Just To Get By

I was listening to the radio Tuesday morning and the morning show DJ was talking about that McDonald’s was planning to hire over 50K people nationwide on ONE DAY – April 19th. Check out the article HERE. However, I appreciate the the DJ for keeping it real with his audience, which was primarily “urban”. He told his audience that though they may say they would never work at Mickey D’s, if you are out of work and need to pay those overdue bills then you do what you need do. He also mentioned that the positions ranged from entry level up to management level. His sidekicks on the morning show were co-signing in agreement. When you need to eat your pride needs to take a backseat!

So what do you think about McDonald’s hiring blitz?? Are you too good to flip a burger to feed yourself or your family?? What wouldn’t you do just to get by?? Do Do you have friends or family who’d turn their nose up at this opportunity?


31 thoughts on “Just To Get By

  1. I’m 38. I’d have to really be in dire straights to work at Mickey D’s. if push comes to shove, I can get a temp job…right??

    Mickey D’s is fine for my son, but I have too much age and OCD to work at a MCDonald’s.

  2. You do what you have to do. Working in the fast-food industry is not the end of the world. I worked at Chick-Fil-A for five years during high school and college to earn a college scholarship. The benefits of working there were that the hours were flexible while I was getting my education and I knew they had a scholarship program I could apply for.

  3. Heck no I’m not too proud. It helped give me a little pocket change in college. I’d surely take advantage of the opportunity if I needed employment to help provide for my family.

  4. I would be serving up Big Macs with a smile if I needed to to support my family. I pray it never comes to that, but if it does? I’m a great worker who would probably move up fast! *lol*

  5. Last year I asked my boyfriend to quit his job and move across the country to live with me. Because I was already holding down my (single person, no kids) household, I knew that adding him to the mix would only be adding more groceries. All the other bills would be the same (in my complex we don’t pay utilities).

    Because I live in LA, and I know the job market, I told him he had three months to find the job he wanted… after that he would need to take himself down to the local McDonalds and start flipping burgers. You an adult living with me? You need to contribute and you need to be filling out a W-9 somewhere.

    Legal work is legal work and it’s a too bad that we’ve started thinking we were too good for jobs. Sure, you want to be challenged and work to your full potential but we’re in a recession and there is never any shame in gainful employment.

    • If ya’ll are still together, I would not retell this story.

      • @ames: Why shouldn’t she re-tell??

      • That reads like a parent-child conversation. Didn’t Nene tell Bryce he had 90 days to get a job? It suggests the guy needs direction to be responsible.

        Even if the conversation took place I would not further shame the guy by letting people know I am running stuff.

      • I agree.

      • LMAO – are y’all serious? It didn’t sound like a parent-child convo to me. Sounded like a grown woman telling a grown man to get off his azz.

        People say all kinda stuff in blogs, and this bothers you…?


      • It’s hard for me to explain. I think a woman speaks to and about a man she respects and trusts a certain way.

      • I’m with ames.

        I don’t get it. You ASKED him to quit a job he already had and then move across the country to an area where he has NO professional network…then give him a deadline to find employment? Who’d leave a job their already in to end up in a new part of the country to end up working at McDonald’s flipping burgers? For you? Really?

        If you were so concerned about him not contributing, then maybe he should have waited to move until he got a job, or maybe you should have moved to be with him, or maybe you should have put such demands on getting a ring first. I dunno. It just all reads so not…good.

    • and he did this? keep him cause he’ll do anything for you. that’s real love.

  6. I would do whatever I had to in order to take care of my family. Period.

  7. I am amazed at how people will choose pride over putting food on the table to feed their family.

    So long as my McD’s wages could cover child care, I would definitely be the first in line!

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  9. I would do whatever I needed to do to keep food on the table and keep me and my family off the streets. Murder is about the only thing I wouldn’t do.

    Oh…and I couldn’t be a hooker either. I don’t like people like that and I have violent tendencies.

  10. I’d willingly work a minimum wage job and I would not be ashamed to do it if that job could support me.

    However, minimum wage is $8/hr.

    I think I’d go ahead and leave the workforce, apply for section 8 and the other stuff and be a government funded SAHM.

