Every Little Step

Nice crib.

We live in a 1500 sq ft, two bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse that I purchased in 2005. For a married couple with no children  it’s plenty of space. However for a married couple with a husband who likes to BBQ and is lobbying (quite hard I might add) for a dog, the lack of yard space is a real drag.  Our townhouse is 2 levels and has lots of closet space. But I have to admit, the stairs are fairly steep, and carrying laundry up and down them is not all that fun. In addition, there is the matter of the little tumble down the aforementioned stairs that I took back in 2009, where I dislocated my shoulder and still feel pain in my left knee to this day. :-/

We will be here for a few more years I think, but we will eventually buy a house with a yard, and get that dog that my other half has been wanting. But, I’m not so sure I’m so sold on wanting a 2 story house anymore. It seems that here in Texas, where we like to do EVERYTHING real big, that having a 2 story home is the rule and not the exception. When I did a search on Mr. Google, it seems a 2 level house is cheaper to construct because you build up as opposed to out which I found interesting. But for a smaller family like ours (we are hoping to have 1-2 kids), I’m not sure I want or need to take on a 2 story home and all the cleaning that comes with it.

What type of home do you have? If you are renting, are you even considering buying a home at some point? What’s your opinion on single story homes vs. two story homes???

Update: Found this link in today’s paper, evidently I’m not alone in my desires for a one story home.


28 thoughts on “Every Little Step

  1. My house is super tiny. Less than 900 square feet. And it’s two levels. So that means each level is less than 500 square feet. But it’s only two of us and an 8 pound dog. It’s not for everyone but we like it. Less space to heat and cool. Utilities are expensive yo! And it stops us from buying anything we don’t need; it just doesn’t fit. We’ve found living minimally works for us. But don’t get me wrong, I fantasize about having a huge home all the time.

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I’m so jealous. We’re living in the top floor of a 2fam that my Dad owns (yes, I pay him rent. More than other tenants too BTW). BUT it’s a 1bdrm and pretty tiny. We’re dying to move & have more space but real estate in our area is rediculous.

  3. We’re living in the house I had before we got married. It’s small (2bed, 1bath), but was good for a single gal. Not so good for a new hubs and step daughter.

    We’ll be looking soon.

  4. We have a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 story house. There is a bonus room over the garage that could be used as a 4th bedroom. All of our bedrooms are upstairs. I’m fine with it. A ranch would have to be very spread out to have all this space on one level. I would consider buying a ranch.

    The stairs aren’t fun, but they aren’t a problem for us now and we don’t have elderly guests.

    I grew up in ranch homes that only had 1 bathroom. Multiple bathrooms are a must for me.

  5. Pre Katrina we had a big house with a big yard, post Katrina we have a small house with a small yard. I miss the second bathroom and walk in closets but not having to use a tractor to mow the lawn. I’m to old and feeble now for a two story house an prefer a single level ranch with a small patio, shade trees and a place to watch the birds. God I’ve gotten boring *sigh*

  6. And, my laundry room is on the first floor and very convenient. So is the master bedroom. Me and my husband pretty much us the first floor as our “apt” and my son pretty much has the upstairs as his (but upstairs he can only occupy his room and the gameroom to keep clutter at a minimum). OK, I realize now, I really like living in a 2 story…there is always somewhere different I can go to and chill, write, read, entertain, or just do whatever I want. Love the backyard and looking out over the neighborhood too.

  7. I have a fairly large 2 story home and there are only 3 of us: my husband, my son, and me. My step kids come down for the summer so that’s why we purchased a 4 bdroom home, but I will tell you this: we don’t need all of this space! LOL We would have been fine in a large one story. I’ve walked through some newly constructed one stories in my hood and they would have been just fine.

    I like having stairs though. They are great exercise. I also like living in this big baby, so… it’s really up to how much you plan to entertain, how many kids you plan to have, how much you want to clean — because it’s a lot to clean!, etc.

