave him the business because he dropped the 50 cents in change she had from her 5 dollar bill in the tip jar!  I don’t really like hanging with cheapo folks. If you can’t afford to leave a tip, then stay home.

So what’s your stance on tipping? Was I being too boo-jie?? LOL!!!


26 thoughts on “Here’s A Tip For That Ass..

  1. I kinda wish at least one person here would have said “Hell no I don’t tip” so I could watch everyone else go internet-psycho on him/her.

    I’m a 20% standard tipper; more if the service is awesome. I get embarrassed when someone I’m with does 15% to be totally honest, so I really can’t imagine someone doing less than that. I didn’t realize I was in the minority until I talked to a bartender one night…thought 20% was the new norm. Guess that’s why I’m well taken care of at the places I visit often.

  2. I’m mortified if I don’t tip or the people I’m with don’t tip. There has maybe been ONE moment in my life where I felt not tipping at all was the way to go. I have friends who’ve worked in food service and that’s their car note, it’s not fun to mess with other people’s livelihood.

  3. I’m with you. I detest cheapos too! Keep your arse home if you can’t afford to tip. My mom taught us to tip early, so it’s something that’s automatic. I’ve only been out on a few occasions in which I felt a tip wasn’t warranted. We give good tips.

  4. If the service is good – you will get as close to that 20 percent as I can get. If the service is bad – you will get closer to a 10 percent tip. Tipping is mandatory. I went out to breakfast with some former coworkers and they were like oh we dont tip. Deep Sigh.

    Oh and I hate when they add in the gratuity for parties under 8. You probably would have gotten a better tip had it not been for that

  5. I tip – well. I enjoy going out to eat, I love being served and I learned the secret with the first tip for the bartender a long time ago. I don’t go out with friends that don’t know how to tip – although I have family that need help.

    When going out with friends, we usually just split the bill and we usually tip around 20% – rounding up or down to the nearest $1. However if the service is subpar, 15% is the limit.

  6. I don’t drink so I’m not sure if the protocol is different for tipping at a bar. I mean I have ordered beverages from a bar and I’m pretty sure I didn’t tip but if I ask for a glass of water I may put a dollar in the glass.

    If I was your associate who didn’t tip I would be shamed into tipping by you and the Mr. I’d rather tip than look cheap to others. If you’re ordering that many drinks you can afford to.

    But when eating out I try to tip %18 and then %15 if the waitstaff does something to irk me. It has to be really really intentionally horrible service for me to tip nothing.

  7. Man you did the right thing in tipping.. if you can’t tip then stay home. One bartender with a happy hour all day special? and she waited your tables??? man. We normally do a $1 tip per drink if we are just drinking and they are banging.. but usually since it’s an overall bill for us to include food we always do the standard 15 but will do 20 or more if the service was outstanding & then see the bartender after and hit them off with a lil something.

    I love my girls though.. I’m laughing at Ms. Smart’s response.. when my girls go out 2 of them don’t drink.. but never fuss about splitting the bill with us alkies.. so we always just split everything equal.. and as we call one of my girls.. the banker she splits it and adds the tip and lets us know how much the damage is at the end of the night LOL

  8. Mr. Pink explains why he doesn’t tip.
    Lots and lots of cursing but offers a memorable, (not mine by the way), view on tipping

  9. Tipping is necessary because that’s where there money for a day’s work comes from. I agree stay at home if you can’t. Rudeness!

  10. First off, that drink looks GREAT. Secondly, you must tip.

  11. I hate dealing with folks like that, my general rule is $1.00 tip per drink purchased…quick response time usually follows on follow up drink orders and everyone is happy!

  12. People who don’t tip appropriately are the pits. Undertipping, NO tip at all…just tacky. The other night, I went to dinner with an acquaintance who insisted on paying. So I said I would leave the tip. Acquaintance declines and said not to worry. Now mind you, acquaintance is long winded and this was a THREE HOUR DINNER! Something is my spirit told me that the tip would not reflect how much time we’d occupied that table. When acquaintance went to the rest room I checked the bill. They’d left a six dollar tip on a $35 dollar bill. I slipped in an additional ten. If you’re not gonna tip accordingly, stay in your own damn kitchen!!

  13. Not tipping on drinks is just rude, especially during happy hour. I don’t go out with folks who don’t know how to tip appropriately, it makes the entire table look bad.

  14. I have two LS’s that, to this day, I will not eat with. Not only do I dislike non-tippers, I dislike forgetful folks. You know the ones who forget they ordered 17 drinks but when the bill comes wants to itemize everything except those 17 drinks they ordered. Or what about the people who go out and when the bill comes, they get that ‘math face’ because they didn’t realize the up-charge on bottles of wine, etc.?!

  15. I’m with you on this. The drinks were already cheap because of happy hour. Get a bottle and sit on your own daggone patio if you don’t want to tip.

  16. I’m laughing at the Pepper Ann reference (I like to lay in bed on Sat a.m. and sometimes my TV remote drifts to BS. LOLLLL!!!)

    Anyway, you leave a tip, for goodness sakes. If she were on the other side of the bar not getting tips her mouth would be all crooked.

  17. The other day, at dinner, we got the best customer service at a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. My boo thang tipped $10 on an $18 meal. The service was that good.

    Also Boo Thang got major points for knowing how to tip.

    Moral of the story: Tipping is mandatory. Knowing when to give the big tip? Sexy!


  18. You said it right there: “If you can’t afford to leave a tip, then stay home!” Simple…

  19. If you can’t afford to tip, don’t go out to eat or drink. Those chicks KNOW they wrong for that.

  20. I’m sorry…I’m too busy laughing at the Pepper Anne reference (and singing the theme song)to comment.

    I’ll be back!

    • @NG: The chick in question has 4 kids, because baby I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about!! The bartender was red-headed, pale and skinny too!

      • Ahem. Lovegirl has never seen Pepper Anne. Moving on…

        Hecks yeah they should’ve tipped! I waited tables in college and now I over tip nearly always. Can’t stand non/under tipping folks!

  21. I totally agree with you. Even a small tip would have been appropriate instead of leaving nothing at all. You don’t have to be bougie to be considerate…

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