Cutting The Cord

The main line.....

I spent a few minutes the other night, looking at our cell phone and cable rate plans and deciding to downgrade the packages. We weren’t using 2100 minutes a month on our family plan so I took it down to 1400 minutes. Our Uverse special was about to expire and increase our bill about $50 bucks a month and we found that we weren’t looking at all those movie channels at all. We use Netflix to stream just about all the movies and TV series we watch using Myron’s Xbox. So I downgraded to a package with fewer channels. It will save us a few dollars per month on both plans and I’ll take every dollar I can get.

So as I was telling Myron about the changes I was making (he was only concerned about keeping the NFL package and having HD *side eye*), we discussed whether we should let the home phone number go as well. The only calls I get on the  house line are from telemarketers and from my mama and auntie. We use our cells for everything else. It would save some money of course but I’m still reluctant to cut the cord.

Have ya’ll cut the cord on a house phone?? Why or why not??


20 thoughts on “Cutting The Cord

  1. No, I haven’t cut the cord. I don’t think I’ll ever NOT have a home line. It just doesn’t seem safe to me. Cell phones are not reliable. When was the last time you picked up your house phone and a call didn’t go through? Naw, I’m good with the land lines.

  2. We don’t use our landline at all, but it’s connected to our alarm system. In a way, I like having it in case of an emergency, but at some point I do hope to get rid of it. I’d also love to get rid of our ridiculous $110 cable package, but hubby is not trying to hear that.

  3. I was just discussing this with Mistah the other day. We hardly use the landline but the old school in me doesn’t want to part with it. I’ve been exploring other (cheaper) options. I’m leaning towards Vonage. They have $9.99 rate that’s set up exactly like a cell phone plan with minutes. AT&T also has a cheap rate for $14 per month. My plan is\was to take care of it earlier this month but time has gotten away from me. Either way, it will be soon.

  4. I still have a landline. I like talking on it more when I’m home than on my cell.

  5. I haven’t had a landline since 2005. And I don’t miss it.

  6. Nope, I haven’t and don’t plan to get rid of our home phone. As a few others have said, I like 911 knowing exactly where I am and our alarm is hard wired to it as well. I know there are a few other options in that regard, but I’m kinda old school and don’t like the idea of not having a home phone.

  7. I haven’t had a land line since june of 09.

    We live so far out in the country, 911 calls don’t give an address, just a route number, and now since the alarm company can call me on my cell phone…what’s the purpose?

    Although…my kids have been badgering me for cell phones. Maybe a landline would be a good compromise without all the funky ringtones and text messages

  8. I have not. To me, cell phone reception still isn’t as good as that on a landline.

  9. I’ve not had a “home phone” since I got out of undergrad, and don’t plan on getting one.

    My mom still has hers, she says for the fax machine, but no one faxes her and that machine doesn’t work. O_o.

    I don’t think it’s a worthwhile thing to have, personally… cell phones cost enough as it is.

  10. I cut the cord a year ago and haven’t looked back. It saved us about $35 a month. My cell phone is ALWAYS on me and on so if the kids schools, family, friends, work need me, thats the way to get me.

  11. Keeping the cord and only getting it from the phone company. Vonage and the other digital services require power. In emergencies your home phone could die just like your cell. 911 will work on a landline even if you don’t have home phone service. Just plug a phone in and it will go thru. However I keep my phone connected just in case. I dont use it for much else, but as a single woman who lives alone, it’s worth the expense to me.

  12. I haven’t cut the phone number because I use it to make overseas phone calls most of the time… Vonage helps with very cheap overseas calls.

  13. My home phone service is hanging on by a string. I’ll probably cut it off in the next six months or so.

  14. I still have my land line. Honestly it’s mostly because of the kids and you need a land line for schools. Primary line must be a land line and then other lines are whatever you want. Only time my land line rings are telemarketers and the schools with the automated messages.. a friend may call the house if they call my cell and I don’t answer LOL..

  15. We still have a home phone because…it’s cheaper to have it. Our bill would actually increase if we got rid of it. But we don’t use the number and the ringer is off. Go figure.

  16. I just cut the cord about a month ago. We had the bundle package with our cable provider, but we never used the home phone. We didn’t answer, nor did we ever give the number out, so I’m saving about $40 a month. I only did it after our alarm company started accepting cellular numbers for a contact number.

  17. Ironically, I just ADDED a phone line. Charter lowered my bill if I added a line. So I essentially got the phone line for free and my bill decreased.

    I don’t use it though.

  18. The ONLY reason I have not cut the cord is because 911 knows exactly where you are on your house phone. On your cell, they can get to your block. Not good enough for me. I have the ringer turned off on my house phone and do not answer it. Now that I upgraded to a family plan and added my mom, I use it to make outgoing calls before the 9pm free time.

  19. Every time I call to cancel or reduce my services they lower the price. I also want the ability to maintain the perks of dialing 911 from a landline.

    I also do court appearances by phone and they prefer you to use a landline. Now that we have Verizon for cellular I feel more confident using a cell phone for court matters.

  20. I haven’t cut the cord but I’m old school and have a DSL line for internet which requires the phone. Not even my mama calls me on it so I’ve downgraded it to the bare minimum. No long distance, caller id, vm and I can only make about 75 local calls a month. I think it costs me 10 bucks or so.

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