Friday Commuting Follies

A conversation as held in the HOV lane (we commute to work together)….

 Husband: Did you see the article I posted on FB yesterday?

Wife (Busy tweeting on phone): Which one, babe?

 Husband (squinting in bright sunlight but not putting shades on): The article about the Republicans not voting to extend unemployment benefits.

 Wife: Oh yeah, I posted the same story the day before.

 Husband: Well, it must have not been the same story because the one I posted came out yesterday morning.

 Wife: Well the story I saw came out the day before. Why can’t you just agree? We talking about the same thing. You just got to be disagreeable! *exasperated*

 Husband (running rather warm) : What the hell are you talking about? I gotta an opinion, too. Just because we are married doesn’t mean we are gonna agree on everything!

 Wife: If I say the sky is blue, you’re gonna say it’s green!

 Husband: Well how are you gonna say you posted up the same link? The link I posted is from yesterday!

 Wife: What I meant is that I posted up the same SUBJECT MATTER, thus the same story! My link was different!*rolls eyes*

 Husband (still heated): You jumped all over me! And for what? I have an opinion and I am going to express my opinion if I want to!

 Wife: No one said that you can’t have an opinion! But if we are talking about something similar, why can you just agree?

 Wife: Like if I said the French revolution happened in 1790 and it really happened in 1789, you’d have something to say. (Don’t ASK why I came up with the French Revolution!)

 Husband (smirking): Well if it happened in 1789, that means they had peace in 1790!

 Wife: Whatever, dude! (starts digging in purse for phone)

 Husband: Well you might as well get used to it because you have about 50 more years of my opinions!

 Wife: It’s gonna be like 50 more minutes if you don’t act right!

 Husband: So what you gonna do, divorce me??

 Wife: No, I’m just gonna move into the other bedroom and find me a boyfriend that agrees with me! *starts laughing*

 Husband pulls up in front of wife’s job; wife gives husband a kiss and jumps out, husband pulls off and heads to work.

 The end.


15 thoughts on “Friday Commuting Follies

  1. you newlyweds are so CUTE!

  2. ROFL!!!!! I gotta come over here more often!


  3. AWWWWWWWWW! Mack Convos! LOVE IT!

  4. Hahahaaaa! Y’all already like old married folks.

  5. You’re lucky you didn’t get put out on the highway! lol

  6. You two are a match made in heaven ! LOL I love it.

  7. Ya’ll are too cute!

  8. Thank you for the laugh this morning! I SO needed that! You should make this a regular blog post. Ya’ll should take this on the road!! 🙂

  9. LOL! I love it. Just ornery for no reason at all.

  10. Best. Blog. Comments. EVER! Y’all done made my morning…

  11. No No NO!!!! It didn’t happen like that!!! It started on Westpark before we got on the HOV!!!! I disagree…..I DISAGREE DAMMIT!!! LMAO!!!!! LOVE YOU…..*innocent grin*

  12. …wow…I love it…you guys need a show LOL

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