Where Would You Hang Your Hat????

Where I "dream" of living...

I have a infatuation, for some reason, with living in the city. I grew up in the southwest suburbs of Houston which have by now been bypassed by suburbs that extend even further outside of the city. I love having access to shopping, restaurants and entertainment. You typically have to go inside the loop that circles town to really do the fun stuff that Myron and I like to do. We are social folks and like to be in those streets. I hate having to commute into work. My plantation will be moving downtown Houston by Memorial and I plan to take the Park N Ride into the city. If we lived in the city, I might even be able to use the light rail. I’ve only lived in apartments, condos and now my townhouse since moving out my childhood home. I don’t miss having to do yard work. And we don’t have kids, but I think you can raise a kid just fine in a townhouse.

My husband, on the other hand, is not sold on city living at all. He wants a yard, a dog, a patio for his BBQ pit and a man room. He thinks kids need to play on freshly cut grass in their own backyard. He wants to mow his very own lawn and hang up Christmas lights. He says you get more house for your money in the ‘burbs.Β  He wants to have a free standing house of his own. And I want that for him too. But maybe in a slightly different package. LOL!!!

Where my husband "dreams" of living...

So, my question to you is where would rather live? City or Suburbs?? Where do you live now? What were you reasons for picking where you live now?


31 thoughts on “Where Would You Hang Your Hat????

  1. You do get more for your money in the burbs there. I’m jealous! I want a stand alone home with a yard as well. I live in an apartment outside the city right now. I’d like to stay in the burbs. My next place will be an apartment in the burbs for a short while, then I plan to buy that stand alone home with a yard. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m a city girl…When you ENTER my neighborhood it looks like the ‘burbs, but when you EXIT my neighborhood it looks like the ‘hood. I’m right, right, right on the edge of the inner loop. I love it. I feel like I have the best of both worlds — and that all important BACKYARD! LOL

  3. I was born & raised in the suburbs but like many others post-college, I lived in Manhattan. I did it for about 2yrs before I came to my senses & ran back to the suburbs. Sure, I’m not in the heart of everything anymore and I can’t hop on the subway home at all hours of the night… but I have a real bedroom, not 2 walls built into the LR & my kitchen alone is 168sqft (which is still small by most standards, but seeing as how my old bdrm was tiny, I’m lovin it). Also, it’s quiet by our home and there’s these green things with leaves on them all over the place – they’re nice. πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m a Jersey girl born and raised. (Not the Jersey Shore kind! North Jersey in NYC metro area) I grew up with New York City as my playground and it honestly was and still is the best of both worlds. I’ve always lived in the suburbs where there are yards and trees and parks and lemonade stands on the corner, but if you look off to the distance you could literally see New York city. It’s nice to have the action right there when you want it, but to be able to come home to quaint little street lights, peace and quite, and suburban bliss. I think city living can be overwhelming if that’s all you have. Try to find a place where you can have the best of both worlds. We chose to stay in Jersey to hopefully give our kids just that. The damn property taxes are trying to keep us from our dream of staying near the city, our friends, and family, BUT we’re going to hang in there as long as we can.

    Great question!

    Man Wife and Dog Blog

  5. I was born on the west coast and have lived in Oakland (by the lake), San Francisco ( in Chinatown and the mission ), several outlying suburbs (pleasant hill, Martinez, Port Costa), The City of Orange, Kyburz (small town in the Sierra Nevada Mtns.), Ocean Springs and St. Martin (in Mississippi close to Gulf Port), above a bar overlooking the Lee traffic circle in New Orleans, all up and down the entire length of the Gulf of Mexico (in a Jack-Up boat), Mexico City, and finally Jeffersonville, Indiana (right across the river from Louisville). We moved here after the storm (Katrina)to be close to the wife’s family. At this stage in my life I would, if I had the money, like to live in a loft above museum row in downtown Louisville, which I consider to be an almost perfect city, it does snow in the winter and some of the neighborhoods can be a little stabby after dark, but all in all I really like it.

  6. I currently live in what I guess would kind of be a suburb of Birmingham. My commute to work is about 20-ish minutes, straight highway driving, on a good day (no accidents and good weather). I don’t work downtown though…but where I work is less than 10 minutes from downtown.

