Obviously I’m 17 Again

A few days ago, a zit the size of Mount Everest decided to take residence upon my left cheek. It is so big that when we we were lounging in the bed last night, my lovely husband proceeded to make this observation: “Gee babe, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that big on you before.” *deep long sigh* Can someone please come get him?????

I was lucky enough to not have a huge acne problem when I was growing up as a teenager but as I approach the big 4-0 obviously that trend seems to be reversing. And it always seems to happen around or right after Aunt Flo time. I guess I’m going to have to go old school and start using some of this:

and maybe go HARDCORE with some of these:

Don’t act like you don’t remember??? LOL!!!!!!

I’m not feeling these grown people pimples, ya’ll!!!!!! What’s your skin care regimen looking like these days??


24 thoughts on “Obviously I’m 17 Again

  1. You and Myron bring me joy! LOL!

    I use L’Occitane and Fresh products on my face as moisturizers. Facial cleansers? Daily…Neutrogena liquid. If I’m wearing makeup…Fresh Soy. The one with the rose. I use a fancy mud for my exfoliate once a week.

  2. Sheeeiiiit, while you playin I bet you I STILL have a jar of Noxema in the far corners of my bathroom cabinets. 😆

  3. Currently I use the following products by Avon – Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System, mark Shine Fighter Oil-Control Mask, mark That’s Deep Purifying Gel Cleanser, mark For Goodness Face Antioxidant Skin Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30, and mark Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion. I have combination skin (more on the oily side, though). I fight shine all day, every day! Ugh… I break out around my chin area often. If a huge pimple pops up, I go really old school and dab it with either rubbing alcohol or toothpaste.

    Before I started using the Avon products, I used Cetaphil to cleanse and moisturize. It’s still my backup go to product.

  4. I use the Nox.em.a to cleanse too! My mom has been a faithful user forever and her skin is even and smooth and she’s over 70.

    Finding a good moisturizer has been a bit trickier. Right now I’m using Nu.tro.gena but I need something that penetrates better for the winter months.

  5. i don’t know if you’ve tried toothpaste, but it is cheaper and more accessible. it works wonders for getting rid of mountains!

  6. wait till you are faced with the facial hair!

  7. I need to buy stock in Noxzema because I’ve been using it since I was 13 yrs old. I have tried other products and all broke out my face. Except Mary Kay. Their products worked really well on my face.

  8. Noxema might be old school, but you’ll find that the products that have been around the longest are the best. They have had years to perfect them. I hear that Avon has good products as well.

  9. I just recently started back using Noxema myself. No rhyme or reason…I just wanted some. LOL I use witch hazel as my astringent. It’s cheap and it works way better than any of the other stuff to me.

  10. Call me old school or nostalgic but I wash with Noxema and moisturize with Cetaphil. I’ve never had an acne problem (fingers crossed!) so I feel like it is best to keep it simple.

  11. I never had it either growing up but I do find that I have it as I get older. Some of my friends use that Proactive stuff. I think it’s kind of expensive, but most of them do have a perfect “glow” to their skin.

  12. I did have teenage acne. And 20s acne. AND 30s acne. Sigh. I use Burt’s Bees products on my face now. I was using Neutrogena, but for some reason it just stopped doing its work and I hate a bumpy face. I’ve found the closer to natural the product is, the better my face/skin responds. I’m going to try the oatmeal mask and honey/sugar remedies below.

