Big Game Hunters

I guess I'm that rhino there..just waiting to be caught! o_O

Hubs and I went for a drink after work on Friday. There is a dive bar, about 10 minutes from the house that we go to called Nick’s Place. Nick’s Place isn’t much to look at on the inside, but has cheap good drinks and surprisingly good food. (I recommend the fish tacos and the calzone.) THey also have the computerized bar games that hubs likes to play. I kicked his ass in Skeeball this time!

So while we were hanging out, I decided to give my friend A a call to come and hang out. A and her boyfriend T, had just gotten home from Lowe’s but made  the trek from Fresno to come and hang out with us in the city.

We started out at the bar listening to T’s tales of horror from working at the nursing home. (He’s in nursing school and working at the home is part of his clinical training.) Let’s just say I learned more about anal fissures and geriatric orgasms than I EVER want to hear about again in life!

But I digress..

We moved to a table and started talking about relationships. More specifically, we talked about how men are totally oblivious to other women trying to holla at them, even when the chicks are blantant with it. A talked about how women who never paid a man attention before, will suddenly be all in his face when they find out that man has a girlfriend. I talked about how almost every time Myron goes to the store some chick is skinning and grinning in his face or lowkey trying to holla. And both A and I were simply amazed that these grown ass men were seemingly clueless about it all.

So here was the guys theory: When a man is on the hunt, his senses are at an all time high and he’s in big game hunting mode so he is quick to notice w hen there is interest from the opposite sex. However, when the hunter has caught his prey (o_O) and is satisfied, then the hunt is over and the senses become dulled. (So, chicks are prey now?? LOL!)

A and I collectively gave them both a deep long sigh and rolled our eyes. The discussion then descended into a noisy, slightly drunken debate which didn’t end until we wrapped up our night around 11PM.

But that friendly, spirited discussion led to today’s blog post. What say you about the guys theory?? Do you think it’s some BS?? Or are there some grains of truth in there??

Holla at me in the comments.


14 thoughts on “Big Game Hunters

  1. I think it depends on the man. If he’s observant and intouch with his emotions blah blah blah then yes, he will notice. But if he’s just a regular dude, interested in sports and “man stuff” he might be oblivious. Sometimes he’s just so unattracted to a female that he ignores her and he may as well be oblivious. An unattractive woman can drop her drawers in my husband’s face (this ALMOST literally happened one time), but unless she’s cute HE DOESN’T EVEN SEE HER. LOL

  2. I couldn’t get pass dinner and fissures! Lol

  3. Hmm, I’m not a man, but I don’t think they’re oblivious. Maybe they miss the really, really subtle ladies. But the others? Nah. If they are committed, then they smile slightly and ACT oblivious because if they had good sense, they know this is trouble brewing. But, nah, I think they notice.

  4. I don’t believe men are unknowing. They may choose to act unknowing. Perhaps the women who are making plays aren’t attractive to them so they ignore it and forget about it. Perhaps they don’t want to deal with the wife asking about
    their non reaction.

    When my husband is out with the kids women
    get super aggressive. Fortunately he does not pretend he is blind because I don’t mind ladies checking him out but i do mind him pretending he did not notice or appreciate the attention. It’s okay to want to be appealing to others.

  5. OMG! I had a similar discussion with Old Dude…I think there is definately something to it. He’s clueless and says I’m overthinking it, they are just being “friendly”. I had to explain to him that now that he’s married, he’s giving off a bit more swag and confidence that he didn’t have when he was (to use your term) on the hunt. He’s smiling more and well fed and, might I add, I’ve helped to elevate his fashion and cologne game so yeah, the bees be buzzing around a bit more. LOL

  6. LOL ! This is so on point. As a matter of fact me and M have a running joke that he can no longer go to Wal-mart without and escort ! Chicks stay grinning and winking in his face, when I am standing right there. We laugh about it sometimes right in their faces. He PLAYS like he is oblivious to it, but we both know he’s not.

  7. I wish I had a dollar for each time I’ve been told of a woman’s interest to whom I was oblivious completely.

    There’s no one size fits all reason for why men miss what seems to be obvious but here’s what I think:

    Mature men assume that women who are friendly/outgoing are simply cool and don’t believe that a smile and a , ‘Hi,’ means she’s interested. For my part, I don’t want to be accused of being arrogant in thinking that anytime a woman is friendly it’s because she wants to get to know me better.

    In the end, if you’re interested, say so.

    And he ARRIVES, in grand fashion! Thanks for commenting sir and I hope you will stick around.

  8. Just metaphors, you are not prey…….But hey you are caught anyway so *Kany shrug*

  9. I LOVE Nicks and thank you again for taking us there. But I digress!
    I feel that the men are absolutely right and that the same goes for women!

  10. It is so ironic that you posted this! Michael and I were having this same discussion a few nights ago. He admitted that as a man, he (and most men) are NOT oblivious to those advances. He also admitted that sometimes you just need to know you still got it even though he’s not going to return them.

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