  8. I grew up in a one-story house and hated it. I felt like I could never get away from my family. There was always someone prowling around and the television was always so loud and we weren’t allowed to hang out in the living room to get away from it. Ugh. Some of that might have had to do with the fact that the house was kind of small.

    Matt and I owned a 2400-sq.ft. three-story townhouse and recently sold that and bought a 2200 sq.ft. two-story single family home but it might as well be three stories since the laundry is in the basement. Oh well!

    The house is big and open and sits on a mostly-wooded acre, which is what we wanted. We have a long driveway, a huge deck, lots of yard, lots of trees. It’s exactly what we wanted.

    We aren’t planning to have kids but if we did we could have 1-2 in this house without feeling too confined. I also like waking up in the morning and looking out and over things. It makes me feel like I’m in the tree tops.

  9. I have a 3/2/2 Single story home.This is the 3rd house I have purchased and they have ALL been single story. I do like the look of 2 stories and enjoy visiting friends who have them, but I just never wanted one. I like everything accessible on the same floor. My parents are getting older & when they visit, I would not want them climbing stairs or my nieces and nephew falling down the stairs. Now I will say this, while visiting DC & ATL more than a few friends had basements that they turned into media, entertainment areas, which would be very nice for occasional use, parties, etc., but as you know we don’t have a lot of basements here in Texas.

  10. I live in 2 story condo with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths and I love it. Especially,because there is a downstairs bedroom with a bathroom which is a plus for when I have my parents visit or when I don’t feel like going up the stairs. I prefer a two story dwelling because I feel safer.

  11. 3 story townhome and I hate it. We come in the garage on the basement level. The front door leads to the main level so I have to climb stairs every time I go home. The good thing is, our laundry room is on the same level as the bedrooms.
    Hubs and I both want a ranch with a big yard.

  12. I grew up mostly in a 2 story, but the basement/garage made up the 1st story. All of the living area was on the same floor. When I was younger, the basement acted sort of like a play room for me, and I had hoped that when I got older it could become an entertainment area, or even my room.

    However, in high school we moved to a one-level. 3 people… 3 bedrooms… not a whole lot of space, but we had a huge backyard that nobody had time to use.

    When I was in undergrad, my mom moved into a 2 story split level (confusing, huh?) house with a basement apartment for my uncle. That house is fly, but I loved the home I grew up in.

    I think when I go house hunting, if I’m not attached in a marriage situation, I’ll be in the market for a condo. Not sure that as a single person I want all that comes with home ownership.

  13. I live in a rowhouse and I bought a rowhouse. I grew up in a two-story house. I don’t really like ranch-style homes because the windows are on ground level and I don’t want to sleep where someone could just step into the window and kill me. Put some work in and scale the side of the house or climb the stairs, hell. LOL!

    • And that is probably the only problem I have with my one story. I don’t like leaving the windows open unsupervised. Hell I looked out the window the other day and they is a cap and a pair of sunglasses laying in my back yard. Have no clue where they came from. I do have the community cable box in my back yard (Oh Tiffany, make sure you check for that too) and them jokers will jump my fence because they need to get to it if someone is having service issues.

  14. I grew up in a one story then moved to a two story when I was in middle school. It was a bad design and my bedroom was directly above my parent’s bedroom. I currently live in a one story with vaulted ceilings and a bonus room above the garage. That gives it a big look without having a true second story. My neighbors on both sides have the same style home as I do so that helps.

  15. I have a one story. Since my community was still growing, that became a problem, on the outside only. See they started building two stories on the street behind mine, so my neighbors can look into my back yard while chilling in their bedrooms. Not that they will see anything other than Apollo doing his business, it just bothers me that they can. What is the purpose of having a privacy fence if you have no privacy. Keep that in mind if you look into a community still being built or even decide to buy in a multi-level community. Go outside and look around to see who can see you.

