Sweet Little Lies – Michele Grant

A younger man challenges a driven San Francisco career woman’s heart and mind in Grant’s sassy “he said/she said” romance. Cynical journalist Christina Brinsley’s dismal track record with men includes three broken engagements. Steven Williams, a sexy dreadlocked delivery man, tries and fails to convince her that he’s trustworthy. After witnessing Christina’s bitter breakup with her latest boyfriend, Steven reconnects with her, and they have a fling before he begins grad school at Columbia. Five years later, Steven’s a transportation science professor and Christina’s a Valiant News Network special correspondent investigating the misuse of funds earmarked for Project Mercury, a transportation research project connected to Steven’s foundation, Chi-Wind. Grant (Heard It All Before ) smoothly explores their passionate reunion as their burgeoning trust and affection are put to a serious test.

(from Barnes & Noble website)

What did you like about this book?

I LOVED that the main character, Christina was my age (37) and that she was involved with a younger man (32). This made her very relatable. She’d been through a few things, and had some bad life experiences that had scarred her but she still managed to push forward. She wasn’t some innocent, naïve person, like some characters in chick-lit or romance novels tend to be.  Christina was goal oriented, smart and driven, like many of the women I know in real life. She had a strong support in her family and friends and her character wasn’t written as being downtrodden and “woe is me”. And most importantly, she had her lightbulb moment where she became self-aware about her role and how it contributed to the demise of the relationships she’d previously been in. I always like books that have subplots that tie into the main storyline so working in the investigation into Steven’s foundation is a nice twist.

 What didn’t you like about the book?

There wasn’t much to dislike, but I thought the book could have used a little editing. The subplot about the budding romance between Christina’s friend Carey and Christina’s older brother could have been cut and would not have impacted the story at all.

What could the author do to improve this book?

I would have liked to get a little bit more backstory on Stephen but overall  it was a very enjoyable read. Women’s fiction/chick-lit isn’t my most favorite genre to read but I really liked this one. I especially like reading about characters that look like me and come from a similar background. This is definitely worth the read. You should also pick up Michele Grant’s first novel, Heard It All Before. It’s set in Dallas, in my home state of Texas!

(Editor’s Note: I am a frequent commenter and have been a guest blogger over at Michele’s site, Black n’ Bougie. That being said, if I didn’t like the book I would have said so, and she knows that too! LOL! So help her out, buy a book and get a great spring/summer read!)


One thought on “Sweet Little Lies – Michele Grant

  1. *chuckle* this is on my recommended reades from Amazon.. LOL Ok I’ll download it

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