Painted Lady

I was in Target last Friday to pick up some items and try to do a little Christmas shopping for my niece and nephew and I happened upon these little beauties:

Pucker up!

The eyes have it!

I know you see the price tags on them right?? Well can you tell me why I took the time to take pictures of them with my phone and then left them sitting there, at that price? Yeah, I don’t know either.

My sorority sister who does freelance make-up (and also did my wedding make-up) told me that ELF was an excellent store brand and rivals MAC in their pigmentation. Plus she said if you are experimenting with products, it’s cheap. If you don’t like it, toss it and you aren’t out a lot of money.

 I knew I really shouldn’t have passed it up when my twitter friends MrsSaddity and Adrienne were talking about how they purchased the palettes as well. So I went back to Target last night and got both of them plus a 3-pack of lip glosses for a grand total of 13 bucks plus tax. The lip palette should be no problem for me to mess around with. It’s the eye palette that I really don’t know what to do with.

You see, I don’t wear any eye make up other than some eyeliner on my bottom lids. I never really wore eye makeup because I wear glasses all the time and I am nearsighted. I thought it would make me look funny.

But I want a little more pop around the eye area! I don’t want to look so washed out. I don’t want any new make up routine to take forever to do in the morning, either.

I know I have some divas out there who can point me in the right directions of YouTube videos or giving me some pointers. Help your girl out!!!


11 thoughts on “Painted Lady

  1. I love ELF and my daughter does too.. they are perfect for trying color and then graduating to the big girl lines IF you have that budget LOL.. I stumbled upon them while getting competition makeup for my daughter a few years ago.. they are actually still on sale at my local target too..

  2. Here are a few links I have bookmarked, specifically about eye makeup and glasses.

    There’s probably more information out there. I have astigmatism so my glasses make my eyes look smaller. I try to use makeup to make them “pop.”

  3. Oh you fancy huh?

  4. I would definitely use a primer…works like MAGIC. If you don’t want to invest in a primer just yet, concealer on the lids works just fine. Youtube videos are great. MAC also gives classes. Practice however is the best thing.

  5. This is one of my favorite things! I’m subscribed to a LOT of makeup youtubers. Some of my favorites are:

    I’ll stop there (my obsession is starting to show) but let me know if you need other recs.

  6. I stink at putting on makeup. I usually curl my lashes throw on some mascara & that’s it. I’ve watched a couple you tube videos but mine never turns out the same. I have used a couple of the tutorials from the Kevin Aucoin site. The first one I played with was his smokey eye. I’ll admit I felt a little stupid in front of my bathroom mirror playing with makeup and following the step by step instructions I printed out but the final result was pretty good – esp considering I have no idea what I’m doing. LOL Check out his site here:

  7. I could point you to youtubers but honestly I don’t watch them. I learned to do what I like by sitting in the mirror practicing. I knew what looks I wanted and I’d go to the MAC counter and ask them to show me how to get that look. They’d walk me thru it slowly and then I’d go home and try to replicate it. Practice makes perfect. So maybe start with finding an eye lookthat you want first.

  8. Brave girl! I too, wear glasses and have never bothered with makeup either. It always leaves me feeling too decorated.

    When you figure it out, post some pictures, pretty lady!

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