Teena Marie, Remembered…

We will miss you, Lady T.

Great words by Ta-Nehesi Coates from the Atlantic.com on her passing. Go take a look.


4 thoughts on “Teena Marie, Remembered…

  1. This is one of my favorite pics of her. I followed her on twitter and you could tell she was speaking from the heart. She will be missed but the soul stirring music will live on.

  2. Artist like Teena and Chaka are my contemporaries. I followed their careers from day one. We aren’t far apart in age and so I always felt like I knew what they were going through and signing about. I’m still having a hard time with her passing.

  3. She was someone that I had hoped to see perform live when I could appreciate her music (I saw her with New Edition when I was 6 but I was too young to be into her)

  4. That’s a pretty pic of her. She’s been a trending topic on Twitter for the last couple of days, which is saying a lot. That’s the entire WORLD! Homegirl could sing!

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