    I was raised in the country (Grand Bay, AL), but even then it was only about 30 minutes to the city (downtown Mobile). I’ve only lived in a city when I was in college (Dillard Univ. in N.O.) and that was enough for me. I prefer the peace and quiet of the ‘burbs, plus the “more bang for your buck” thing that MadMack mentioned (he’s right). Unlike living in the country, in the suburbs you still have access to shopping and restaurants and such. I’m a country gal at heart but I ain’ trying to live out in kiss-my-a$$-Alanama as a single woman just for some peace and quiet. ;D

    • Excuse me… “Kiss-my-a$$-Alabama” I actually proofread that comment and still missed that! LOL!

  7. I guess I’ll delurk today too! I live in Houston in the Copperfield area. Since we have 3 kids, I like having the yard for my kids. But, Lawdhammercy, I hate living in this location. We are just a bit too far from the freeways although very close to grocery stores/shopping/movies. I have talked myself out of many events downtown just because I didn’t want to drive. And, most of my friends live nowhere near me. My husband and I have thought a few times about looking for somewhere inside the loop (or at least the beltway).

  8. I’m a city girl at heart but my decision would be based on which city I lived in/near. IMO, some cities don’t have enough going on to warrant getting less space. Even with a lot available, if the things offered are the types of activities I’d only do once a month, it wouldn’t be worth it. Schools would also be a major consideration with children. Most of the folks I know send their kids to private or charter school.

    I guess I’m technically in the burbs right now. I’m right outside Atlanta, but still within the perimeter – similar to your loop, I suppose. I can be downtown in under 10 minutes. It’s the best of both worlds.

  9. City, all day long. I *hate* traffic. My house (it’s a duplex) — which is in a residential part of the city — has a yard that has to be cut and a backyard where I can cook out if I want to, but I’m also a hop, skip and a jump/bus/Metro ride away from all the city amenities without having to deal with the hellacious DMV traffic. Mr. SLS’ rowhouse has a little postage stamp-sized backyard that we never used, but the trade off was that I could walk/bike to work or restaurants and public transportation was practically at the front door.

  10. Throwing in my vote as a city mouse! I live in a 2-br condo now and I think we could make it work even with one child. I don’t need that much space and I definitely don’t need or want yard work.

    I also think we have the best of both worlds, living two blocks from Rock Creek Park but with the convenience of living in the city. I love that my commute to work is straightforward and fast. I love that I can get all the places I want to go quickly. When people come visit, I can send them to see the sights on their own without guilt because I know they can get back easily. No suburbs for me…

  11. Suburbianite here. The high rises they have in Little Rock are pretty but I’d desire having more than a walk-out balcony as the outdoor dwelling space. Plus, with us having two dogs, it would be a MAJOR pain having to actually go outside with them (AND WAIT) while they did their business. Blech.

  12. *Coming out of lurkerville..

    I LOVE the city and bc (before children) couldn’t imagine life anywhere but..now that I have Bip & Bop, I love the suburbs but like easy access to the city. I live in a suburban part of a small city in OH right now. I don’t love it but I like it b/c its easy to get to the “city” but also love the fact that I have my backyard for bbqs and for the kids to go out and play and the school district is wayyy better than the city schools.

  13. **De-lurking**

    I live in New Orleans, thanks for visiting. Have lived in the city my whole life, have always had a big yard and always seemed to be driving against the traffic, even going to work, since I was already inside the city limits, there was always some easier path to take than the interstate when its clogged with all you suburban people LOL. I think I have the best of both worlds. Large house, large yard, live in the city. Takes me about 10 minutes to get anywhere. Of course NOLA isn’t as big as Houston, I don’t know how you guys do it. Thats way too much of my life spent driving LOL


    Michael, thanks so much for reading!! I am glad some men are reading the blog!

    • I agree with Michael. I grew up in the city so that’s all I know. I love the fact that I live in the New Orleans with a house and big yard. My 10 min New Orleans drive to here and there is greatness. Oh and plus my commute to work is 5 min u can’t beat that.

      • @ TIH – You are welcome, have followed your comments since before Babs was musing over at BIB.

        @ Jixxa – just saying Hi to another NOLA person!

  14. I’ve always been a ‘burbs kind of girl. I like having a yard, a garage. I like being 5 minutes from the grocery store. I like not having to deal with city traffic and dicey parking situations.

    I do wish I could afford a weekend city condo though. There are things I want to do in the city but the 45 minute drive (often worse on weekends) is a big deterrent.

