Gag Myself

This gave me LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about before I got married, I gave the strongest side-eye EVAR to those married chicks who used “my husband this” or my husband that” to preface every sentence that sprang from their mouths. Hurl-worthy, those chicks were. Like seriously, didn’t those chicks have something to talk about other than their damn husbands every 2 effing seconds???????????? *rolls eyes* about I was at lunch yesterday with my co-worker listening to him talk about how he was working through some issues with his girlfriend (whom he wants to marry) and I in turn shared with him some advice (as much advice as a newlywed could give) and by the time the conversation was over, I realized I’d used the  words “my husband” at LEAST five times. *deep long sigh*

So now I’m one of  those chicks too. 


Have a good weekend ya’ll!!!


16 thoughts on “Gag Myself

  1. You are married! LOL Nothing wrong saying “my husband” lol.

  2. I’m definitely guilty. But it’s kinda hard not to.

  3. BWAHAHAAHAHAA! You can’t help but do it when you’re in love and happy with your spouse.

  4. Being one of those chicks is something to be proud of! I am jealous!

  5. LMAO it comes with the territory!!! have a happy easter

  6. bwahahahahaha

    When I was a newlywed I used to catch myself using “husband” a bit much

    Nothing wrong with being happily married!

  7. Nothing wrong with saying, “My husband…”. Why wouldn’t you want to talk about someone you have deep adoration, respect and love for?!

  8. You have a man of a husband. It’s only natural that he comes up in conversation. He is your covering and your provider so what he does affects you in all ways.

  9. nothing wrong in saying your husband, he’s a big part of you life now and mentioning him is natural.

    what’s worse is when you find yourself telling your children something you told your parents that you would never say to your own kids because you weren’t going to ever grow up to be like them. The first time that I realized it was my father’s voice coming out of my mouth I actually had to sit down and catch my breath.

  10. I’m guilty of it too. I try to contain myself but sometimes I just can’t help it, LOL

  11. I get annoyed if I know the husband and the woman says my husband or hubby, especially when I know his name. But its natural that the person you spend the most time and activity with will be a huge part of your conversation.

    Next you will be discussing your kid and their poop.

    • “Hubby” is annoying.

    • I agree with Ames and discodiva. “Hubby” is always annoying and it is pretty eyeroll worthy when I know him and his name. 🙂

      But I think it’s natural that he comes up in conversation. He SHOULD come up in your conversation and your name in his. I think it’s odd when people never bring up their spouse… like they’re trying to hide something.

  12. Aww, you have joined the ranks in more ways than one, lol! It’s okay Tiffany, you good!

  13. Ahh…the perils of being happily married. 😉

    If the advice fits, it fits. Keep the “my husband” party going, lady!

  14. You’re married and you have a husband, so it’s natural that you’d say “my husband” in conversation.

    You aren’t peachy about marriage so it’s different than if you were.

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