Odds And Ends: The Not Much To Do At Work Edition

  • Christmas was really good. Hubs got me good with the gifts. He gave me 2 CDs at our house on Christmas Day and I thought that is all I was getting. I cussed him out in my mind but was very gracious in real life.  All my presents were at my parents house. Can you say hoodwinked??
  • We did Christmas Day at my parents and the day after Christmas at his folks. Our niece, Loren also got christened that day as well so we were all beaming and proud.
  • Have ya’ll read THIS? How much expectation of privacy should people have in a marriage? I’m not sure if snooping should get you a felony record and 5 years in the pen.
  • I was in the cafeteria this morning at work and saw a chick with an unfortunate body shape. I thought to myself: “I may be fat but at least I’m not bad built and misshapen!” #takewhatyoucanget
  • I have on a pair of the boots that I went to war on Twitter with JCPenney over. It was worth it. Twitter is a BEAST.
  • Do you do New Years resolutions? I think they are getting overrated. I do have some personal goals that I have in mind for me and Myron though.
  • I don’t watch much TV anymore, I am noticing. Since 24 (*sobs*) went off the air, I live on the internet. The only thing I watch regularly is Criminal Minds. They moved CSI:Miami to Sunday nights which was a FAIL because if the football game runs over it pushes the schedule back and I can’t DVR it properly. I haven’t watched L&O:SVU since they moved it to the same time as Criminal Minds. So, I just bullshit all my time away on Facebook.
  • After this sorority year (which ends in June 2011), I am taking a break. I am going to remain financial but I am not going to be on any committees or serve in an officer capacity. I want to be with my husband and try to make this baby.
  • We are trying for babies right now. We are too old to wait. More on that later.
  • What did you get for Christmas?
  • Dear Mid-West and East Coast: Ya’ll might clown the Gulf Coast for having hurricanes, but ya’ll can HAVE that snow. Love, TIH
  • You may now add e-book hoarder to the every growing list of titles I have. I have 50 books downloaded already. I have 5GBs of space to fill up. Plus I can add up to 32GB via a SD card. Pray for me.
  • Last but certainly not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to Jurista from The Weight of What Is Real for her Secret Santa gift. She got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and thus has helped to contribute to my hoarding! Thanks lady! 🙂

That’s all I got. What’s going on random with you????


10 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Not Much To Do At Work Edition

  1. WOOHOOOOO to baby making!!!!!

    The DMV didn’t get any real snow. That was our Christmas present from Mother Nature.

  2. OHHHHH babies babies everywhere!!! *sprinkling baby dust on y’all!!*

    Are you READING the books or just in love with downloading them? LOL I don’t think Jaelyn has added any to hers yet. It came with 100 lol

  3. I was loving the randoms til I saw that note to us East Coasters lol…then I saw the baby making news and I’m smiling again. Currntly snowed in and thanks for giving me some randoms to lessen the pain ha.

  4. Tiffany, after your post on the Nook Color I ran out and got it. How are you getting free books on it?

    • @Magnolia: Some of the books I have paid for but for free books try these things:
      1) Do a search on the Shop tab for free books by typing $0.00 books or $0.00 ___(book genre)
      2)Follow Inkmesh on twitter @inkmesh and like them on FB, they sell e-books but also feature a lot of free ones too.
      3) Like the nook fanpage on FB, there is a free book every Friday and sometimes authors will list free e-books too. Plus it’s a good place to get your questions answered about the device.
      4) Smashwords.com sells e-books and features e-books too.
      5) nookdeals.blogspot.com – lists deals on freebies or low cost books almost daily
      6) nookboards.com – general nook discussion but sometimes authors pop in

      Hope this helps!!

  5. oops…Netflix. LOL

  6. *I don’t have any New Years resolutions, but Dr. B and I do have some financial goals.
    *I feel you on the e-books. I love how convenient they are. Before a trip I download a few to my iPad and away I go. I should own stock in Amazon.
    *My Christmas presents were no surprise. I actually gave D. B a list of five combinations of items that I wanted, most of it David Yurman jewelry. In the end he just took me with him to pick out what I wanted 🙂 I got a wheat chain necklace, cable link bracelet, and ring. He has created a David Yurman monster. LOL!
    *I love Law and Order, Criminal Intent. I like SVU, but Detective Stabler gets on my nerves. We have the DVR programmed to record both.
    *You should subscribe to Hulu Plus and Netflix, so you won’t miss any of your shows, and you can watch them online as you surf Facebook.

  7. Start researching preschools now! I thought people were being extreme but now that I am in it, I know I started late. My daughter is only 2 and we are late. That’s my random- nursery school has consumed us.

  8. WOO HOO @ I want to be with my husband and try to make this baby. Sending good vibes and prayers your way!
    Um, yeah, I’m gonna need you to step away from the downloads. *lol* When are you gonna read all those books?

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