Why Being Married Rocks #4510875663

No, I did not give my baby the HAND!!

Being married rocks because:

When you are irritated by something your husband does and you tell him so while hollering down the stairs and he stands at the bottom of the stairs and hollers back up at you that you are trying to start an argument over something crazy and to go rest your nerves somewhere. So you do and put on your pajamas and stand at the top of the stairs as he is about to go outside and tell him to wait on you. So he waits for you and when you get to the bottom of the stairs you hold out your arms like a big old baby and he bursts into laughter and gives you a hug and a kiss. And he tells you to go take a nap. LMAO!!!!!!

That’s why being married rocks.


11 thoughts on “Why Being Married Rocks #4510875663

  1. Yes! I always tell my husband that I’m the raging sea and he’s a seawall. Some guys will bitch right up with you… not our MEN! LOL

  2. You two make married life look wonderful !

  3. That’s so sweet Tiffany! You two are so cute! Rock on!!!!!!

  4. I was almost frightened at the pajama part. I wasn’t quite sure where you were going with it. 🙂

  5. Husbands were made for those types of moments…You two are tooo cute 🙂

  6. That story made me smile. 🙂

  7. See I told you there would be plenty of newlywed blog fodder. LOL.

  8. I laughed at that story. I mean, I laughed out loud at that because I could picture it vividly and I could so see myself doing the same thing and Mister reacting the same way.

    If I’m ever in Houston, I’m coming your way to see you two in action. Ya’ll really should take this show on the road! Lol.

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