Odds And Ends: The Cold Monday Morning Edition

  • I recieved a response from JCPennney on Twitter and I followed up with an email. They still have the boots in stock and will ship them to the nearest store. YAY!!!!
  • Can someone explain to me why my RIGHT side bra strap constantly falls down. I have the right cup size and the band is not tight but this strap falls down all day and I have to keep yanking it back up. The left side is just fine. *sigh*
  • I cannot stand black folks who talk down on HBCUs and then send their kids there. I don’t really get it. Your kid coulda went to State U and would not have been missed at all.
  • Congrats to my husband’s alma mater, Texas Southern University, for winning the 2010 SWAC Conference Football Title!! He played all 4 years on a football scholarship there. Congrats sweetie!
  • As a reminder, MY alma mater, Prairie View A&M University was the 2009 SWAC Conference winner. LOL!!
  • Ice cold Tropicana Grape juice in the morning is EVERY SINGLE THING.
  • I should have picked those ELF lip and eye palettes from Target when I was in there this past Friday. I hope they have some left. They were $5 a piece!!
  • I still have more Christmas shopping to do. My husband has informed me that he will be no help in this department. *deep long sigh*
  • I have on new shoes this morning. They are cute AND comfortable. I love my 4 inch platforms but they are murder on the feet.
  • I hate Houston’s schizo weather. It was 70 degrees on Saturday. It was 36 degrees this morning.
  • I suppose it could be worse, I could live in Minneapolis. I am SO glad I don’t live THERE anymore.

What’s going on random with you??


9 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Cold Monday Morning Edition

  1. One boob bigger than the other?

  2. Um, Tiffany. I’m sorry for this point of order, but the Golden Tigers of Tuskegee University beat both TSU and Alabama State (the competitors for the SWAC title) at football this season, thus by default making us the “real” SWAC champions even though we are in the smaller SIAC. So says Tiger nation, so said the commentator on ESPN after we whipped Alabama State at the Turkey Day Classic. I had this conversation with a 1997 TSU football player and he looked it up because he didn’t believe me. I hate to start an HBCU war up in here since “the blacker the college…” and all, but right is right. LOL.

  3. “TSU a shining star and we’re proud of what you are…TSU, TSU we LOVE you!” (I learned that song from my grandmother)

  4. Even when adjust the straps it falls? My guess is one is bigger than the other and its just more noticeable in that particular style of bra. My Thelma is bigger than my Louise

  5. YAY for JCPenny finally making it right 🙂 Oh & real hard side eye for Myron – tell him to help you out!

  6. Dr. B and I in Houston for a couple of days 🙂 What’s a good restaurant for dinner? Were staying near the Galleria.

  7. You might want to have your spine checked. When I stand straight (or so it seems), one pants leg is slightly higher than the other. My spine is not completely straight. Drove my platoon commanders crazy in the military. They would come over and grab me by the shoulders and tilt me the other way. LOL. But seriously, get that checked.

    • I was going to say that maybe one shoulder is higher than the other. I think about that sometimes as I only carry my purse and most bags on my right shoulder.

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