I Pulled The Trigger..

..and moved into the NookHood! LOL!!!

In the box!

All lit up!

I got the NookColor from Barnes and Noble on Sunday. I’d been doing my research all week and decided while we were out and about to stop at the local Barnes and Noble and play around with the display model and then make a decision from there.

SIDE NOTE: So we go into the B&N and walk up to the Nook display, right?? I reach for the display model to cut it on and try out the features but I am CUT OFF from touching the Nook by the greedy hands of my husband!! The whole time the B&N sales guy is explaining the features of of the Nook, my husband will NOT LET ME TOUCH THE NOOK, ya’ll?? Can you say gadget hog??? *deep long sigh*

At any rate, I am pretty much sold on the features of the NookColor as compared to a Kindle. It’s full color, has a fully functional web broswer, it’s an e-reader, has Pandora, chess, soduko, and a crossword puzzle built in.  You can upload music and photos. It comes with 8GB of memory and you can load a Micro SD card with more memory. To me, it is right between being an e-reader and a tablet and I’m OK with that for what I want to do with it. It’s Wi-Fi so there is no cellular contract that you would need to purchase (unlike the iPad 3G).

It runs on Android software and while it cannot connect to the Android Marketplace like you can on your cell phone, Barnes and Noble is developing a Nook App store to be launched early in 2011.

These are just my initial impressions of course, and I would definitely suggest anyone do their research on this because at $250 for the NookColor, it isn’t a cheap gadget. But I am pleased with my purchase and think that with further software updates this will be a fun little toy to have around.

Following are a couple of links for your information:

CNET Review of the NookColor

CNET Comparison of the Kindle vs. iPad vs. Nook

9 thoughts on “I Pulled The Trigger..

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  2. Hey TIH, I love it! I was out on black Friday looking for some other stuff and ended up buying a pandigital novel but I’m “saving” it for Christmas, lol. It was about $100 less than the nook but according to the reviews its pretty awesome. I’ll let you know.

  3. Ooh I love an early Christmas gift to yourself 🙂

  4. WhoooHooo. Welcome to the nookhood. Learn to swipe to turn your pages.

  5. The color screen looks great!

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