  13. I’m 31 and I had my worst acne breakout EVER In Life this year. I had a little acne as a teen but acne washes always dried my face out. I started using the Clinique 3 step but that only worked temporarily. As the weather warmed up, my skin got worse. I definitely think stress was a factor too, I’ve been working on my dissertation So I tried Dr. Miracle’s 3-step. I had a friend who had beautiful skin who swore by it. Well, I discovered that I’m allergic to benzoyl peroxide. My face swole up and got lumpy and itchy…it looked like I was hiding a golf ball in my cheek. Yeah. I went to the doctor (not a dermatologist, couldn’t really afford one) he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. they worked okay but the salicylic acid products work better. He also gave me some hibiclens to wash my face with-its used to scrubbing before surgery and to clean for MERSA. Yeah I quit that after a week. I didn’t irritate my face but its just not made for that face washing. So I started using products with Salicylic acid and now my face looks normal. They say it takes about a month to see if something really works and was true for me. I use a neutrogena cream cleanser. It has salicylic acid. My night moisturizer has salicylic acid too. My skin is getting dryer b/c cuz of the weather but occasionally I use seabreeze with salicylic acid. For me the ingredients are more important than the brand so I just look for whatever has salicylic acid in it. Also I know when ever I’m not regular or its not shaped like a banana (Dr. Oz) I get those big, hard pimples.

  14. I didn’t get acne until I turned 30. And at the end of my 30s, it cleared up. Now I love my Neutrogena products. They work better for ME than any of the high-end Sephora type products I’ve used.

  15. Personally, I just started having breakouts maybe a year or two ago. I’ve been using Proactiv since I was 18, though. I stopped because that stuff is expensive and runs out pretty fast. I tried Stridex and Oxy, but that stuff burned the crap out of my skin (even their sensitive skin stuff).

    I noticed a pretty big change once I hit 21, so I started using Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask and Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (I alternate between the regular and the Cream Cleanser). I use them both in the morning and at night.

    My skin’s pretty shiny (enough to the point where it looks as if I’m sweating when i’m not), so my dermatologist recommended I look into Mattifying gel or some Oil removal pads.

  16. I find that when I’m really, really careful about what I eat right before my period, I don’t get a breakout. I watch my salt, sugar and eat lots of “cleansing” foods. It’s a Catch-22 though because I basically want to bathe in chips and ice cream right before it starts. 🙂

  17. I didn’t have teenage acne either, but when I hit 35 I started breaking out once a month. I hate it! I’m going to try what Natasha said – sugar and honey here I come!

  18. I never had bumps and stuff growing up but in the past few years, every month about a week before my period, I get a knocker on my nose. It never fails. I definitely feel like a little kid again.

  19. I never had pimples when I was growing up either and now when I get them, they hurt! I break out like crazy for no reason on a regular basis and I blame it on the one facial my friends convinced me to get last year claiming, “It feels so good.” It was just greasy and I washed it off as soon as I got home and I’ve been breaking out ever since. UGH!

    I use CeraVe foaming face wash, as well as CeraVe lotion. These were both at the recommendation of my dermatologist and they work wonders!

    For pimples though, I just let them ride. My dermatologist told me there’s not much you can do to spot treat a breakout, you just have to let it run its course and keep your face clean to prevent infection.

    Try the CeraVe stuff. I have incredibly fair/sensitive skin and the combination of those two have done wonders for me.

  20. My mom was a faithful user of Noxema. The menthol-peppermint-type smell of the cream slathered all over her face. *deep inhale*

    Lol. I wash daily with Clearasil Face Scrub. It has microscrubbers in it. I use Biore face strips to clear my pores on my nose & chin. I rarely get break outs. I had decent skin as a teenager but I figure that’s because I started my skincare routine then. I had a subscription to Seventeen magazine and followed stuff in there religiously! Lol.

    I find that taking BCP helps with my skin. Maybe it’s the regulated hormone doses.

    • What is it with you guys giving me these shots of nostalgia this morning!?!? Now, Iesha has me wanting to subscribe to Seventeen, Jane, and Sassy!!!

  21. Two years ago I started breaking out right before my period, and a friend who is an esthetician suggested I exfoliate three times a week with a sugar and honey scrub. It worked so good, that I exfoliate every other day ( I run a lot so I sweat a lot). I haven’t had one break out in two years. In addition, twice a week I apply a mask made of egg whites yogurt, and oatmeal after the scrub.

  22. Wow!!! You went old school with the Noxema and Stridex. Ummmm…don’t clown…you’ve given me a serious case of nostalgia…
    …I’ll be stopping at CVS on my way home. (seriously)

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