Adventures in Wifedom: Volume 1

Yesterday brought a change in routines for Myron and I. He finally obtained a transfer to an office closer to our home which  he’d been wanting for a while, which is good. Unfortunately, it meant I’d have to start driving myself into the city again to get to work and I was definitely disappointed. I am going to miss our HOV hijinks in the mornings! (Not to mention, I’d gotten REAL spoiled being dropped off and picked up!)

I dropped him off and made it into work as usual. I planned to take a extended lunch to attend the funeral of my MOH’s father and then get back to the office. I left work, got lost trying to find the church and breathlessly slid in the church house door right before the funeral began. It was a brief service and we were done in about an hour and 15 minutes. All the while, I felt my BlackBerry vibrating in my purse.

 After the recessional was over and I greeted and hugged some friends outside, I grabbed my phone out of my purse and I see this on my text messages: Go ahead and see if you can find a dentist! I can’t take it anymore!!!! I am in so much pain!!!! I may have to go to a ready-clinic to get some pain meds!!

 So I call back and get Myron on the line.

Me: Do I need to come you?

Him: If you could babe. You won’t get in trouble will you?

Me: No, my boss is downtown for the rest of the day. And you’re my husband, you’re in pain, what the hell are they gonna say to me??

 And so I’m off to pick up my husband, who obviously is not playing based on our conversation. I get him home, get on the phone with the insurance company, find him an dentist that will take  him that afternoon, get the directions to the place, go there, get him examined, get him some meds and find out he’s gonna need a root canal. *wall slide of defeat*

 Last night, he told me that he was so thankful to not have to go through this alone (he’s had some tooth issues prior to meeting me) and that he loved me very much. I’m hoping it wasn’t just the drugs talking…LOL!!!

 So the appointment for the root canal is set for next week, he’s at home probably high on vicodin and sleep somewhere, and I’m at the office typing this blog entry when I should be working.

 I’m sure this is the first of many adventures we’ll have together!!!!

10 thoughts on “Adventures in Wifedom: Volume 1

  1. I’ve had so many root canals that I can do them in my sleep! I would have trouble mustering up sympathy LOL.

    The Mister ruptured his Achilles tendon shortly after we were married. He had to have surgery and I had to play nurse to a non-walker in much pain for a few days.

    It was so cute though when he was on a post-surgery anesthesia high and said “I’m so glad you’re here. I really love you!”

  2. He who finds a wife, finds a good thing–or something to that effect, lol. If it was on me, I’d have had to put my husband in a cab (because I’ve never driven by myself).

  3. Have mercy. Smoochy got the chicken pox the year we were first married – annulment crossed my mind more than once 🙂

    Hope Myron feels better soon. And that you say strong.

  4. Hope everything goes well. I do NOT allow, yes I said I don’t ALLOW Tony to get sick lol. I start medicating him at the FIRST sign of a sniffle, cough or sneeze lol.

  5. My husband just had surgery and it’s just like having a baby. I told him I was going to check into a hotel! lol

  6. Yes ma’am, definitely the first of many “sick hubby” stories. Hope the procedure goes well!

  7. Root canals are the best. I’d take one any day over a filling because when it’s done there is NO MORE PAIN! You still have pressure feelings and it takes some getting used to but NO MORE PAIN!

    The only thing that sucks is that it’s a three-step process: root canal, crown fitting, crown, and takes about 4-6 weeks to be completely done.

    I think I spent maybe $300 when I had a root canal last year and it was the best $300 I ever spent. NO MORE PAIN.

  8. Awwww, how sweet. The Lord created woman to be a helpmeet to man. You my dear, fit that role perfectly. Keep being my example.

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