Odds And Ends: Thursday Edition

Hey ya’ll. I don’t have much to blog about, which is why I haven’t been blogging. Plus I’ve been mad busy in the office for the past few days and tired when I get home, so I have been negligent to you, the loyal commenters….LOL!!

It’s that’s time of the year where folks want to gather for the holidays so the husband and I are gearing up for that. We went to my firm’s holiday happy hour this past Tuesday and the Rockets-Lakers game last night. The plantation that I contract at is having their holiday party on Friday night and my sorority chapter is having their Christmas dance Saturday. I am exhausted already.

I’m enjoying my new NookColor.  I joined the Nook FB page and some other Nook related boards to find about free e-books and just generally connect with other Nook users. What is hilarious is how SERIOUSLY folks take this shit. Folks are all on the page getting snippy and having attitude about a damn gadget!!! My friend and fellow commenter to this here blog, Carla told me folks get rowdy rowdy but I didn’t really believe her. I’m going to need some of those folks to get off that e-reader and get a little thing called a life. Lord knows I can’t stand an e-thug.

That’s really all I got for today. Drop some randomness in the comments. Or tell me what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas. I can try to get a connection to him, but I ain’t making no promises! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Thursday Edition

  1. Keeping it real…I want a powerwasher for Christmas #Don’tJudgeMeILikeClean

  2. I know how you feel I’m worn out by the holidays already. I’m still trying to decide if I want to put a tree up.

  3. Man these holidays will wear you out !

    I can’t believe how rowdy it gets on these E-streets ! LOL
    I love it but sometimes I think the internet is the devil 🙂

    I really want a Nook too, but I will settle for whatever Santa brings cause I have been very good this year 🙂

  4. “Lord knows I can’t stand an e-thug”

    You know you can turn a phrase!LOL!

    Oh yeah, can santa bring me a housekeeper that won’t judge?

  5. I love having something to do every weekend, but Holiday time takes that to a new level. I’m booked all the way through New Years Day.

    I really don’t want musch this year. A new TV for the family room, a really nice robe, transplant surgery, hardwood floors for the first floor, new carpet for the bedrooms, a 2011 Escalade. Not too much..

    Can you use your connect and holla at Santa for me? Thanking you in advance. 🙂

  6. Dear Santa (via TIH),

    I need that lotto hookup so I can stop asking you for sh*t and buy it myself.


    AR Gal

    p.s. Don’t try that coal mess with me no more.

  7. You’ve gotta blog though! It’s the 2nd Annual Secret Blogger Christmas!

    Next time you email Santa (cuz you know he’s got it) I’d like a griddle, an electric blanket and socks that don’t play.

  8. I haven’t been blogging much either. Plantation woes and illness had me down, but I’m glad to be back. And, Ms. Santa…I’d also like a Nook and/or an iPod Touch 64 gig, please.

  9. I would like a flip camera so I can start making hair videos for youtube. I’d also like a MAC giftcard! Thanks!

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