Toward A Better Lunch

Remember these days.....

I work at my plantation’s large complex right outside downtown Houston. There are over a thousand employees on site and we are located in the hood which is still hardcore on one side and slowly gentrifying on the other. As a result, there are not a lot of choices for lunch time fare, save a couple of fast food joints and a Mexican restaurant. There is an onsite cafeteria which I am finding that I am hitting up for breakfast AND lunch. That is NO BUENO.

 My bank account is littered with so many charges from Aramark (the food vendor) that I should probably buy stock in the company. As a result, me and my checking account came to a mutual agreement that I need to start bringing lunch to work.

 I am not a sandwich person and I am so over eating Healthy Choices. Will someone please share what they are toting in their lunch pail (that’s old school) that is somewhat healthy and will not be requiring me to be an Iron Chef??

 (I generally don’t take the leftovers from dinner because I fix them for Myron’s lunch. J)


11 thoughts on “Toward A Better Lunch

  1. These are all great lunch suggestions. I usually bring leftovers or a salad too. One of my coworkers actually suggested the adult luchable too. For some reason, it is so much better than a sandwich and it seems more filling.

    As for Aram.ark – I am on a college campus and we have them too. Great for afternoon tummy aches!

  2. We have Aramark too. I was in Brussels at EuroControl (the European FAA), and even they have Aramark running the cafeteria!!! IS THERE NO ESCAPING THEM???

    Anyway..I agree with everyone else. Make a larger dinner so that there will be more left overs. Right now I’m obsessed with raw Kale. I marinate it in Olive oil, sprinkle with Sea salt and black pepper. I eat it like a regular salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, Feta cheese, Red wine vinegarette dressing toppings. I cut apples and pears for a snack and cashews and sometimes add them to my salad.

    I try to bring everything from home that I eat during the day. Not only is it beneficial dollarwise, it’s also beneficial healthwise. I always know exactly what’s in it!! 🙂

  3. Oh no! Aramark, I think that’s what we have at work too — it’s like college food. LOL I’ve been making cold pasta salads (it’s been so HOT in our office) – mostly ww pasta of course & sometimes veggie-based pasta from Trader Joe’s with loads of veggies. I try not to use mayonnaise so I’ve been using pesto for a while. I add tons of stuff to it – whatever veggies I have on hand, chicken, etc.

    How about making your own Burrito & wrapping it up & bringing it to work? Sometimes I cut ww wraps into strips, bake em and bring them in as “chips” and salsa with my home made burrito.

    I’m also a big fan of making a huge pot of something at the beginning of the week & bringing it to work. I’m pretty good at eating the same thing all week though, so do what’s best for you. 🙂

  4. When I take lunch, I prefer to take a one pot meal type thing. Think stews, chilis, beans and rice etc. something that can go in one bowl that I can pop into the microwave in one swipe. Its easier to carry in a (cute) lunch bag. I have this cute lunch bag I got from target that is shaped like a purse and is machine washable. Cook a big pot of something and take that all week. Salads would work too but I don’t like salads when its cold so its not in the brain.

  5. Our cafeteria uses Aramark too but this new “chef” (since when the hell does Aramark have chefs by the way)they have is on some bull with his menu. After they included a toasted hot dog bun as my side of bread I was DONE!

    Soup is my go to during this time of the year. I’ll sometimes pick up a handful of string cheese at the store to eat along with it during the week. They really hit the spot! No matter what my meal is, I must have a mandarin orange fruit cup. It’s the perfect hint of sweet I need (and often keeps me from going to the vending machine to get a Snicker’s bar). LOL Like others have mentioned, it can get boring. I like Nerd Girl’s idea of making an adult lunchable. I’m going to try that next week.

  6. Back to add…you can always use lunch as an opportunity to eat foods you might like that Myron doesn’t. My family doesn’t think soup is a meal – I do. So I fix soup with the intent of it being all mine. Ditto asparagus, roasted broccoli….

  7. Wraps? Or is that too close to a sandwich? My fave is turkey, pepper jack, spinach and craisins.

    I second the soup suggestion. I’ve got a pot of veggie soup on the stove – will be eating that for lunch for the next few days.

    Sometimes I make an adult “lunchable.” Crackers, cheese, meat if you like, baby carrots, grapes, a cookie.

    I’ve done rice bowls as well. Cook some rice and throw whatever you like in/on it – meat, veggies, shrimp…

    I have a coworker who does a baked potato a few times a week. She brings her toppings and just nukes the potato. Sometimes sweet, sometimes white.

  8. Can you make larger portions for dinner so both you and Myron have enough for lunch? The increase in your grocery bill would probably be incremental compared to what you spend to eat out.

    You could also make a big pot of something on the weekend and earmark it specifically for lunch. My favs are one pot meals – soups, chili, something I can throw in the crockpot. Chicken is good too because no matter how it’s prepared, you can switch it up over the course of the week – with veggies one day, on a sandwhich or over a salad the next.

  9. Hm. I would vote for salads, too, though after a bit that can get repetitive and boring. Switch up with soups (low-sodium, no cream) and maybe Myron can cook a little more at dinner so that you can take some leftovers, too.

  10. I sauté shrimp in fresh herbs and spice and toss it over a salad with walnuts, cherry tomatoes and light feta or blue cheese.
    Spaghetti is also good to have for lunch.

  11. I was going to say leftovers from dinner because that’s what I usually bring to lunch. However, how about making some chicken salad and eating it with crackers and fruit/raw veggies? Make a pot of home made soup and eat it for lunch a few times a week. Make a big salad on Sunday and bake some chicken breast. Dice the chicken breast up and use it as a topping on your salad. Don’t forget fruit or raw veggies as snacks. These are just some of the ways I vary my lunch time options.

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