Adventures in Wifedom: Volume 2

Like most folks in these recessionary times, I am trying to watch all our hard-earned pennies. Since I am the CFO of the family, I make the bills get paid, the lights stay on and we don’t get evicted from the house. I bought my townhouse in 2006 and even then it was over 20 years old. The dwelling itself is in pretty good condition and my ever-increasing maintenance fees keep the property well maintained.

However, the appliances are old and original to the place, even though they work just fine. So as such, I didn’t really put too much thought into replacing them. I figured I’d get around to it at some point. But then I got married.

 The one appliance that has been the bane of my existence, even pre-husband is my air conditioning unit. I have patched it up for the last 5 years, at least once a year, for various ailments because I simply couple not afford to ante up the cash for a new one. Well, it got the last laugh on us on Friday. It gave up the ghost, went quietly into that good night, and died an undignified death.

 I called my A/C guy and his diagnosis was grim: We needed a new outside unit or else  it was going to be hot in therre for the both of us! Ya’ll do recall that I live in Houston, Texas right???

 I got the cold shakes as I wrote (the very large check) to replace the unit and Myron and I have been cold chillin’ ever since Friday evening. I’m thankful for our dual income household right about now. I probably would have needed to lean on my parents for a little additional help if I was single.

 What was the first major financial crisis that you had to tackle with your spouse or S/O or as a single person?

17 thoughts on “Adventures in Wifedom: Volume 2

  1. Apparently The Man thought that blowing off unpaid medical bills was “no big deal”. Then we get a BUNCH of collection notices at once right after we got married. I’m like, great, NOW you tell me. We have to pay them off to repair his credit so we can work towards buying a house. Crazy, Great post!! I thin of myself as the CFO around these parts too!

  2. Our first major together expense was a vinyl siding and a roof.

    The roof was a necessity, the siding was not. Since the same man did both, and was willing to be partially paid in beer (seriously…as long as he didn’t work drunk, I didn’t care. I know better now..Mel? Not so much :*/)

    The expense wasn’t the biggest issue as we had just came into possesion of a paid for house, but the hubby’s construction experience was priceless. If I had to go it alone, I’d probably be broke with beautiful colors and a leaking roof.

  3. We had to pay two mortgages on two houses, all the bills at the houses and first and last months rent on our apt. Our rent was the same as the mortgage.

    I was not working. We spent a few months with only bedroom furniture while we rebuilt funds. But it was worth it to be free.

  4. Umm, how about when the lease on the car was up & we had to hand it in — 2 days before our wedding. LOL Thank goodness my parents have the old-folk minivan – it’s the only way we got stuff up to our venue. LOL

    P.S. – I got an email that you req’d to follow me on twitter, but it doesn’t show up on the twitter page. Weird??

  5. 20 years with my EX, and the home projects NEVER stopped. He was constantly building or rebuilding or tearing down and putting up! And I used to get swept up right there with him. I’m tired!

    And now because of him I don’t know how to sit still and let stuff just BE. I’m always looking at the next project. I want hardwood floors, and new carpet. I just hope I don’t run my S/O away with my lunacy.

  6. I don’t even remember, but as a long time home owner on well & septic and lots of appliances I’ve got 3 words for you…American Home Shield. GET SOME. It has saved our lives (and pockey book) on NUMEROUS occasions. Want more insight. You got my digits.

    • #Cosign! My realtors were GREAT! They suggested I purchase an American Home Shield opolicy and it has paid for itself many times over…and my house was only 1.5 years old when I bought it 4 years ago!

  7. Our first major item was the outdoor AC unit…It died in July or August one year. It was horrible, for about 2 days lol. Then we got a new one.

    So funny, last year we had a hot water tank to burst, we had to get a new indoor furnace (it was OLD, but we didn’t want to replace it until it died lol) and a new motor in our car lol. All within like 6 months lol, and all this happened RIGHT after Tony got out of ICU! LOL. God worked ALL of that out lol.

  8. 20+ yo house plus greedy realtor plus naive purchasers…let’s just say our first house was the money pit. The first year the AC conked out AND we had roots in the sewer lines AND we didn’t know enough to insist on a home warranty. Ok my pressure’s rising just thinking about it!

  9. Mine was last summer when a pipe burst in my crawlspace. I gave thanks that I was able to handle the expense as a singleton. The stress associated with getting everything repaired and cleaned up? I’d have loved someone to share that with more than anything.

  10. Hmmm… I didn’t own property until I got married, so I didn’t have to worry about AC units, etc. So, I guess we haven’t had a financial crisis yet… (oh Lord, why’d you give me something to worry about??? 🙂 ) After I got married, I did notice that I didn’t have to pay for things in PAYMENTS anymore (dentist, etc.) The bills got paid on time and for the first time ever I could really start a savings plan and splurge. Two incomes is great. Thank you Jesus for employment and love.

  11. I’m not married yet, but I just nearly died when you described how your A/C went on to large appliances Glory. Lol! Glad you guys were able to get it fixed.

  12. Had to get the Termidor treatment on my house. Yep, after about only five years in a newly constructed house, I had the termites.

  13. Old Dude’s SUV gave up the ghost right before winter. It was time, the A/C barely worked among other issues. But, we thought we’d have at least one year to replenish our savings post-wedding. Neither of us has had a car payment in YEARS so that means less savings over the next 3 years, but his commute is 100 miles round trip, 3x per week so being without wheels is just not an option.

  14. Our first major, unexpected expense was surgery for the puppy. I didn’t think twice about it. I think my hubby did, but he didn’t express that to me. Since then we had an unexpected college expense with the oldest. It was due to his negligence but we couldn’t say no when we’d just spent more on the dog…

    In all, I thank God we had the funds without neglecting our other obligations. We just had to hold off putting in savings.

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