Green Acres

Happy Monday! Sorry I didn’t post much last week..tell ya’ll about it a bit later.

But in the interim, Myron and I have decided to go green and live off the land, much like the pioneers. LMAO!!!

Take a lookie at what we’re planting!

Figured that we couldn’t kill these easily!

Boys never get to old to play in the dirt! Look at that big smile!

All planted and watered!!

We have already seen a few small sprouts from the green onions. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how we do. It’s springtime in Houston, Texas!


4 thoughts on “Green Acres

  1. GREAT idea. The little old Italian lady who lives downstairs from us has a cute little garden on the side of the house. I was thinking of clearing a little corner of the backyard out myself just for a few little things. Pots might be a better idea too though. LOL Can’t wait to see how they come out! 🙂

  2. Awesome!

    You guys are having so much fun as Hubs and Wife. Like the jalapenos, you guys are keeping it SPICY.

  3. I’m so slow. I never thought of using a flower pot to garden.

  4. I REALLY want a garden!!! Ugh…wonder if I can get Tony to till up some land for me? Lol

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