  16. I have a two bedroom, one bath condo. Enough for me; although, I do wish I had a 1/2 bath for guests or another full bath. Everything else is good. Yeah…and more closet space.

    I like the look of two level homes; however, I’d want at least one bedroom on the ground floor with its own bathroom. A couple of friends in Alabama and Georgis have homes like this.

  17. I grew up in a ranch on a basement and I liked the fact there was space to hang out away from the bedrooms (so as to be away from and not disturb our parents).

    Right now, we’re in a two story on a basement and I like that we can entertain away from our personal space. The laundry room is upstairs with the bedrooms and that was a must have when we were searching for a house.

    We also made sure there’s a bedroom and bath on the main level so that parents or elderly family members won’t have to use the stairs. Our house is large for only two people but we like entertaining and hosting/housing family members over the holidays.

  18. We want a single story. I like looking at and visiting homes with stairs but I prefer to live on one level. If we do choose two levels we would surely move once we got older because I don’t want to be 80 climbing stairs in my home or staying on one level and hoping no one is living upstairs.

  19. Currently I am renting a 2 bedroom/1 bath with a large driveway and yard. I love it. I have been considering buying a house in the next 2 years or sooner. I am looking for a 5 bedroom/3 bath house or 4 bedroom/2 bath house that has to have a large yard. I have lived in both single story and two story homes. I want my house to have 2 stories.

  20. I love ranches. I was raised in one and I am currently living in one. Hubs and I lived in a 2 story townhouse for a year. I didn’t like it. We are looking for a new house now and I am pushing for a ranch but they are very difficult to find new. Most of the new homes are 2 stories because they take up less space. But I don’t want steps!

  21. We have a rancher and I love it. When we do decide to go a little bigger, our next home will definitely be a rancher as well. I wasn’t thinking about children when we purchased it, but now that our son is 2, I am so very grateful that we don’t have any steps or levels.

  22. I initially wanted a two story but got a great deal in my neighborhood of choice on a newly renovated property so I went with a ranch. I grew up in a 3-story brownstone and never thought much of it, but when I visit home now I notice my parents don’t manage those steps as easily as they used to so that’s definitely something to consider if you plan to stay there for a while.

  23. I have to admit that I LOVE big. But big is a lot of work. I drive a big SUV and have a big house, not huge but big. It’s two stories 4 bdrms, 4 baths,with a full basement. I married a man with 2 kids, we added 1 more kid, he has 6 siblings, and a gang of neices, nephews and cousins. I have a small immediate family, but I have a large extended family. We built this size house for a reason! Now that I’m nearly an empty nester and it will be just me and my Sweetheart, it is really too much. I have finally given myself a break and hired a cleaning crew. We like to entertain so this size house fits our needs for right now. But my next home just may be a split level.

    I’ve only lived in 2 story homes, so that’s my normal. I like to have the bedrooms on a different level than the living area.

    • added note: you can get a 2 story with the laudry room on the top floor. No more trekking up and down stairs with laundry!

  24. You’ve been to my home and know I have no stairs. Our next home will be built or purchased within the next two years and that will have no stairs either. I prefer single story simply because the townhouse that I leased as a single woman was once flooded by a pipe in the upstairs bathroom. Nearly everything on the first floor was ruined but luckily, the building’s owner had to assume responsibility. As a homeowner, I enjoy not having to worry about the potential flooding from a second floor bathroom.

  25. Two story – Don’t do it! Take it from me. I’ve grew up in a ranch house and bought a 2-story. It was cool at first, but if I can help it, I will never get another two story. The stairs get old after awhile – especially as you get older. They’re even more of a pain when you’re sick or God forbid you injure yourself (like my foot issues recently). Also think about any elderly that may be overnight visitors. Ranch is the way to go!!

    • How about having the master downstairs? That was a must for us and it works. I really would’t want to have to treck upstairs every time I wanted to go to my bedroom. Imagine the sleepy nights walking up stairs. Oh hell no! LOL

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