Boys And Their Toys

I fully admit that electronics are not my area of expertise. I’m somewhat gadgety in terms of liking a nice cell phone or camera but that’s about the extent of it. When were dating, Myron hooked up and paid for the  XM satellite in my car. I was fine with the radio and CDs.  He also hooked  my cell phone bluetooth up to the car as well. I don’t even think I knew I could do that at all.

When Myron moved in, he brought his flat screen TV. Soon after that he went out and bought a wireless router so I could cut the cord from the DSL and roam about the house with my laptop. I bought him an Xbox last Christmas and of course, now he has the Kinect.

However, ever since he moved in with me, he has had his beady little eye on my old school 36 inch Sony Trinitron TV.

Yessir! Old school!!

Yes, it has a tube. Yes, it is heavy than a mug (we had to move it upstairs when he brought the flat screen) and yes, it is old. But I DON’T CARE!!! It’s my TV and there is nothing wrong with it. It works, it hooks up to the Uverse so I can see the Food Network and that’s all I need to it to do. I don’t see the point of spending money on a new TV when the one we have works perfectly fine. He’s just hating on that Sony LONGEVITY!! And while ya’ll are playing, I have a 19 incher  in the guest bedroom on the floor that works too. I ain’t giving that one up either. *shrugs*

We have perfectly good technology that works, why should I toss it?? Hmph.

There wasn’t really a point to this post, but all I know is my husband better leave me alone behind my damn television!!! LOL! He is always trying to come in and get rid of people’s stuff…..

Who else has a husband or S/O just like mine????


18 thoughts on “Boys And Their Toys

  1. Meee! To me, tv is tv. My husband likes this feature and that feature but all I need is a screen! I love gadgets but tv? I’m quite basic.

  2. ROFLOL! We have an OLD 32 inch in the bedroom that Tony has been trying to get rid of FOREVER lol.

  3. Raising my hand! I have the same husband like yours with big pipe dreams of replacing perfectly good, working TV’s! I had the flat screen when we got married and I only had it because I got the hook up and only after someone stole my box TV from a storage unit. And then I bought another flat screen for the kitchen with a gift card I received from my co-workers as a wedding gift, but only because my little kitchen TV was struck by lightning. For Christmas last year (2009), my husband treated himself to a flat screen for the bedroom, although we had a perfectly good Sony tube TV. Now he is talking about replacing the guest room TV’s with flat screens, what the hell for?! WE don’t have company like that! It ain’t going down Mister, I’m so sorry! I’ve had one of my tube TV’s for 15 years and it’s still going strong!

  4. My husband is worse. When he moved in he brought 2 flat screens. I already had two: a 42 inch and a 32 inch in the bedroom. He moved my bedroom one to the office and replaced it with one of his big TVs and the other big one went in the workout room. We’re set, right? NOOOO, my hubby is lusting over a 1080p because the picture is SOOOO much better. It’s not gonna happen.

    He swears up and down that I’m going to want a 1080p when I see it. And I thought he knew me well….

    I did compromise and say if he could sell one of ours (well not my big one) and find a 1080p for what we got, he could get one. I guess it’s not a compromise because I know that’s not gonna happen.

  5. I don’t get getting rid of a tv with a perfect picture. Especially if you replace it with a flat screen that’s not properly installed. I sold my 19 inch for 10 bucks only because I didn’t have a need for it.

  6. I have a box tv in the guest bedroom. I’m not really into electronics – I still have VHS movies I watch on my VCR. Of course, the BF thinks I’m crazy about keeping box tv’s and VCRs, but hey, they work perfectly fine. 🙂

  7. LMAO OMG I have a 36inch that still works and in my bedroom!!! only reason why it’s on the floor is because I won a flat screen in a damn giveaway!!! Now he is trying to get me to give it to good will.. HELL NAH!!! It can go in my sons room LOL

  8. That Tube Must Go!!!! *in my Egyptian voice*

  9. **HAND RAISED**

    Al is trying his best to get rid of my 2, 26 inchers. HMPH! They still work just fine, why should we throw away a perfectly good big box TV???!!! LOL

  10. Can’t help you on this one. In this situation, I’m the Myron. That TV would be so GONE!

  11. Girl, I care so little about TVs that every one I’ve ever had my daddy bought me. I’m still watching two of those right now. Shoot.

    Mr. SLS kept talking about some great big flat screen something taking up half a wall in our house and I cut that conversation short. But he has said that as soon as I move my ass out he is gettin’ that TV. LOL!

  12. Unless someone else is buying me a flat screen TV, I’m keeping my ‘tube’ ones. As everyone else has stated, they work just fine for me. No need to spend money on an upgrade.

  13. I have three box TVs. LOL. They all work so no need to upgrade.

  14. Ma’am, you are not alone! All we had were box TVs and Smoochy has been praying for their deaths – one by one. I refuse to spend good money on a television – or anything else – when we’ve got a perfectly good one that just happens to be a little older than he would like.

    He just loves technology – mostly TVs and stereo equipment. Ask me if we have ever used the mini-disc player he insisted we had to have… o_0

  15. I have a 19 inch box tv in my bedroom and I am secretly hoping it will die so I can upgrade. That tv is close to 20 years old and showing no signs of dying.

  16. Ha! I have an old skool 19 inch tv in my room that’s 15 years old. I’m keeping it until it breaks. I am however giving up my 24″ inch Sony for a flat screen. I thought about the “it ain’t broke” situation but darnit it’s 2011 and I’m still working with this big old 200 pound tv.

  17. LOL, I LOVE it! I, too, have two “box” TVs and everyone is telling me I need to upgrade. For what? Both TVs work perfectly fine. They’re just hatin’! 🙂

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