  15. I choose the city. I grew up in the city in a large ranch style home, on a flat acre wooded lot, on a golf course. We had an extensive vegetable garden and grapes, cherries and a couple of fruit trees. We had a club house and a tree house with swings. Many of our neighbors had horses that we could ride and feed and deers, wild turkeys and all sorts of wild life roamed day and night.

    One day I will be able to afford country life in the city, until then I choose easy access to city offerings. I also want my kids to be city kids and teens and have access to things of interest.

  16. Being a single woman there’s nothing to me more painful than the burbs. Children and families everywhere! And I don’t mean painful because I am so sad that I don’t have babies yet (even though I may be), I mean painful because CHILDREN ARE DAMN LOUD!! My favorite time of my life was when I lived in Midtown and if it wouldn’t be such a long commute to my way far out suburban job I’d go back in a heartbeat. I LOVE THE CITY. I’ll take traffic and city noise over screaming kids every day of the week.

  17. I’m a city girl born and raised and I’m fine without having any grass to mow. That’s what city parks are for. I grew up in a two bedroom apartment and now live in a townhouse the same size. When I get married and have kids I do think we’ll need more room but there are plenty of houses in DC that can accommodate a family and pets. Too much space means I have to spend money to furnish it, cool it, heat it and clean it.

  18. As a fellow Houstonian, I understand your plight… Inside the loop has a great appeal… But the good part is, even suburbs have their little downtown/shindig happenings. Lol.

    I am with Myron though, I love having a backyard for the kids and dog to roam about… To be honest, although I have been a big city girl all my life, I really want to live in the country! Lol. Thank God my job is one I can do from most anywhere, so that’s the plan onward… move to the country! πŸ˜€

  19. Burbs here as well. I agree with Erica. I HATE Bham school system. That’s why we picked this area.

    I’m not very far from anything so that’s a plus.

  20. I prefer the woods/country. Where we live is sort of a mix of suburbs and woods/country. We have the solitude of the country but can be in the city in 30 minutes.

    We wanted space so we spent three years looking for this place: a single-family house on a wooded acre with a tidal water view. We are so very fortunate to have this place, we love it, and plan to stay put for 20-30 years.

    Our reason was that I lived in cities for years and was tired of it. My husband has owned a townhouse for 12 years and concluded it was like city living without the benefit of being able to walk to the pub. So we decided we wanted to be isolate and bam! Here we are.

    We do have neighbor on either side but our house is set so that we don’t really see them. No matter, neighbors are neighbors, you’re always going to be somewhat annoyed with them.

    There are 30 houses on our street, all with 3+ acres and houses set way back off the road (we have the smallest lot) and the people keep to themselves for the most part, but our very friendly when you see them out walking.

    I wouldn’t trade this place for anything.

    • Oh My God, THIS!! I am so tired of city living… the noise, the traffic, the polluted air… Country living for the win! πŸ™‚

  21. I’m rollin with Myron.

    I work in the city. I love hanging out in the city. But I LOVE living in the quiet of the burbs in a single family house with a 2 car garage, a backyard, a double deck, a fun room/basement, and room for making WINE! πŸ™‚

  22. We’re out in the suburbs 13 miles south of Birmingham. I live in a MAJOR shopping area with PLENTY of restaurants and such. I love it out here. We chose the ‘burbs because of the highly ranked school system. (I wouldn’t send my dog to a Birmingham City School.) It’s pretty much what everyone that wants a great education for their children do here because the B’ham schools are in such bad shape.

  23. Team suburbs. I grew up in the ‘burbs and we live in them now. I like being close to, but not in the city.

    We chose the suburbs because taxes are significantly lower, we got more house for our money, crime rates are lower, and the public school system is better.

    If I were single and/or childless, I’d consider living in the city.

    I despise Houston traffic and totally get why that would be a factor in choosing where your next home will be!

  24. We live in a townhome that’s in a nice area. I have about a 15 min commute to downtown but I love the fact that I can walk to the grocery store and some of my favorite restaurants. Townhome living was perfect for me.

    Now that I’m married I wish we had a house with a big yard where our dog can play.

  25. I’m an urban dweller – grew up in a midsize city & I refuse to do the ‘burbs & rural life is definitely out. I need quick access to all the things city life has to offer – sports, arts, theater, nightlife, shopping, etc. Oh and close promixity to a major airport since I love to travel.

    Like I said, I grew up in a city, yet we had a big backyard, a patio with the grill, and plenty of space for us kids to get dirty. So you can be a city dweller & still have an environment for your kids to see green space.

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