To E-Read Or Not

I know that my dear commenters cbean and Babs have the Nook e-reader.  The Kindle seems to be pretty hot in the streets too. I love to read and have a stack of books to be read on the side of the bed. I’m wondering that if I had an e-reader would I be inclined to read more and stay off my laptop wasting endless hours on Facebook. The prices are looking right because of the holiday season but I haven’t fully decided to pull the trigger on one just yet.

Do have an e-reader? What do you like and dislike about it? Are you reading more?? Or was it just a waste of your money??


13 thoughts on “To E-Read Or Not

  1. I really wanted a Kindle but Dee brought home an iPad and I have not put it down since. I find that my reading has picked up more since I can purchase straight from the device.

  2. TIH, I don’t have an e-reader because I like the actual feel of a book.

    I just saw a commercial for the Kindle that says if you purchase books/apps for your Kindle you can also access them from Apple, Droid and Blackberry products. That’s a major selling point!

    If you choose to get one, please do a review.

    • misdoscentavos, just about all e-readers have mobile applications that can be downloaded for free. But I agree with you, everyone should research any major electronic gadget before they purchase.

      • I think its hilarious that they are promoting it as a feature. If I had an ipad, I would probably download the Kindle app as well as the Nook app because sometimes the books are priced differently. But everyone has an app that can be accessed anywhere… I think the library thing is causing Kindle to lose a little market share and they are trying to act like they have something different?

  3. I thought about getting an e-reader but I’m just too old fashioned. I like turning the pages. I do most of my reading in the tub and on the throne (TMI?) as a matter of fact, sometimes I leave my book in the ‘water closet’. I guess the throne reading won’t be bad, but I have dropped a few books in the tub…

    I do like the idea of having multiple books at a time and not having to carry them around. If I were to get one, I’d get the Nook based on the comments – I’m a big library user.

  4. I have a Nook…I chose the Nook because of the library thing as well as the ability to lend. I read tons and utilize the library A LOT. I will admit, when I saw the Kindle in person, I was taken aback by how thin it was…its really thin! BUT overall, I LOVE my Nook. You can’t go wrong with either…its just preference!

  5. I love, love, LOVE my Kindle! The only think that the Nook had on the Kindle was the inability to share, but Amazon said that we can do that too come Jan 2011. YEAH!! Hubby has an ipad, but personally, that’s too big and clunky for me in comparison to the Kindle and/or Nook. I like the ipad, but I don’t look at it like an ereader.

    • Kindle can’t check out library books either. Nor can they purchase from other sources other than Amazon. And yeah, the Ipad and an ereader are different beasts. But the new nookColor is like a mini Ipad. Check it out if you want some of the bells and whistles of an iPad, but the size of a nook.

  6. i have an ipad with Kindle and nook applications on it. i also have them both on my phone.

  7. I kinda sorta want one, but think I’m going to resist. I don’t travel enough to justify the cost. Most of my reading is done in the bed – and the free books from the library do me just fine.

    I have researched e-readers half to death – if I ever get one, I’m getting a Kindle.

    • But Nerd Girl, you mentioned library books. You can’t check out library books with the Kindle, only the nook and Sony e-reader give you this option. Yes as TIH mentioned I am a nook owner and I love it. And as with the latest bruhaha over Amazon selling the pedofiles guide, if that would have been B&N, the nook allows you to purchase and load books from other places than B&N, the Kindle is locked to Amazon. So for all those who were “boycotting” Amazon, their Kindle was useless.

  8. I have an iPad, but I use the Amazin Kindle app as my eReader. I have a Amazon account so I can purchase all my books with one click. This past semester I even found my textbooks in digital format!

  9. I have a Kindle. I love it love it love it. It really comes in handy when I’m traveling, I just load it up with everything I may want to read and leave the heavy books at home. In addition to books, you can subscribe to blogs (mostly mainstream), magazines, and newspapers. There are also some free games and an internet browser (I think). I’m definitely reading more but some of that may be that my time isn’t as obligated now. I do have a few complaints. 1) You can’t subscribe to any blog, just some of the mainstream ones (e.g. Huffington Post) and they cost $$. 2) I thought the magazine and newspaper subscriptions were pricey. 3) I normally give my (paper) books away after reading them. I don’t know how/if I can do that with the Kindle.

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