Odds And Ends: Thursday Is My Friday Edition

  • My newlywed blogger friend Natasha has a dilemna. How do newlywed Christmas shop for family and friends? Who do you buy for or not buy for?? And in Natasha’s case, one of her husband’s siblings has a large family. What do you do then?? Myron and I decided to buy for our parents and for nieces and nephews only. All those other grown ass folks will be getting a hearty “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”!!! How do ya’ll handle gift giving??
  • Speaking of holidays, Myron and I have divvied up where we are spending them. Turkey Day is with his folks, Christmas Day is with mine and his folks will see us the day after. How are those holiday visit negotiations going? My single friends are not immune to this. My soror’s parents are divorced so she has to split her time between her mom and dad and it can get a bit dicey when it comes to planning.
  • Can ANYONE tell me why Facebook decided to shrink the hell out of the font?? I am damn near 40 and I wear glasses. My eyeballs nearly revolted. That was a social network #FAIL for the ages.
  • I am excited because Pserendipity will be in Houston this weekend for a conference and we are going to hang out. I have promised to take her to the chain restaurant of her choice. LMAO!!!!!
  • I am DYING for some really good sushi. Perhaps I can persuade bully bribe my husband into going with me to get some this weekend.

What’s going on random with you????


12 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Thursday Is My Friday Edition

  1. We buy gifts for the kids only. I make bark for everyone else. 🙂

  2. I know how you can get him to go get some sushi…*clearing throat*

    Anyhoo, my hubs has a child so that determines our visit schedule…the fam still doesn’t dig it. Also, since we just got married this past summer, we put the kibosh on too much traveling so that we can stop hemorrhaging money. So this’ll be a new thing this year, hopefully back to the old next year.

  3. Families with large broods? Food gift cards (think pizza hut) but after the first married Christmas when we gave and gave and received nothing? “Merry Christmas everyone!” became the gift we begin giving!
    We have stopped dividing up our time and our home has become the location for friends who are torn about where to go for holidays. Just call us the neutral camp.

  4. You so messy! Have fun!

  5. Hmmmm, what about just buying a gift for the family as a whole instead of trying to buy for each individual person…..like a poinsettia, a fruit basket or something. j\k…not really. Even in a good economy, that is a lot of people to buy for. However, it’s done she and her hubby should make sure it’s something that their bank account is comfortable with.

    I personally stopped feeling pressure about buying everyone in the family a gift a few years back. It’s kids only and my mama. Hell she may get shafted this year. LOL

    We hadn’t planned on going up for the Thanksgiving holiday. If we do (which I doubt), it would only be for the day as my oldest sister, her husband and kids will all be there. The house is too small to house everyone plus two dogs and I refuse to stay with my other sister. Her housekeeping habits are less than desirable.

    I noticed that about FB too. I thought it was just me.

  6. We just bought a home, so I’ve unapologetically told everyone that we aren’t leaving our house on Thanksgiving or Christmas. We’re cooking and if anyone wants to see us they can just come over. 🙂 I’m going to try to play crazy and do this just about every year or every other year. I’m almost 40. I can cook. I aint moving. LOL!

  7. Thankfully both sides usually agree on no presents. I still bake cookies to bring and a little something like a bottle of wine with a cute stopper or something for aunts & uncles who will inevitably buy us gifts (esp. with this yr being our 1st together)… we do buy for the babies though. Most of our family is within a 45m drive so unfortunately we hit em all up. My parents on Thanksgiving afternoon, his Aunt’s house that night. His other Aunt’s house on Christmas eve, my mom’s christmas day, his cousin’s that night. It’s fun but it IS a little crazy with all the back & forth.

  8. I’m not married but I shop kids first, parents next then siblings and then something for special friends if the budget permits. For my brother’s family and some friends w/kids, they usually get a family gift like gift card to a restaurant or movie passes.

  9. OH! As for how we negotiated holidays. Tday is Mr. SLS’ fave so I told him we would never have to travel down South and deal with my family for that holiday. For Christmas we would either go down South or my people would come visit.

  10. Our families are small, but there are differences when it comes to gifts. His family is about dollar amount spent. Period. Mine is about how meaningful the gift is, e.g. was there some thought put into it or did someone just snatch a sweater off the sale table, wrap it and move on? This caused some early problems because the mister didn’t alert me to the gift giving mindset of his folks and was all on board with my gift suggestions for his people because they were gifts that fit them. This led to crazy sis-in-law getting ugly, my mama calling her a biyatch…and well, there ya go.

    Also, they are into buying clothes and trendy toys for children and I don’t buy any non-educational type gifts for children. Not ever. Sorry. I like it even better when folks tell me to put the money in a college fund instead. I’m all about that planning for the future thing. It scares me that none of the bro-in-law’s kids has a college account, but has all the latest Xbox this and that.

  11. Seems like a pretty easy thing since you and Myron are both from Houston. I like S23’s idea. And i’m laughing b/c you said that you’d take P to the chain restaurant of her choice. lol. I’d say take her to Papadeaux’s!

  12. I think you guys have it easy b/c both parents live in the same city. So technically you could spend both days with both sets. But people that live out of town, good luck with that. I’m dying laughing at y’all going to a chain restaurant of her choice. If I were in Htown, my choice would be Raising Cane’s. Can you tell I miss Baton Rouge, LSU, all of that?

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