  11. I would work a minimum wage job at this point in my life – if I could work when my child was in school. A few years ago, I would not have done so.

    When I was out of work I was putting in applications some of everywhere – and I got hired at a place that was going to pay minimum wage. My husband told me not to take it. I thought he’d lost his mind.

    But by the time we factored in child care and gasoline? Yeah, my whole salary would have gone toward covering those expenses. There might have been $20/25 left over to go toward “bills.” It just wasn’t worth it for us.

    • You make a good point. Even though food does have to get put on the table, what is the real cost involved? Some may come across as “riding a high horse” when it reality, it just isn’t cost effective to take a minimum wage job. And not saying it’s you, so please don’t take it that way, but in general, that is why some folks stay on welfare. You get food, housing and daycare but if you actually get a “real” job, you lose most of those benefits and end up in a bigger finanancial mess once you take into account all the true cost of the new job. A catch 22 for a lot of folks. Mom is thinking do I work a minimum wage job to get off the system or do I stay on the system with guaranteed health care for my child. I understand the dilemma.

      • I’m glad someone pointed this out. For a lot of folks, especially those out of work thanks to recent failures in the market and government, it’s not even about maintaining a lifestyle it’s about actually paying bills. Everything has gone up BUT minimum wage. That mess doesn’t really pay to earn if you’re one with kids, house/car notes, etc…

        If you’re young and only have a cell phone bill and gas money to worry about it’s perfect.

        However, there ARE people out here who are literally sitting around waiting to get their last job back and that’s stupid and unacceptable.

    • That is an EXCELLENT factor that a lot people don’t take into consideration when you require childcare. And then some people will say, “Look for cheaper childcare.” But when it comes to that, you get what you pay for. And where I live, public transportation is pretty much non-existent.

  12. I haven’t always been a chef. I went to university and worked successfully in my field of study. The industry took a down turn. I was laid off. There were no jobs within the field. I had a family and bills.
    I started over, 10 years older than the average worker, at the bottom of a brutal, physically demanding, low paying, prestigeless; (forget about what you see on t.v., professional cooking isn’t glamorous at all); career and WORKED my way to the top. Almost 6 years ago the storm came and I had to do it all over again. I am a SURVIVOR and have and will continue to work at what’s required to put food on my fsmily’e table. As far as McDonalds goes, $100,000 plus a year jobs do exist for those willing to put in the time and work. That’s real money for someone in the restaurant/service industry. During this present economic crisis any job sometimes is better than no job, so working the night shift at Micky’s and looking for a job within your field during the day can be a real solution.

  13. I come from a family of hustlers (I think I’ve mentioned many a time that my daddy slept in the funeral home with dead people to pay his way through college…) so if McDonalds was hiring and I needed a gig, I would be first in line. Foreclosure and homelessness are not a good look.

  14. The thought of smelling french fries and grease for hours give me the dry heaves. BUT if my options are to be put out on the street, go on public assistance or work at Mickey D’s? Yeah… I’d request Drive-thru! But I’ll tell you this, every free moment would be spent finding something more suitable to my talents!

  15. Working for McDonald’s is not aiming low. People need to recognize the real potential. I started at McDonald’s as my first job. I was about 18 when they wanted me to start training for a swing manager. When I went to the training location, I had to whip out my ID a couple of times because no one believed someone so young was in training for management. My sister just got management of her own store. She is responsible for everything at that location. If you work hard and stay focused, there are many upper level opportunities associated with McDonald’s or any other job. It’s about what you put into it. Trust me franchise owners didn’t just roll up and buy a McDonald’s. Most worked from the bottom up.

    • @cbean: You make an EXCELLENT point! I should have mentioned that a second cousin of mine started as cashier at MickeyD’s in high school. She now manages TWO stores in Texarkana, Arkansas. Granted it’s smaller town but she has a big old house and between her and her husband, they are living a nice middle class lifestyle. Folks are sleeping on stuff like that.

  16. A dj in here in ATL mentioned it too and she got calls asking “Why are you telling the kids to aim low.” I thought it was totally stupid. Folks need to get off their high horses and WORK. Nowadays any job is great.

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