Odds And Ends: The Monday Edition

  • This was a really good weekend. Hubs and I met friends for dinner on Friday, did lunch and shopping on Saturday and then hit the town Saturday night for some drinks and socializing. Sunday, we did a very late lunch and went to the grocery store. The weather in Houston was outstanding and I loved spending some QT with my very best friend.
  • I did however have some friendship drama this weekend. I won’t get into it here on the blog but suffice it to say I’m still feeling somewhat burnt about it. But I’m working through being all in my feelings about it and I am glad I have people that I can vent to about this particular situation. I’m hoping it will work itself out but for right now, it is what it is.
  • Today’s blog post by Babs really spoke to me today about the above situation. Go take a read.
  • I am so glad it is spring break and the worker bee parents have taken time off to be with their kids because traffic was AWESOME on the way into work this morning! Chea!
  • My husband fixed a slamming ass dinner for me last night. Here’s a picture.

Ummmm, yummy!

  • Hubs and have some green thumbs!! More about that tomorrow! 🙂
  • I went to 2 different places looking for crawfish this weekend and both places ran out! Can I have some crawfish greatness???
  • So what’s going on random with you?? Holla at me in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Monday Edition

  1. WHAT is the deal with crawfish? I haven’t had any this season YET and I freaking LIVE on the Gulf Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Speaking of…I’m calling http://qualitypoultryandseafood.com/ today and see if I can still get an order in for the weekend….

    Shall I send you some?

  2. Mrs. TIH, I beg of you to post how the Mister prepared the absolutely tasty looking vittles above. My.mouth.is.watering.

  3. Went to a Wii and cocktails party on Friday. So much fun. I feel like I’m the last person to discover the greatness that is the Wii.

    I finally cooked for a change on Sunday.

    The weather is beautiful in SC and the park is calling my name.

    What kind of meat is that in your picture? It looks so good.

  4. Babe and I are currently on holiday….in Dallas…lol

    I am so over school and it is absolutely because I don’t love it…

    It is killing me that my boss is beating me in WWF. I have the English degree hell…though I think she may be cheating a bit using word helpers and all.

    But I’m not bitter

    I am so addicted to WWF: Tarsha1273…lolol

  5. Had a lovely weekend. It was gorgeous here in Houston.

    Really enjoyed turning the television back on Saturday morning. I have been missing out on all things Tsunami.

    Did some major shopping this weekend for the new gig. I really need to get that treadmill. **sigh**

    Church was good, but I made the mistake of trying to leave while the offering was going on. Lawd, I thought I was going to get clotheslined by the usher just before I made it to the door. Yeah, me and my big church are at odds right now.

    Did not come in to work all weekend. YAY me. However, I did put together a “crap I did that I should not have been doing” list for the new girl. LOL. Anyway, one more week and on to different challenges. I am thinking I need to go ahead and finally get a passport since my accounting team lives in India.

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