Odds And Ends: The Friday Edition

  • This Friday did not start out so great. I thought it was going to be cold but it isn’t so I had to totally change my outfit, which made us late, so I had to drop hubs off first and I got stuck in traffic. I got to work at 9AM. We were already going to be late so we said eff it and got kolaches and donuts.
  • I left my OJ in the car. I’m not walking all the way back out to the parking lot to get it either.
  • Shout out to hubs for listening to my tirade on the drive in. I feel like a stuffed sausgae in this top I have on. I’m tired of being on team chunk. It’s time to do something about this FOR REAL.
  • I’m trife cause I got here at 9AM and I am going to lunch at 11AM with our admin because she’s rolling off our project and moving to a new role. And I drove so I’m probably leaving early. Oh well.
  • Speaking of  that, Corporate America is so shady and fraud. Management did my admin dirty, essentially forcing her out of her job. But what folks mean for bad, God turns into good: my admin got a raise and is moving to a better department with a job more related to her previous experience. Score!
  • I hate when I read a book and it’s one of a series of books because now I am want to go back and start reading them from the beginning. But I already have 80 something books on my Nook that I haven’t read yet. What’s a book hoarder to do???
  • It’s been a rough week relationship-wise for 2 very good friends. My heart hurts for them but I don’t want them to give up. There is someone out there especially suited just for them. If you give up hoping, then what do you have???
  • I have had a broken nail all week. That is clearly not acceptable but I’ve been exhausted and haven’t managed to get to the nail shop. That shall be rectified post haste.
  • Thank the sweet little baby Jesus for the creamy crack. I’ve been ponytailing it all week.
  • I am seriously about to start circulating my resume. There is stuff that is happening at my plantation that doesn’t directly affect me, but makes me uncomfortable.
  • Barack Obama has major presidential swag.
  • Michelle Bachmann is batshit crazy. I’m glad I don’t live in Minnesota anymore.
  • After a few weekends of sitting at home, hubs and I have some weekend activities on deck. Yasssss!
  • We’re going to Dallas to hang with friends for the Super Bowl next weekend. After that hubs will be in the corner, rocking quietly and mumbling to himself because football season will be over. LOL!!!
  • What’s going on random with you????????????????

8 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Friday Edition

  1. I need to get over here more often.

    Truth to watch for shady stuff happening around you. Some is happening here on my project and on my home team. I gotta keep an eye in the back of my head and on both sides too! I hate that and need to polish up my resume. Ya nevah know!

  2. Girl, let me tell you just. one. thing. If I could go to my old stomping grounds (H-town) for just five minutes.

    I would, without a doubt, go and cop me some kolaches!!! Breakfast ones with egg, sausage, and cheese!!! Mmmmmmm!!

  3. Took the day off to spend with my sweetie for his birthday.

    That means I missed all the drama at work surrounding someone we let go.

    Really needs a visit from the creamy crack fairy.

    Apollo needs to get a mani/pedi some kinda bad.

    Really needs to finish my client’s year end financials.

    Really, really want some Oreos. LOL

  4. Cannot understand how Michelle Bachmann is still in office. She’s a throwback to the 30s when Hitler and the German Workers Party began their rise to power.

    All I know is that I’m happy today is Friday. I’m looking forward to getting off of work and … doing nothing.

    Have a good weekend, Tiffany!

  5. *I know exactly what you mean about being a “book hoarder”. I have so many I don’t even know where to start, LOL! *I also hate I came in to work today. One of my coworkers has me wanting to slap the ish out of her so hard that her teeth rattle*leaving here in about 10 minutes picking up my kid and heading home!

  6. Go Saditty GO!!!

    Going to Austin tomorrow to hang with a new girlfriend for a belated birthday celebration

    I’m sick. I want to rip my throat and nose out of its sockets currently

    I can post on your site from work….today! LOL

    And LMAO at Big Mack rocking in a corner after the season over!

  7. ~What’s a kolach? Kolache?
    ~I want a donut so bad I could cry. Two more days and this fast is over!
    ~I started exercising again yesterday – I’ll be 30 day shredding it for the next 90 days. Sigh. Join me?
    ~The Super Bowl should be great. Have fun in Dallas. Go Steelers!
    ~My house is a wreck. A damn shame of a wreck. My weekend fun will consist of quality time with the duster and the mop. Feel my joy.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. LOL! Random but all highly important items for
    a woman!
    -My truck will be out of the hospital on Thursday! Yeeeeah!
    -Locked myself out of the house this morning and had to climb thru a window…I feel like the burglar on The Sims!
    -for the first time since I was a Pre-teen, I put on a size 14 (no stretch involved)….no laying down and struggling to button and zip. That felt better than any food tastes!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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