Art Imitating Life

Since getting my NookColor, I’ve been steeping up on my reading game quite a bit. One of my favorite genres is thriller/suspense. There are a lot of great authors in this category and I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon an author of color who writes in a genre I love. His name is Brandon Massey and his latest book is called Covenant.

In Covenant, we meet  Anthony Thorne, a young boy who witnessed a terrifyingly, violent act of crime against his father while  they were on a fishing expedition. Thorne’s life is forever changed and now 15 years later, he has kept that built up hurt and rage hidden in his soul. His father’s death torments him constantly.

One day, on  the anniversary of his father’s death, a member of a highly powerful organized group that seeks to control everything from the media to the highest levels of politics contacts Thorne and gives him a highlighted Bible that contains a coded secret that pertains to the tragic death of his father. It seems that Thorne is the person qualified to decode the secret and on top of that, he is the next in line to be assassinated and has to play a game of cat and mouse to survive. Thorne, his wife and his good friend Mike, a fellow ex-Marine, team up and go in pursuit to try to unravel the truth to the murder of Thorne’s father. The twist and shocker is WHO is behind the murder. Let’s just say it it involves a charismatic leader who has a terrible secret to hide. It will definitely bring to mind some of the of the mega-church scandals of present day. If you are a conspiracy theorist who thinks that Big Brother is watching, then how Massey ties in society’s dependency on technology will definitely intrigue you.

Covenant by Brandon Massey is a suspense thriller, an eye-opener, and a shocker all rolled into one great big novel that will have the reader looking at the  leaders of today’s church with an raised eyebrow. The character development was well thought out and carefully constructed. The storyline is mesmerizing and believable. Brandon Massey brought out some real issues to think about.

If you like a suspenseful story with a technological twist, you’ll enjoy this book.

Barnes & Noble Link (also available as a NookBook)

Amazon Link (also available as a Kindle book)


6 thoughts on “Art Imitating Life

  1. LOVE him! Have you read “The Other Brother?” Amazon recommended his books to me because I’ve read all of Tananarive Due’s AND the Cassanegra series. I’m going to try Octavia Butler next.

  2. I might have to give him another try! I read “Thunderland” and didn’t care for it much but this book seems to take a different direction.

    Check out Tananarive Due for thrillers/suspense as well. The “Casanegra” series with Blair Underwood is more straight up mystery Walter Mosely type stuff but still good. Her own books are spookier. “The Good House” and “The Between” are my favorites!

  3. I do like Brandon Massey! More people of color need to write (good) suspense, horror, and thrillers! It seems like the bulk of us are writing drama books that get old.

    Putting this one on the list!

  4. Sounds like a great book. I’ll add it to my evergrowing list lol.

  5. Sounds very thrilling. Placing this one on my list.

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