Odds and Ends: Friday Edition

It’s the weekend, baby! Whoo hoo!

  • Hubs and I are taking a weekend trip to New Orleans next week! I can’t wait! I haven’t been to New Orleans since before Katrina so I am interested to see the city. Of course, we are gonna get somewhat wasted on Bourbon St.!
  • We are going to visit this place while we are there: Oak Alley Plantation. We like Civil War and African American history so we will be sure to take pics!
  • Michele’s blog post from today made my head explode!!! Some people are just IDIOTS!
  • I have on cute new shoes!!! I love me some TARJAY!!

  • Our little mini-garden is coming along. The green onions are growing like crazy!
  • I’ve been DYING for some sushi but I can’t have the rice. Sashimi??
  • My husband made another bomb ass dinner last night PLUS he made homemade broccoli cheese bacon soup the other day!! I didn’t get a food p.or.n picture but I should have!
  • What’s going on random with you?? Holla at me in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Friday Edition

  1. I just tweeted those shoes and ordered a pair. They are so cute!

  2. Just got back from N.O. last night celebrating our 11 year anniversary.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!

    Cute shoes.

    • Oh I just thought about it…we went to Treme in New Orleans Monday.

      The neighborhood is…interesting. The oldest of it’s kind. We walked a few blocks and the bits of stories we heard….

      If memory serves me correctly, you can get to it right off Canal St. There’s an African American musuem there, but they weren’t open on Sunday. The address is 1418 Gov. Nicholls Blvd. If you happen to go blog about it. I was surprised that it was closed on a Monday, but it looks like the work off of donations, so that may be a reason…


  3. I love your shoes! I’ve been looking for some similar, but having a really hard time 😦 Enjoy N’Leans!

  4. Those shoes are the biznezz!

    My beau’s brother had to push his trip to Houston back a week, so we won’t be able to hang out 😦

    When you get to NOLA, please have TWO Hurricane’s at Pat O’ Brien’s for me Please ! LOL

  5. Did you say broccoli cheese bacon soup?! Does Myron have a brother? LOL.

    I have those shoes. Pics don’t do them justice! I wore them for all of 20 minutes last weekend on a run to the grocery store and got 3 compliments.

  6. I like your cute new shoes.

    I’m glad for you that the weather there is warm enough for open toes.

    Somebody left the air conditioner on overnight here in the DMV. It’s Winter again!!!

    I want to start a home garden but I have a cat, so I’m sure he would think my garden was his personal snack.

    We have wild cats that live out back in the wooded area. If I try an outdoor garden I’m sure they will think it’s their personal snack…Oh well..

    I’m so sleepy today at work I’m about to stop struggling and just put my head on this desk!

    Have a good weekend.

  7. I always preferred the sashimi over nigiri. I like to order scattered sushi, sliced fish over a bowl of rice so I can control the rice intake.

  8. Cute shoes and pretty feet! #nofetish

  9. Loving the wedges!
    Dee and I are going on a quick jaunt to San Francisco–hopefully I won’t spend my time missing the kiddies.
    I shall graciously accept a few bunches of green onions.

  10. I love the shoes. I’m drooling at the food mentions! I hope you two have a great time in New Orleans. I’m going to Spartanburg, SC for my daughter’s dance competition. My life is so exciting, lol!
    I couldn’t believe that fool on the BnB post. Dude is just weak! That trick ex soon to be new wife, again is just trife! They deserve whatever happens, and we all know it won’t be happiness.

  11. I’m so jealous that you are wearing sandals.
    Have fun on your trip!

  12. Even tho I’m a low-carber (Primal) I still can’t eat sashimi. My compromise is to limit my nigiri intake, and I take each piece of nigiri & split the portion of rice in half. I find most places give you way too much rice with nigiri anyway. Maybe one day I can be a sashimi eater, but I’m not there yet.

    I left my 2 cents over on BnB this morning…that whole exchange & the folks in it, with the exception of Michele, are big fat fails at life.

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